Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Taking Back America, Part Two

I grew up, sorta, in the 50's and 60's. when our youthful 'liberalism" is confronted with the reality, the facts on the ground, one of two things happen. Either you turn a blind eye, or you admit two things you learned as a youthful liberal were wrong: one, that Senator Joseph McCarthy was right, and two, the John Birchers were right also. The John Birch Society, in our youthful liberality, was sneered at - without a thought as to whether the Birchers were actually right or wrong. That's because we had not learned to think.

In my case, I had moved to New York City, country boy in the big city. In a most improbable scenario, I enrolled in New York University, Wash. Sq. One fall day when I was riding the 8th St Crosstown bus on the way to class, when someone outside shouted through the windows, "President Kennedy has been shot!"