Sunday, March 25, 2007

Time To Circle The Wagons

I want to bring to your attention the nature of two different battle-fronts in which America is currently embroiled: and some thoughts on how they are inter-related.

One is the threatening encroachment of an Islamic Caliphate, of Muslim intolerance for anything non-Muslim, and their stated goal of world-wide Shari’a Law, which involves converting Dar al-Harb to Dar al-Islam - essentially, rolling up the infidel world like a giant cigar, smoking it, then putting down a new carpet, called Islam, in which the world under Shari’a Law would know peace as Muhammad envisioned. Jews die, Infidels suck hind-tit.

The other battle-front concerns the current administration’s implementation of a pan-global plan to dissolve the borders and the sovereignty of the three countries of the United States, Canada and Mexico; that is, creating a North American Union purporting to achieve dominance on the world stage of commerce and trade.

The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America was conceived and hatched by the Council on Foreign Relations, long considered to be a sort of shadow-government of the United States. The CFR dates back to 1921 and several successive presidential administrations have been covertly putting this proposal of a New World Order in place. Robert Pastor is currently the chief proponent and author of several books advocating a North American Union; a coalition of corporate-government agencies, conceptually similar to, and competing with the EU, winner-take-all. Whoever has the most marbles when he dies, wins. I guess.

Implementation is by stealth agenda, which is being advanced in an almost identical manner in which the European countries have seen their national sovereignties dissolve. There is no official Congressional participation. This is an end-run around the will of the American people. The global elitists want to run the world, and they don’t want the great unwashed mucking things up with things like “freedom”, and “liberty”, and “sovereignty”.

My introduction to all this insanity came as I began investigating the illegal immigration situation in America. I had no goal; I just wanted to discover the forces behind a seemingly mad immigration policy. When I discovered the SPP/Superhighway plot and it’s logical extension, the North American Union (NAU), I had part of my answer: the Bush administration hasn’t been enforcing current immigrant/border laws because it intends to dissolve the border post-haste. While investigating the desert around the Tucson/Phoenix area, I learned that it has been the residence of choice for Islamic terrorists since the 1980’s, and that the University of Arizona is pandering them. Each time I learned something new, I kept casting my net wider until the larger academic community came into focus.

There I learned from David Horowitz that the Leftists professors have hi-jacked the academic world, and that the NEA is full of secular humanists who are serving at the pleasure of Gramscian philanthropic foundations, such as Rockerfeller and Ford Foundations. It was in the foundations themselves that I saw the inter-connectedness of Socialist/Fascist policies. The Socialists need the Fascists to gather the money up - something which the Socialists themselves have never been able to do. The academic community is subservient to the vast wealth of the tax-free foundations.

The universities have come to rely on their money cows, and are thus beholden to them. So much for academic freedom and diversity of ideas. And our public school system is equally a disaster-by-design. Dumb ‘em down. Keep the parents, even the teachers out of the equation. I personally know of fine teachers who despair at the injustices the board of education hands down.

The Feds now have a tight grip on the educational processes. The Federal “No Child Left Behind” policy is part and parcel of a plot to keep our children bound by the cords of mediocrity. Keep them focused on meaningless testing, rather than educating our children. Thinkers are simply too dangerous, so they teach our children that they don’t need to think. Instead, they are taught what to think. It’s all part of the relative humanist’s plan to destroy family values. Destroy the family and people are so much easier to control. Phyllis Schlafly has written much about this, and about the collusion of the NEA with judicial branch of government. Activist judges. Activist feminist federal judges.

In a 1993 pamphlet to teachers, the NEA had this to say:

Allegiance to a nation is the biggest stumbling block to the creation of international government. National boundaries and the concept of sovereignty must be abolished. The quickest way to do this is to condition the young to another and broader alliance. Opinion favorable to international government will be developed in the social studies curriculum in the public schools.”

I learned that our children are being taught never to offend anyone’s feelings (unless they are white), that gay is good, feminists need to be in power because men are the root of evil, Christianity sucks, two Mommies, or two daddies are just as good as a mother and father; that the ACLU is their friend in all things(especially decadent, gay sorts of things), and anyone who disagrees with NEA policies will be given further special sensitivity training, since the diversity training they get at the beginning of the year didn’t take. Parents have no say in the education of their children, nor do the teachers. They are left with no choice in the matter. Home school while you can. Oh, and if you are white, you are wrong by default. End of story. I could do a whole rant on this, but I won’t. There be treachery afoot, Gramscian ideas corrupting the liberal view of the world, and ideological intolerance contempt of a moral point of view. So much out of balance, and tilting to the left.

Investigation into school policies also revealed the true intentions of CAIR, which led me to the process of propagation of radical Islam by the Wahhabi Islamists, and the grand scheme of the Islamic Caliphate; and how the Leftist organizations in academia, politics and the MSM are providing the PC cultural climate in which the white, educated, middle-class are the skunks and anyone with a brownish tint to their skin have been granted a de facto Federal most-favored status, because they are or were somehow victims of discrimination. The Muslims have been quick to cash in on that agenda.

As I began to write about what I was discovering, I learned of The 910 Group, shortly after its inception, on the Gates of Vienna. I got hooked up with them, and have continued my investigation into the nefarious doings of organizations such as CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, et al of that stripe.

But the problem of illegal immigration continues to plague me, and my investigation into that reveals a much more sinister plot. When I go after a story, I like to get at the root of it, but damn, the more I pulled at the root of illegal immigration, the worse it got. I have spent the past six weeks digging into this whole “Brave New World” thing. And what I am finding is simply staggering to behold. Even if you discount all the conspiracy theories going around, and I do not discount them - not all of them, anyway - the sheer brazenness, the treacherousness of the pan-global plan to integrate the countries of the United States, Canada and Mexico into a New World Order, with no Congressional oversight, or discussion even - well, let’s just say, it has my full attention.

Our government under George W. Bush has been re-organized with the SPP as a national priority of the highest order, involving DHS, the State Department, the Justice Department, as well as other coordinating agencies doing the bidding of the afore-mentioned. This is not conjecture. Go to Judicial Watch, read. I will post more sources as an update to this post. (see update below)

I see two possibilities in America:

One, we step up, defeat and dismantle the global plan to take over the world, starting with hauling anyone who is involved in the SPP agenda before a Special Congressional Investigation, and uncover the true intent of this current administration regarding this whole sorry affair. Then take the steps to decommission this SPP/NAU project, and indict and convict anyone and everyone found guilty of high crimes and treason. This can all be accomplished by the power of the spoken word.

If we somehow manage to do that, we will have finally taken off our PC gloves, and will be in a position as a nation, to deal with the Leftists, and the Islamists. The Republic government will have prevailed, the will of the people restored. I am hopeful we can achieve victory mainly because the Bush administration has characteristically jumped the gun, and has also grossly under-estimated the will of the American people. Once we get the lid off this thing, the stink will be unbearable.

Two, we allow our country and its citizens to be sacrificed on the alter of the Global Elite Order of Wisdom and Beneficence, aka GREED. Then it’s good-night nurse. Democracy will simple vanish into the night. Our children will inherit a nightmare of unimaginable proportions.

You may not agree with my findings nor share my conclusions. But one thing is certain: America needs you. And the world needs America. The real America, not the rotting politicians and corporations - not the Save The World contingent, either. The world needs to see real Americans stand up and guide our country back to sanity. They need to see that good can triumph over evil. Maybe we all need to see it.

We will only see it, if we fight for it.

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Update: Here are a few sources on the SPP/NAU:

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