Friday, March 16, 2007

History Repeats Itself

Back in the sixties, I dropped out of NYU, became a poet and headed off to Vancouver to be a part of the biggest poetry happening in North America. It was the Vancouver Poetry Conference, a summer course at the University of B.C. designed by Warren Tallman and Robert Creeley. All the biggies were there, Ginsberg flown in from Japan, etc. etc.

I was broke, so I elected to hitchhike from Manhattan. On the way there, and somewhere in the Rockies, I got a ride with two young guys who were driving a car with no functional brakes, relying with utmost confidence on the emergency brake to get us through the hairpin turns and switchbacks in the mountains. They thought it was great fun - I was scared sh**less. Miraculously, we arrived in the little resort town of Banff, and I took my leave from them. Nice little resort town, Banff.

Now I read that another runaway car arrived in Banff this past summer, and a constant stream of news about the impending North American Union, complete with a new currency, the "Amero". You can read about these developments on a number of websites, including mine, to get a flavor of what the elites have been planning for a long, long time. Almost anyone involved in protesting and blogging about illegal immigration in America has run smack into these latest developments. It's hard to remember sometime this is an international coalition.
I was reminded today, as I began my daily snooping for news and developments.

First of all, I have turned up a vast world-wide conspiracy which has been ongoing for many decades. The reason this is important for everyone is that if we are to survive with any semblance of our personal freedom and liberties, we have to be aware of the nature of the conspiracy. Otherwise, the Islamists will simply be able to take over.

Want to be a "North Americanist" complete with new, improved government (you'll have to give up your guns).