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Time To Circle The Wagons

I want to bring to your attention the nature of two different battle-fronts in which America is currently embroiled: and some thoughts on how they are inter-related.

One is the threatening encroachment of an Islamic Caliphate, of Muslim intolerance for anything non-Muslim, and their stated goal of world-wide Shari’a Law, which involves converting Dar al-Harb to Dar al-Islam - essentially, rolling up the infidel world like a giant cigar, smoking it, then putting down a new carpet, called Islam, in which the world under Shari’a Law would know peace as Muhammad envisioned. Jews die, Infidels suck hind-tit.

The other battle-front concerns the current administration’s implementation of a pan-global plan to dissolve the borders and the sovereignty of the three countries of the United States, Canada and Mexico; that is, creating a North American Union purporting to achieve dominance on the world stage of commerce and trade.

The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America was conceived and hatched by the Council on Foreign Relations, long considered to be a sort of shadow-government of the United States. The CFR dates back to 1921 and several successive presidential administrations have been covertly putting this proposal of a New World Order in place. Robert Pastor is currently the chief proponent and author of several books advocating a North American Union; a coalition of corporate-government agencies, conceptually similar to, and competing with the EU, winner-take-all. Whoever has the most marbles when he dies, wins. I guess.

Implementation is by stealth agenda, which is being advanced in an almost identical manner in which the European countries have seen their national sovereignties dissolve. There is no official Congressional participation. This is an end-run around the will of the American people. The global elitists want to run the world, and they don’t want the great unwashed mucking things up with things like “freedom”, and “liberty”, and “sovereignty”.

My introduction to all this insanity came as I began investigating the illegal immigration situation in America. I had no goal; I just wanted to discover the forces behind a seemingly mad immigration policy. When I discovered the SPP/Superhighway plot and it’s logical extension, the North American Union (NAU), I had part of my answer: the Bush administration hasn’t been enforcing current immigrant/border laws because it intends to dissolve the border post-haste. While investigating the desert around the Tucson/Phoenix area, I learned that it has been the residence of choice for Islamic terrorists since the 1980’s, and that the University of Arizona is pandering them. Each time I learned something new, I kept casting my net wider until the larger academic community came into focus.

There I learned from David Horowitz that the Leftists professors have hi-jacked the academic world, and that the NEA is full of secular humanists who are serving at the pleasure of Gramscian philanthropic foundations, such as Rockerfeller and Ford Foundations. It was in the foundations themselves that I saw the inter-connectedness of Socialist/Fascist policies. The Socialists need the Fascists to gather the money up - something which the Socialists themselves have never been able to do. The academic community is subservient to the vast wealth of the tax-free foundations.

The universities have come to rely on their money cows, and are thus beholden to them. So much for academic freedom and diversity of ideas. And our public school system is equally a disaster-by-design. Dumb ‘em down. Keep the parents, even the teachers out of the equation. I personally know of fine teachers who despair at the injustices the board of education hands down.

The Feds now have a tight grip on the educational processes. The Federal “No Child Left Behind” policy is part and parcel of a plot to keep our children bound by the cords of mediocrity. Keep them focused on meaningless testing, rather than educating our children. Thinkers are simply too dangerous, so they teach our children that they don’t need to think. Instead, they are taught what to think. It’s all part of the relative humanist’s plan to destroy family values. Destroy the family and people are so much easier to control. Phyllis Schlafly has written much about this, and about the collusion of the NEA with judicial branch of government. Activist judges. Activist feminist federal judges.

In a 1993 pamphlet to teachers, the NEA had this to say:

Allegiance to a nation is the biggest stumbling block to the creation of international government. National boundaries and the concept of sovereignty must be abolished. The quickest way to do this is to condition the young to another and broader alliance. Opinion favorable to international government will be developed in the social studies curriculum in the public schools.”

I learned that our children are being taught never to offend anyone’s feelings (unless they are white), that gay is good, feminists need to be in power because men are the root of evil, Christianity sucks, two Mommies, or two daddies are just as good as a mother and father; that the ACLU is their friend in all things(especially decadent, gay sorts of things), and anyone who disagrees with NEA policies will be given further special sensitivity training, since the diversity training they get at the beginning of the year didn’t take. Parents have no say in the education of their children, nor do the teachers. They are left with no choice in the matter. Home school while you can. Oh, and if you are white, you are wrong by default. End of story. I could do a whole rant on this, but I won’t. There be treachery afoot, Gramscian ideas corrupting the liberal view of the world, and ideological intolerance contempt of a moral point of view. So much out of balance, and tilting to the left.

Investigation into school policies also revealed the true intentions of CAIR, which led me to the process of propagation of radical Islam by the Wahhabi Islamists, and the grand scheme of the Islamic Caliphate; and how the Leftist organizations in academia, politics and the MSM are providing the PC cultural climate in which the white, educated, middle-class are the skunks and anyone with a brownish tint to their skin have been granted a de facto Federal most-favored status, because they are or were somehow victims of discrimination. The Muslims have been quick to cash in on that agenda.

As I began to write about what I was discovering, I learned of The 910 Group, shortly after its inception, on the Gates of Vienna. I got hooked up with them, and have continued my investigation into the nefarious doings of organizations such as CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, et al of that stripe.

But the problem of illegal immigration continues to plague me, and my investigation into that reveals a much more sinister plot. When I go after a story, I like to get at the root of it, but damn, the more I pulled at the root of illegal immigration, the worse it got. I have spent the past six weeks digging into this whole “Brave New World” thing. And what I am finding is simply staggering to behold. Even if you discount all the conspiracy theories going around, and I do not discount them - not all of them, anyway - the sheer brazenness, the treacherousness of the pan-global plan to integrate the countries of the United States, Canada and Mexico into a New World Order, with no Congressional oversight, or discussion even - well, let’s just say, it has my full attention.

Our government under George W. Bush has been re-organized with the SPP as a national priority of the highest order, involving DHS, the State Department, the Justice Department, as well as other coordinating agencies doing the bidding of the afore-mentioned. This is not conjecture. Go to Judicial Watch, read. I will post more sources as an update to this post. (see update below)

I see two possibilities in America:

One, we step up, defeat and dismantle the global plan to take over the world, starting with hauling anyone who is involved in the SPP agenda before a Special Congressional Investigation, and uncover the true intent of this current administration regarding this whole sorry affair. Then take the steps to decommission this SPP/NAU project, and indict and convict anyone and everyone found guilty of high crimes and treason. This can all be accomplished by the power of the spoken word.

If we somehow manage to do that, we will have finally taken off our PC gloves, and will be in a position as a nation, to deal with the Leftists, and the Islamists. The Republic government will have prevailed, the will of the people restored. I am hopeful we can achieve victory mainly because the Bush administration has characteristically jumped the gun, and has also grossly under-estimated the will of the American people. Once we get the lid off this thing, the stink will be unbearable.

Two, we allow our country and its citizens to be sacrificed on the alter of the Global Elite Order of Wisdom and Beneficence, aka GREED. Then it’s good-night nurse. Democracy will simple vanish into the night. Our children will inherit a nightmare of unimaginable proportions.

You may not agree with my findings nor share my conclusions. But one thing is certain: America needs you. And the world needs America. The real America, not the rotting politicians and corporations - not the Save The World contingent, either. The world needs to see real Americans stand up and guide our country back to sanity. They need to see that good can triumph over evil. Maybe we all need to see it.

We will only see it, if we fight for it.

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Update: Here are a few sources on the SPP/NAU:

Council on Foreign Relations

Source Watch

World Net Daily

New American

UNC Dept. of Edu

Stop the SPP

The Eagle Forum Website

Friday, March 23, 2007

Liberty and Responsibility


This is a short flash movie

This is Ron Paul on responsibility:

And President John F Kennedy on secret societies and freedom of the press.

They killed him.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Problems With Ethanol As Energy Source

Didn't anyone in all those fancy think-tanks think this through?
Ethanol, currently made from corn is doing three things even I can see:

1. It's driving up the price of the stuff that people eat as part of their staple diet in places like, oh say, MEXICO. Oh, yeah, they do eat- what are those things called? TORTILLAS. Happens to be made from corn, or maize, as they might call it. Multiply that imbalance over the world. Hmmm. Not a nice way to form a New World Order, or as we like to call it, the NAU. Pisses the south-of -the-border neighbors off - them not being able to afford to eat and all. Riots and shit - have to call in the armies to quell the violence.

** [But you know, old George W has already planned for that. See New York Times article.
Seems Chaney and the good old boys at (KBR)
Kellogg, Brown and Root (subsid. Halliburton) have an optional 4-year renewable contract with the Army Corp of Engineers for $380 million to build Detention Centers around the United States. And a similar one with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement- same deal. So the police state is ready for the inevitable time when martial law is declared. Precipitated by a "catastrophic event"...]


2. Land is now becoming so over-priced that small, young farmers can't afford to buy their own land. They are forced to rent the land. We used to call that sharecropping in Mississippi. The well-heeled corporate consortiums are the only ones who can afford the land. Couple of bad crops, and the small farmer finds himself, and his wife, working for Wal-mart.
And the kids shunted off to day-care and the crappy Public School Education so thoughtfully provided by our government.

3. End result is that in their zeal to find alternative energy sources (thanks Al Gore, you turd), when all is said and done, ethanol won't be much of a solution, for a whole plethora of problems: with growing enough corn(using vast amounts of land, water and fertilizer), distillation and distribution problems. The Brazilians have already committed to producing ethanol. Can't wait to see the repercussions from that.
Small farmers won't be able to work their own land. But hey, the land-owners will be the huge multinational corporations. Just dandy, George.

So let's see now: what else could we use that is clean-burning...? What do you want to bet the plans are already on the drawing board for Nucular[sic] reactors?

Folks, we are being so set up. Individuals? Nah, who needs 'em? We have a government ready to solve all our problems. Just as soon as they finishing causing all the problems.

Christian Science Monitor
March 22, 2007
Amanda Paulson, Staffwriter

DES MOINES, IOWA - Matt Miller dreams of the farm he and his wife and young son could one day live on. Mr. Miller says he could make it work with 200 acres near the small farm his father owns if he focuses on organic agriculture and diversifies with a few dairy cows or hogs. The problem: buying the land. He already rents 90 of those acres, and he and his wife have been saving her income for years to buy the rest. But every time they reach their goal, land prices go up.

"Real estate prices in cities may be falling, but in Midwestern farm country, land values are going
through the roof. Fueled by heavy ethanol demand, which has pushed up corn prices, land that sold for $4,500 an acre a year ago might go for about $6,000 an acre today.

"It's kind of disheartening," says Mr. Miller, an organic inspector for the state of Iowa. who has a friendly smile and an upbeat attitude. "It's like a moving target. All these things we've done are futile." Average land values are up 13 percent in Iowa from a year ago and 14 percent in Nebraska – and far more than that in prime counties. Along with surging corn prices, land-value growth means a boom in wealth for farmers who own their land. But for beginners like Miller, it's made an already tough proposition far tougher.

"It's absolutely destroying their chances," says Mike Duffy, an agricultural economist at Iowa State University and director of the Beginning Farmer Center. When Mr. Duffy advises aspiring young farmers, he says he encourages them to find other ways to begin than buying land. "But they always want to own land," Duffy says. "That's somehow the badge of being a farmer."

Right. Working your own land, building a future for your family. Nope. Sorry guys.

I guess those guys in the think tanks are thinking about something else, huh?

I'm thinking, if we don't stop the Fascists (Corporatism) and the Leftists (so-called secular humanists) like Broad Hillary, the Islamists takeover will be a walk in the park for them.

I'm a little unhinged right now. I'm smelling high crimes and treason. NAU my ass.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Do Society's Rights Trump Our Individual Rights?

Henry David Thoreau, one of America's true sons of individuality, didn't think so:


"When will the world learn that a million men are of no importance compared with one man?"

Do you value your freedom? Of course you do. No matter how much we disparage those outside our immediate value system, we still want the freedom to be and become who we are.... all under the good influences guiding our choices in life. And we want the same thing for our children, even if we don't have children of our own. And most of us want this freedom even for people with whom we disagree on most everything. I think that is because we do put a lot of stock in the higher influences guiding our lives. We may call it by different names, God, Spirit of the Universe, or even good music, books, good conversation. We rely on these influences, and we have faith (most of the time) in our choices. But most of all, we want the freedom to make good choices and bad choices. We want our children to grow up to be able to do the same.

But what if the ones in power in the world today don't want that for us? What if they have already decided they know what is good for the world, and are busily putting their plans into action, real action, backed by real money and power, and in fact are telling us (finally) what their vision of America is?

Let's say you come to the conclusion, based on what you read and see around you, that the SPP, the NAU, for example, are fascist (corporatism) based plans to relieve you of your freedom, in exchange for bondage for you, and liberty for the few in power. What do you do?

In my case, I became concerned about the unrelenting illegal immigration problem. They were destroying the desert where I wanted to retire. I began looking into it, and 8 months later, based on my research, I am stunned by what I have uncovered. Of course, there is always the chance that I am soft-brained and am imagining this. But I don't think so. There is simply too much evidence that our government has become usurped, through a long process of deceit, lies, and outright deception at the very highest levels of government.

So what can I do? First, I learned to use the internet, how to blog, etc. And I spent a long time reading, reading, left and right and in between. I am just one small voice. But there are many small voices just like mine. The first thing I did was to make a vow to speak the truth. About illegal immigration, about the hopeless state of public education, where parents have No rights, no real choices in the instruction of their children - are forced to sit quietly in despair as their children are exposed to poor instruction, to homosexual tolerance, to all kinds of tolerance. The individual is the smallest minority - Ayn Rand was right about that. But the rights of the individual are being denied even in K-12 schools.

I am just one of many. I have been hearing most of my life, that I am one vote, that my vote counts. No, I don't think so. That is another lie. Voting is just another way of deceiving us. The political parties don't matter. They just appear to be different, to stand for different things. America is being stolen from us, slowly, but surely. But the screws are about to get tightened. Our liberties are in deep, deep peril. I know I have to learn to think outside of the box.

My vote doesn't count, but my voice might make a difference.

"When will the world learn that a million men are of no importance compared with one man?"

I found some interesting quotes on Neal Boortz's website:


"We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans ..." [President Bill Clinton, 'USA Today' March 11, 1993: Page 2A]

"Comrades! We must abolish the cult of the individual decisively, once and for all." [Nikita Khrushchev], February 25, 1956 20th Congress of the Communist Party

"We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society." [Hillary Clinton, 1993]

"Fascist ethics begin ... with the acknowledgment that it is not the individual who confers a meaning upon society, but it is, instead, the existence of a human society which determines the human character of the individual. According to Fascism, a true, a great spiritual life cannot take place unless the State has risen to a position of pre-eminence in the world of man. The curtailment of liberty thus becomes justified at once, and this need of rising the State to its rightful position." [Mario Palmieri, "The Philosophy of Fascism" 1936]

"Do we really think that a government-dominated education is going to produce citizens capable of dominating their government, as the education of a truly vigilant self-governing people requires?" [Alan Keyes]

And Be Sure To Watch This Little Feller...

Oh, and you might have missed this...New Orleans Cops illegally seize citizens's guns.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The American Resistance

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free -Geothe

I am posting a couple of web addresses to help in reading up on the dire straits in which America finds herself:

Borderless Continent

Also, I thought it would be fitting to contrast the Presidential Oath of Office...

The Presidential Oath of Office

The oath to be taken by the president on first entering office is specified in Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

...with George W. Bush's 2000 Speech on Latin America:
Sunday, Aug. 27, 2000

America has one national creed, but many accents. We are now one of the largest Spanish-speaking nations in the world. We're a major source of Latin music, journalism and culture. Just go to Miami, or San Antonio, Los Angeles, Chicago or West New York, New Jersey and close your eyes and listen. You could just as easily be in Santo Domingo or Santiago, or San Miguel de Allende.

For years our nation has debated this change -- some have praised it and others have resented it. By nominating me, my party has made a choice to welcome the new America.

I come from a state where Hispanic culture is strong. There are over 1 million Hispanic-owned businesses in America -- and over a hundred thousand in our state of Texas. There are over 6,000 Hispanic officials elected or appointed in this country -- and more than two thousand in my state, including some appointments I have made: our Secretary of State at one time, our Insurance Commissioner, and a justice of the Supreme Court. The strong families and deep faith and durable dreams of Latinos make America more, not less, American.

Yet for all these bonds of language and family, of travel and trade, Latin America often remains an afterthought of American foreign policy. Those who ignore Latin America do not fully understand America itself. And those who ignore our hemisphere do not fully understand American interests. This country was right to be concerned about a country like Kosovo -- but there are more refugees of conflict in Colombia. America is right to be concerned about Kuwait -- but more of our oil comes from Venezuela. America is right to welcome trade with China -- but we export as much to Brazil.

Our future cannot be separated from the future of Latin America.

Some still look at Latin America through old stereotypes. But I see a hemisphere of 500 million people, striving with the dream of a better life. A dream of free markets and free people, in a hemisphere free from war and tyranny. That dream has sometimes been frustrated -- but it must never be abandoned.

This hemisphere, united by geography, has often been divided by history. In the 19th century, many strong nations wanted weak neighbors they could dominate. But those days have passed. In the 21st century, strong nations will benefit from healthy, confident, democratic neighbors. Weak neighbors export problems: environmental trouble, illegal immigration, even crime, drugs and violence. Strong neighbors export their goods, and buy ours -- creating jobs and good will. We seek, not just good neighbors, but strong partners. We seek, not just progress, but shared prosperity. With persistence and courage, we shaped the last century into an American century. With leadership and commitment, this can be the century of the Americas.

In 1992 -- the 500th anniversary of Spanish contact with America - we seemed well on our way toward that vision. The United States and our friends in the region had overcome the debt crisis. We negotiated the end of cruel and bloody wars. Together, we confronted inflation and checked nuclear proliferation. Democracy was advancing. And the North American Free Trade Agreement promised to be a blueprint for free trade throughout the hemisphere.

But the promise of that moment has been squandered. The Clinton/Gore administration has had no strategy. We have seen summits without substance, and reaction instead of action. We were promised fast-track trade authority -- as every American president has had for 25 years. And yet this administration failed to get it. We were promised a Free Trade Area of the Americas. Yet it never happened. Chile was promised partnership in NAFTA. And it was "delayed."

And in spite of real, even dramatic progress in some parts of Latin America, problems have grown into crises. Narcotic traffickers seek to gain control of a government. Many free nations still struggle to show economic results for all their citizens. And we can never forget the vast urban slums where young children scramble for survival.

Should I become president, I will look South, not as an afterthought, but as a fundamental commitment of my presidency. Just as we ended the great divide between East and West, so today we can overcome the North-South divide.

This begins with a renewed commitment to democracy and freedom in this hemisphere -- because human freedom, in the long run, is our best weapon against poverty, disease and tyranny. As I speak, we are celebrating the success of democracy in Mexico. It is a tribute to a promising new president -- and a tribute to a visionary out-going president as well.

Later today, I will meet with the president-elect of Mexico, and begin what I hope is a strong and constant friendship. I have a vision for our two countries. The United States is destined to have a "special relationship" with Mexico, as clear and strong as we have had with Canada and Great Britain. Historically, we have had no closer friends and allies. And with Canada, our partner in NATO and NAFTA, we share, not just a border, but a bond of good will. Our ties of history and heritage with Mexico are just as deep. Differences are inevitable between us. But they will be differences among family, not between rivals.

To strengthen that bond, our two countries need a meeting at the highest level, shortly after the American election -- even before the new presidents of our nations are inaugurated.
read the rest...

Can't say he didn't warn us.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Now Is The Time For All Good Men To ComeTo The Aid Of Their Country

The Dismantling of America

Officials Meet To Implement North American Union -
Security and Prosperity Partnership meeting in Ottawa draws protests
By Steve Watson
February 27, 2007

Condoleeza Rice met with her Canadian and Mexican counterparts in Ottawa over the weekend to discuss plans for a North American Union at a secretive Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) meeting that has received scant media coverage outside of a few Canadian news outlets.

During a joint press conference with MacKay, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and Mexican Foreign Secretary Patricia Espinosa, two dissenters, who had infiltrated, took to the stage in an effort to protest against the secretive and backhanded manner in which the SPP movement is being conducted. The two were quickly escorted off the premises.

Click here for a short video.

A Canadian report describes the SPP as "an international framework for trilateral and bilateral cooperation in North America" that is "not a formal international treaty" or "an overarching binding legal agreement." But what is an "international framework" that commits U.S. officials from various federal agencies to working with officials of two other countries? Why is such a process not subjected to congressional scrutiny and approval?

Last September we reported that Journalist Jerome Corsi has received the first documents pertaining to a FOIA request asking for full disclosure of the SPP office in its activities towards creating a Pan American Union.

According to a report by World Net Daily, the documents reveal that the Bush administration is running a "shadow government" without congressional oversight in conjunction with Canada and Mexico under the guise of a program "to increase security and to enhance prosperity among the three countries through greater cooperation."

Corsi asserts that a wide range of US administrative law is being re-written in stealth under this program to "integrate" and "harmonize" with administrative law in Mexico and Canada.

The documents contain references to upwards of 13 working groups within an entire organized infrastructure that has drawn from officials within most areas of administrative government including U.S. departments of State, Homeland Security, Commerce, Treasury, Agriculture, Transportation, Energy, Health and Human Services, and the office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

Corsi also reported that at a recent high-level confab in Banff, an assistant U.S. secretary of state, Thomas A. Shannon , chaired a panel that featured a presentation by Prof. Robert Pastor, author of a book promoting the development of a North American union as a regional government and the adoption of the amero as a common monetary currency to replace the dollar and the peso.

According to reports, last Friday at the SPP meeting, Pastor declared that a "very small group" of conservatives is unfairly accusing him of being at the center of a "vast conspiracy" to implement the idea of a "North American Union" by "stealth." He called the charges "absurd."

Yet at the same meeting Pastor acknowledged that he is pushing for a "North American Community", that he believes the U.S. Government doesn't want to enforce its immigration laws, and that the solution is not a fence or increased border security except in some isolated high-crime areas along the border, and it's not to punish companies for hiring illegal aliens, since identity documents can be too easily forged. He said the solution is a national biometric and fraud-proof identification card that identifies national origin and legal status.

Cliff Kincaid of The Post Chronicle also reported:

One speaker, Stephen Zamora of the University of Houston Law School, denounced the idea of a wall separating Mexico and the U.S., in order to control illegal immigration, asking, "What does citizenship mean anymore?" He expressed pleasant surprise when a Mexican in the audience said she had dual citizenship in Mexico and the U.S. Later, he said he was just as concerned about people living in Mexico as people living in the U.S.

Another speaker, Tom Farer, Dean of the Graduate School of International Studies at the University of Denver, made a point of saying that his representative in Congress, Tom Tancredo (R-Col.), a staunch advocate of U.S. border security, was a backward thinker. Tancredo could be seen "dragging his knuckles along the ground," Farer said, trying to crack a joke.

The open plan to merge the US with Mexico and Canada and create a Pan American Union has long been a Globalist brainchild but its very real and prescient implementation on behalf of the Council on Foreign Relations is now finally being reported on by mainstream news outlets, most notably by Lou Dobbs of CNN who has described the ploy as "utterly mad".

The Union is the globalist cabal's meal ticket towards raping an entire continent of its resources and sovereign capabilities. Strengthening the borders is not on the Agenda here, the American Union is all about DISSOLVING the borders.

The framework on which the American Union is being pegged is the Trans-Texas Corridor Super Highway a four football-fields-wide leviathan that stretches from southern Mexico through the US up to Montreal Canada. Toll roads are to be placed upon existing roads in Security Prosperity Partnership agreements that bypasses Congress, agreements between the bureaucracies of the US and Mexican governments, to raise capital to build the Super highway that will go South of Texas and into Mexico.

SPP documents reveal that out of 85 interstate highways, 83 of them are slated to go under this agreement and toll roads are going down on them already. The money from this operation with further fund the dismantling of US sovereignty by seizing the infrastructure at it's very heart in a bloodless coup.

They are not just in name merging the agencies and the laws and the regulations, they are physically getting rid of the borders by buying off and lobbying the politicians at the state level, who then hand the roads over to international bodies and their subsidiary companies.

At the end of January we reported on the revelation that one of the foreign toll road conglomerates, Macquarie, has agreed to buy dozens of newspapers in Texas and Oklahoma that have up until now been harsh critics of the Trans Texas Corridor superhighway. This indicates a clear example of influence peddling pointing to racketeering, and a desperate lunge to silence dissent against the sellout of American infrastructure and the North American Union.

The US is now being used as the primary tool of globalist corporate fascism and the world is wrongly blaming the people of America for all the ills that they perceive the US to be responsible for.

Coupled with Bush's blanket amnesty program, the Pan American Union is the final jigsaw piece for the total dismantling of America as we know it.

Last month it was also revealed that the US government has been SECRETLY paving the way for the funneling of billions of Social Security funds to illegal Mexican immigrants. As a result of lawsuits, the U.S. government released the actual U.S.-Mexico Social Security Totalization Agreement, an understanding signed between the Bush administration and the Mexican government in 2004.

Social Security, roads, military, intelligence gathering, regulations, federal agencies - all within the US, Canada and Mexico are being merged into one system at the cost of national sovereignty and the common law. What we were is being replaced with the new - no liberty, no due process, no freedom, no families, forced drugging, no jobs of any significance, no control of your own destiny - in short, total control of our lives.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lou Dobbs on New World Order - SPP

Listen:"So Long, Texas -- Hello, Mexico!"

A search on YouTube turns up a whole slew of videos on the New World Order

Republicans awaken from long sleep -take steps to repeal "No Child Left Behind" Law

GOP Bills Would Relax Test Requirements of 'No Child' Law

By Amit R. Paley
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, March 16, 2007; Page A06

Republican critics of the No Child Left Behind law flexed their growing muscle yesterday as 57 GOP lawmakers, including the national party chairman, endorsed legislation that would undermine President Bush's signature education initiative. House Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), who voted for the law in 2001, said he now opposes it because it has shifted control of public schools to the federal government in a more dramatic way than he ever imagined.

"The overwhelming intrusion of No Child Left Behind is too large to deal with unless you fundamentally change the legislation," Blunt said about the introduction of bills yesterday in the House and Senate. The bills would allow states to receive federal education aid even if they opt out of requirements to test all students in grades 3 through 8 and once in high school.

Sen. Mel Martinez (R-Fla.), chairman of the Republican National Committee and a former Bush Cabinet member, was one of the sponsors of the Senate legislation. Others included Jon Kyl (Ariz.), chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, who voted for the law in 2001, and Sam Brownback , a 2008 presidential hopeful, who also voted for it.

In an unusual show of bipartisan cooperation, Democrats and the White House attacked the GOP critics' legislation. "Rather than work with us in a constructive way to improve the law, this group of Republican lawmakers is trying to dismantle it," Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.), chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, said in a statement. "Their irresponsible and unacceptable proposal would send billions of federal taxpayer dollars to the states with no accountability for how it is spent."

White House spokesman Scott Stanzel said that Bush supports giving states and school systems more flexibility but that the bills introduced yesterday would go too far. "We can't return to the time where there were no consequences for failing to educate children and accountability for federal education funding," Stanzel said.

The developments underscored the fluid situation in the Democratic-led Congress as opponents andproponents begin to debate renewal of the law. In 2001, Bush secured overwhelming bipartisan support for No Child Left Behind. Voting against the law were just 33 House Republicans, six House Democrats, three Senate Republicans and six Senate Democrats.Now the opposition appears to be growing.

The legislation announced yesterday is not expected to muster enough votes to become law. But it stakes out a position for critics who hope to gain enough leverage to force significant changes. Under the House version, states could opt out of the law's mandates through a referendum or through a decision made by a combination of state officials. The Senate version would allow states to opt out of some requirements through negotiations with the federal government. Both versions would allow states to use nearly all their federal education funding, except money designated for special education, for any educational purpose. That idea is likely to encounter fierce opposition from most Democrats and education groups.

The National Education Association, the nation's largest teachers union and a frequent critic of the law, said it could not support the legislation announced yesterday because it would allow states to ignore vital programs, possibly for such purposes as funding vouchers to subsidize private school tuition.

"Those sorts of thing, we don't believe, are in the interest of all kids," NEA President Reg Weaver said. Some key Republican supporters of No Child Left Behind, including House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (Ohio), declined to criticize the legislation introduced yesterday. Rep. Howard P. "Buck" McKeon (Calif.), ranking Republican on the Education and Labor Committee, called the legislation a "reminder that Republicans in Congress remain committed to the fundamental concepts of flexibility and choice in education."

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), who supports reauthorization of the law, said he nonetheless shared the critics' "visceral reaction" to the expanding federal role in education.

"No Child Left Behind represents the high-water mark of federal involvement in the management of local schools," he said. "It runs against the historic grain of American education, and it's been tough to swallow for a great many people. For that reason, reauthorizing it will be challenging."

It's a bad piece of legislation. It has produced nothing but misery and paranoia into the process of education. Anytime you take the power to educate children out of local jurisdiction and put it into federal hands, it's a bad idea. Put education back into local and state hands. Now.

Is This The World You Want?

Is this the world you want?

Is this the world you want?

Is this the world you want?

Is this the world you want?

Is this the world you want?



Friday, March 16, 2007

History Repeats Itself

Back in the sixties, I dropped out of NYU, became a poet and headed off to Vancouver to be a part of the biggest poetry happening in North America. It was the Vancouver Poetry Conference, a summer course at the University of B.C. designed by Warren Tallman and Robert Creeley. All the biggies were there, Ginsberg flown in from Japan, etc. etc.

I was broke, so I elected to hitchhike from Manhattan. On the way there, and somewhere in the Rockies, I got a ride with two young guys who were driving a car with no functional brakes, relying with utmost confidence on the emergency brake to get us through the hairpin turns and switchbacks in the mountains. They thought it was great fun - I was scared sh**less. Miraculously, we arrived in the little resort town of Banff, and I took my leave from them. Nice little resort town, Banff.

Now I read that another runaway car arrived in Banff this past summer, and a constant stream of news about the impending North American Union, complete with a new currency, the "Amero". You can read about these developments on a number of websites, including mine, to get a flavor of what the elites have been planning for a long, long time. Almost anyone involved in protesting and blogging about illegal immigration in America has run smack into these latest developments. It's hard to remember sometime this is an international coalition.
I was reminded today, as I began my daily snooping for news and developments.

First of all, I have turned up a vast world-wide conspiracy which has been ongoing for many decades. The reason this is important for everyone is that if we are to survive with any semblance of our personal freedom and liberties, we have to be aware of the nature of the conspiracy. Otherwise, the Islamists will simply be able to take over.

Want to be a "North Americanist" complete with new, improved government (you'll have to give up your guns).

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hazelton's Lou Barletta Dukes It Out With ACLU

Facing a busload of Leftist immigration apologist lawyers, Mayor Lou Barletta only has to continue to bring them to face the truth: the proclamation the town passed is a matter of law, not feelings, not discrimination.

He's a stand-up guy. If his town's protection under the law is, in fact NOT upheld, it will be because of the largest major obstacle in the fight for local justice
Federal activist judges.

Protecting the Republic from Federal Judges

June 8, 2006
By Tom DeWeese
hat tip/American Policy Center

In California, a majority of voters supported a ballot measure to stop illegal aliens from receiving tax-funded services such as schools, hospital care and social services. A federal judge declared the measure null and void and forced policy over the legal wishes of the electorate.

In Oregon, a majority of voters supported a ballot measure to require the government to compensate landowners when property was taken through environmental regulations. A federal judge declared the measure null and void and forced policy over the legal wishes of the electorate.

In Alabama, Judge Roy Moore was forced to remove the Ten Commandments from the State Supreme Court grounds. A federal judge declared the monument unconstitutional, ignored the 10 Amendment and forced his will over the legal wishes of the electorate.

The Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, forcibly overturned the abortion laws of all 50 states though its Roe V Wade decision. The Supreme Court ignored the 10th Amendment and forced its will over the legal wishes of the electorate.

Unclear environmental laws like the Endangered Species Act (ESA) are being interpreted by federal judges (who are working hand in hand with non-governmental organizations and private foundations) to implement radical policy, resulting in the taking of private property in every state.

The common term today is "activist judges." So great is their power that school boards are literally banning everything from school prayer to wearing a tee shirt with a Christian message, for fear federal courts will take action against school officials. Now, even state and local courts are making identical rulings from fear of being overturned by a higher federal court.

Activist federal judges have declared themselves the power over state legislatures, school boards, and city councils. Prayer in public places, personal privacy and now marriage laws are under siege from federal courts. The courts, in turn, are responding to a battery of lawsuits filed by such predatory activist groups as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) - making the ACLU more powerful than locally-elected officials.

As a result, the federal government grows ever more invasive, as the states become ever more subservient. The Republic for which we stand is quickly disappearing. Obviously, that's not what our Founding Fathers had in mind.

To the rescue is Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) as he introduces a new bill called the "We the People Act." As Rep. Paul explained upon the bill's introduction, "Federal judges are undermining republican government by imposing their preferred policies on states and local governments, instead of respecting the policies adopted by those elected by, and thus accountable to, the people."

(read the rest)

District gags 14-year-olds after 'gay' indoctrination

This goes to the heart of what I said in my previous post. Trust your children to the public school system at your (and your children's) peril. I am personally outraged at the despicable behavior of school officials. Please read the article and also Debbie's post at Right Truth on this. And Stop the ACLU. Arrrgh.

District gags 14-year-olds after 'gay' indoctrination 'Confidentiality' promise requires students 'not to tell their parents'

Posted: March 13, 2007

By Bob Unruh
© 2007

Deerfield, Ill., High School, where officials required students to attend a "gay" indoctrination seminar Officials at Deerfield High School in Deerfield, Ill., have ordered their 14-year-old freshman class into a "gay" indoctrination seminar, after having them sign a confidentiality agreement promising not to tell their parents.

"This is unbelievable," said Matt Barber, policy director for cultural issues for Concerned Women for America. "It's not enough that students at Deerfield High are being exposed to improper and offensive material relative to unhealthy and high-risk homosexual behavior, but they've essentially been told by teachers to lie to their parents about it."

In what CWA called a "shocking and brazen act of government abuse of parental rights," the school's officials required the 14-year-olds to attend a "Gay Straight Alliance Network" panel discussion led by "gay" and "lesbian" upperclassmen during a "freshman advisory" class which "secretively featured inappropriate discussions of a sexual nature in promotion of high-risk homosexual behaviors."

This whole sorry affair has been infinitely compounded by...
U.S. District Judge Mark L. Wolf. Of course, another judge of the Leftist Persuasion, argued:

Wolf essentially adopted the reasoning in a brief submitted by a number of homosexual-advocacy groups, who said "the rights of religious freedom and parental control over the upbringing of children … would undermine teaching and learning…"

David and Tonia Parker and Joseph and Robin Wirthlin, who have children of school age in Lexington, Mass., brought the lawsuit. They alleged district officials and staff at Estabrook Elementary School violated state law and civil rights by indoctrinating their children about a lifestyle they, as Christians, teach is immoral.

"Wolf's ruling is every parent's nightmare. It goes to extraordinary lengths to legitimize and reinforce the 'right' (and even the duty) of schools to normalize homosexual behavior to even the youngest of children," said a statement from the pro-family group Mass Resistance.

An appeal of that decision is pending.

The judge concluded that even allowing Christians to withdraw their children from classes or portions of classes where their religious beliefs were being violated wasn't a reasonable expectation.

"An exodus from class when issues of homosexuality or same-sex marriage are to be discussed could send the message that gays, lesbians, and the children of same-sex parents are inferior and, therefore, have a damaging effect on those students," he opined. (emphasis mine)

What is truly frightening is the degree of blindness on the part of school officials, government officials, and federal judges. Not only is it ok to teach your kids that it's just dandy to be a queer, but it's ok to to tell the students to lie to their parents about what they are doing. You can believe the NEA is 100% behind this indoctrination of our children. 100%. And the ACLU, of course... goes without saying.

Homeschool your children, or accept the awful consequences. The recently proposed HJR 29 would make it a "right" for children to have a public education. That is, they would be able to take away parent's rights to homeschool their children.

Thankfully, H.J.R. 29 languished in the House Judiciary Committee and died at the end of the 109th Congress without action. However, this proposed amendment, or similar legislation, could be reintroduced at any time.

Home School Legal Defense Association encourages families to be vigilant during the 2007 legislative season. HSLDA is carefully monitoring Congress’ actions to ensure that the God-given right of parents to decide what is best for their child’s education is not undermined by our nation's laws.

For more information, go to

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hillbilly White Trash: Carnival of Homeschooling

I haven't written much about homeschooling, although I know some readers are doing that for their kids. I haven't written about it, because I don't know a lot about it. But when I see what a singular disaster "public education" has become, I take heart when I read an article by someone who does:

Hillbilly White Trash: Carnival of Homeschooling

Raised in the South, I went to segregated schools. To do otherwise would have been unthinkable in my day. Our teachers were committed people who knew their respective subjects. The PC agenda was yet to be born. So I had a good, down-to-earth education. They didn't grade on the curve. Here's the way the grades broke down, from Junior High through High School: A = 93-100; B= 86-92; C=79-85; D=70-78. Anything under a score of 70 earned you an F. No exceptions.

If you got an ass-whupping from the principal or one of your teachers, and your Daddy found out about it, it meant you got a 2nd ass-whupping - for getting the first whupping. It was tough on the tookus, but on the other hand, we knew where the lines of authority lay. We not often tempted to challenge them. We knew what was expected from us, and what would happen if we fell short. But, aside from that, we had pretty much full reign over our lives - within reason.

By the time I had a child, I was living in Manhattan, and was able to send her to a fancy East-Side private girls' school. Actually, it was her mother who arranged all that. I made a decision to leave all that up to her capable hands. In hind-sight I wished I hadn't done that, and I urge fathers today to take a hand in your child's education. Ask them what they did today, and listen to the answer. You might be surprised.

I hadn't any connection with public schools beyond my High School days.
That is, until I semi-retired and decided to substitute teach in the public school system in New Jersey. It was a shock. It was bedlam, in the old sense of the word. Chaos. I remember thinking - Peter Sellers in "Being There". This is insane, it's a public school. Where are the parents? Why aren't they speaking out about this? That was when I discovered the much deeper problems in the homes of these kids.

Some of them are 3rd generation welfare recipients; ie, grandparents never held a job, parents never held a job. Many are being raised by their grandmother, who is sometimes herself an addict. Drugs take their lives away. The fathers split first, followed by the mothers (in a different direction, of course) - so the grandmother is left to do the job. Some do it admirably. Some do it begrudgingly, having held out some hope of a life themselves, but are now tied down by one, two, sometimes three kids. Education? They haven't a clue. Some grandparents have become hostages to the teenagers in their own home. I also remember thinking: the family unit has become unglued.

In a short 45 years time, how low the standards and expectations have sunk. I wondered, why and by whom? Having devoted hours a day, 7 days a week for the past six months, catching up on what I have ignored for many years, I have a few answers to those questions. As to alternatives, home-schooling wasn't even in my vocabulary. So I turn to those who do, and will try to identify those who are strong, have faith in America.

For home-schooling, try this link:

Carnival of Homeschooling

When faced with the evil,
narcissistic self-loathing of the Leftists who have not only stymied public education in America today, but have made sure that it is hobbled beyond repair - when faced with entrenched cultural relativists, home-schooling is one of the last rational approaches to educating your child. Better to have no education, than to deliver them into vile clutches of the NEA. Politicians simply allow this to happen; as America becomes adrift, the would-be "saviors", ie, the Elitists of the Left, fan the flame of diversity, knowing that a society which no longer identifies with the self-defining elements will weaken and fall.

Enter the Islamists. So now we have a determined effort from within and without to destroy America and her values. What I see rising to meet the evil is an assortment of conservatives, libertarians, and just plain ornery people like myself, who don't like what they see and are determined to do something about it. I don't fit into any category that I've seen. Maybe that's for the best.

Today I work as a volunteer in a K-12 school for disabled. I love it.


Monday, March 12, 2007

Mexico's Very Own Guest Worker Program

Feb. 28, 2007, 2:36PM
Mexico's ambitious reforms include guest-worker plan

hat tip: Austin Bay

Houston Chronicle

, Mexico — President Felipe Calderon hopes to accomplish the sweeping immigration reform Washington has failed to adopt — not just cracking down on the southern border but also creating a guest-worker program and improving conditions for illegal Central American migrants.Proving that controlled, regulated migration is possible is the immediate political goal of Calderon, who is unveiling the ambitious reforms shortly before President Bush visits Mexico on March 13-14.

Calderon's migration agency announced the first phase Tuesday, pledging improvements to 48 detention centers in response to criticism that illegal Central American migrants are denied the respect Mexico demands for its citizens in the U.S. The Interior Department said it will soon reveal details of its Safe Southern Border Program to move against illegal crossers, violent gangs in the border zone and abuse of migrants by authorities throughout Mexico.

"We have a porous, southern border with little control of who comes in from Central America and other regions," acknowledged Florencio Salazar, the department's deputy secretary of migration affairs.Calderon also will push Mexico's Congress to make being undocumented a civil violation, rather than a crime, Salazar said. By contrast, Republicans in the U.S. Congress have sought to treat undocumented migrants as felons.

The president also has promised a more formal guest-worker program for Central Americans.
"Just as we demand respect for the human rights of our countrymen, we have the ethical and legal responsibility to respect the human rights and the dignity of those who come from Central and South America and who cross our southern border," Calderon has said.

Details have not been released, but experts expect an expansion of Mexico's seasonal farm worker program, which issues at least 40,000 temporary visas a year, mostly to Guatemalans. Most work in coffee plantations in southern Chiapas state, and many often face problems over pay, medical care and housing.

Migration experts say Calderon wants to stop those abuses while also allowing Central Americans to work in the construction and service industries in the south.

Wait now. Let's back up a minute. Guatemala, and presumably Honduras and El Salvador will come to Mexico to do what? Work at jobs MEXICANS won't do? Well, no because they've already left to come to AMERICA. So instead of solving their own problems at home, the Mexicans, the Guatemalans, the Hondurans, the Salvadorians and Nicaraguans, the most corrupt countries in all of the Americas, will all head North, while we Americans subsidize them, and allow them to send money home. It stinks.

But there's more...

Bush supports Mexico's call for a U.S. immigration accord allowing Mexicans to seek temporary U.S. work visas, but Congress has instead voted to harden the border and increase security.
Washington also has urged Mexico to do more to stop Central and South Americans who hop freight trains north and head for the United States.

"urged Mexico to do more"... Uh Huh. And in an act of pure generosity and good neighborliness:

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said the Bush administration has offered to advise Mexico on securing its southern border.

WHOA. The US is advising Mexico on securing its southern border? Is Chertoff on drugs? We're advising Mexico on securing its borders? Man, that 's just great 'cause, when it comes to securing it's borders, the U.S. is unparalleled.

I'll bet Mexico is saying, "NO, no man, that's ok, really. We got this".

Mexico said it detained 182,705 illegal migrants last year; the United States caught more than a million people illegally crossing Mexico's northern border. Calderon sees it as a law-and-order problem: Central American gangs operate on both sides of Mexico's border with Guatemala, robbing migrants and running drugs, and migrants also are mistreated by Mexican police and immigration officials.

Last year, 187 migration officials were disciplined, said Cecilia Romero, Mexico's top immigration official. Her department's plan aims "to entirely eliminate this terrible situation" by improving detainees' access to lawyers and human rights defenders and prohibiting undocumented migrants from being held in common jails.

So now, Uncommon Jails in Mexico? How many have ever seen a Mexican jail?

"It's harder to go through Mexico than getting into the U.S.," said Richard Garcia, a Honduran waiting for a northbound train in this industrial hub outside Mexico City. "At least in the U.S. they just pick you up and return you. Here you get robbed, beat up." Garcia, 31, said at least a dozen men from his Atlantic coast village of Triunfo de la Cruz have lost limbs riding trains across Mexico.Riding with him this time was Dilcia Ortiz, a 27-year-old mother of four from Tela, Honduras who was trying to reach her husband in New York City. Eighteen days into the trip, she had paid a $45 bribe to Mexican immigration officials and watched a female traveler slice her foot in half trying to jump on a train.

"I cried so hard," Ortiz said, recalling how the woman screamed in pain. "I thought of my husband when he did this trip, of all my people who have had to do this."

Amazing. It's like a rite of passage...

Wairon Adalis, 18, of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, said his friend turned back after gang members robbed him and fired a bullet that skimmed his head. Adalis said nothing would stop him from meeting his family in Houston — even the chance to work legally in Mexico.

"If Mexico wants us to work here, then they have to pay in dollars," he said.

No more friggin' Maize, bastardas. No more Frijoles. No, NOT Mexican money, idiota!

Garcia said he would consider joining a Mexican guest-worker program, "but I still don't understand why Mexico cares. We're passing through. We don't affect anything. It's obvious they're just trying to please Washington," he said. "They should let us through so we don't have to die falling off a train. We're all Latin Americans, so we should support each other in this."

But Mexico doesn't want them 'passing through' - it wants them to work for $6 a day in Mexico. Beans.

Source Here at Mexico's own southern edge, Guatemalans cross legally and illegally to do jobs that Mexicans departing for the north no longer want. And hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from nearly two dozen other countries, including China, Ecuador, Cuba and Somalia, pass through on their way to the United States. If the major characters in the migration drama unfolding in Chiapas could be captured in a collage, it would include a burly, white-haired farmer named Eusebio Ortega Contreras, who did not hide that most of the workers who picked mangos in his fields for $6 a day were underage, undocumented Guatemalans.Indians from Chiapas used to do these jobs, Mr. Ortega said. But in the past five years, they have been migrating to the United States. And lately, he said, he has begun to worry that he is going to lose the Guatemalans, too.

Believe it.

President Bush visits Mexico in mid-March.

I hope he gets Montezuma's Revenge.

Is The Sky Falling? Or The Ocean Rising?

Well, finally, we have a rational approach to Al Gore's Chicken Little propaganda. Is the Sky Falling? Or will Gore end up, along with a lot of Environmentally Challenged Leftards (ECL), with egg on his face? You be the judge

hat tip: Little Green Footballs

I vote egg on face.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Let's Go to the Movies!

A little change of pace...

Right Truth

Ok, I read Victor Davis
Hanson's review of the movie, "300", and thought, "What?" (actually I thought, WTF?), then I go to RightTruth to see what she's posted, and there it is again, the movie, "300", but this time it is reviewed by Libertas. I'm not even going to quote, but do read Libertas's review. I was chuckling, by the time I finished reading. Oh, man - the PC Police will be up in arms. Oh, the arrogance! Great!
Then I said to meself, Gutfeld must be having a field day, so I popped over to the Daily Gut, and sure enough - yep, there he is, tweaking the pinko wingnut's noses. Atta boy, Greg. The liberals will hate this one.

And John Kass, who happens to be "
an American of Greek descent", of the Chicago Tribune understood and liked it, in spite of certain misgivings, because it is an important movie. I can't wait to see it. And I don't go to movies, as a rule.

Like I said, a change of pace. :)