Sunday, March 04, 2007

Our Shrinking Liberties

Our liberties, personal and otherwise are shrinking daily, hourly. Almost anyone in a position of power is working to limit our freedom. And that's not going to change. Politicians are working in concert with the Administrative and Judicial branch, creating laws which have as their goal to restrict our speech, to restrict our freedom to raise our children, to restrict how we think, speak and act. It is the Humanist's dream to deny us the right in short, to act in accord with Judeo-Christian values. And to the extent that many of us were not brought up at least to try to follow the 10 Commandments, they have already largely succeeded.The Cultural Relativists are laying down a totalitarian vise which no one in America, let alone the world can escape. The Cultural Relativist's aim to put our future in the hands of a few elitists is achieved by creating and spreading notions of moral doubt and confusion. Since the sixties, obedience to impulse has been encouraged in order to dilute the concept of right action. Irony of ironies, we have become more 'tolerant' only to end up losing our freedom. The notion of tolerance, as defined by 'do your own thing', Herbert Marcuse (Eros of Civilization) - is that anything coming from the Left is good, anything coming from the Right is bad and not to be tolerated.

In our K-12 school system the 'No Child Left Behind' policy of the Bush Administration has been diabolical and disastrous. They first set up impossible goals to achieve test results, then they never got around to provide funding, while at the same time holding a sword over the heads of school administrators. This leaves them no choice but to try to teach students how to take a test, leaving aside just about everything of importance in a child's education. Hell, even the NEA is opposed to it (!) and considers it an unworkable way to blackmail school administrators.

In our universities there have been unprecedented pressures brought to bear upon college students to kowtow to the Leftist ideology, and to buck the saddle is to risk being labeled 'racist' or 'homophobe', Islamophobe, etc. Students are forced make ideological decisions before all the facts are considered. To be even once so labeled means one can no longer be a member of the cultural elite. There is no option for redemption save abject, debasing apologies to the offended parties. Apologies which almost certainly will not be accepted, because by your act of insensitivity, you will have shown yourself to not be one of them, ergo, a piece of crap. The Left's war on academic freedom is relentless, and the message is clear: (If you are white) NEVER cross the line of offending the Multicultural Victim's Feelings. It is simply inexcusable. To show them the error of their ways, anyone who dares cross that line in the name of freedom of speech, there is a 'sensitivity' re-education class. It's not optional.

The Nanny State, engorging its bloated self on the fruits of labor (by unfair taxation) of the People, daily grows bigger, more powerful, less prone to self-correct. We are rendered powerless by a taxation system administered by a corrupt system of government, and yet many believe it to be just. It is not just. America's citizens are being reduced to living in a Welfare State, or in the ever-growing prisons. This is as the elites would have it. A populace kept at the edge of existence is easy to dominate and control. The power elites don't want people properly educated. They can get people with the skills needed to implement their designs. Just import them. Why raise up a nation of men and women able to think for themselves? Too hard to control.

As an example, currently, there is a concerted attack on freedom of expression in the form of 'Hate laws'. Rep. Keith Ellison, in concert with CAIR and the ACLU, will in the coming months and years, do his best to make it a crime to confront the radical Islamists as they begin to insinuate themselves in a position to realize their dream of an Islamic Caliphate in the world. By exploiting our legislative and justice system and using the Leftist tool of 'Multiculturalism', they will try to tie the hands of students, parents and right-minded Americans, making it impossible to stop them by legal means. By whatever means, they must be stopped. Frankly, as important as it is to fight the Islamists, I consider the threat of an Islamic Caliphate to be of secondary importance to that of stopping the take-over of our government by the governing elite. Government has taken on a new persona in the past 30 years, which is becoming a mouthpiece for the 'New World Order' which President George Bush, and his father before him have laid out, and which Orwell and Huxley and CS Lewis The Abolition of Man warned us about way back when.

Illegal immigrants have been allowed to swarm our land because the plan is to eliminate the border anyway.

Time to turn off the TV, folks. There's work to be done.