Sunday, March 11, 2007

Let's Go to the Movies!

A little change of pace...

Right Truth

Ok, I read Victor Davis
Hanson's review of the movie, "300", and thought, "What?" (actually I thought, WTF?), then I go to RightTruth to see what she's posted, and there it is again, the movie, "300", but this time it is reviewed by Libertas. I'm not even going to quote, but do read Libertas's review. I was chuckling, by the time I finished reading. Oh, man - the PC Police will be up in arms. Oh, the arrogance! Great!
Then I said to meself, Gutfeld must be having a field day, so I popped over to the Daily Gut, and sure enough - yep, there he is, tweaking the pinko wingnut's noses. Atta boy, Greg. The liberals will hate this one.

And John Kass, who happens to be "
an American of Greek descent", of the Chicago Tribune understood and liked it, in spite of certain misgivings, because it is an important movie. I can't wait to see it. And I don't go to movies, as a rule.

Like I said, a change of pace. :)