Monday, March 05, 2007

Top Ten Reasons Why the US Should Not Marry Mexico

I have been always been an advocate of Vdare. Occasionally, I get out of synch, and have to go back and read their archives. I discovered an article going all the way back to Jan 17, 2007, in which Brenda Walker makes a compelling case against Mexico and Mexicans.

Top Ten Reasons Why the US Should Not Marry Mexico
January 17, 2007
By Brenda Walker

Mexichurian President George W Bush is determined to cement the North American Union as much as possible during his term. Incredibly, he aims at a European Union-type political merger between the U.S., Mexico and Canada, including replacing the dollar with a Euro-style currency called the Amero and rearranging trade patterns to favor Mexico. Central to the deal is the uncontrolled movement of people throughout North America.

This EU mega-state concept has actually been losing support among average folk in Europe. For example, the Dutch and French voted down the EU Constitution in 2005. Doesn’t matter to globalist elites, though. They push forward with expanding bureaucracy slanted toward one-worldish interests in the corporate style.

This is not a joke. The "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" (SPP) is not a nutty conspiracy theory, but is a genuine government policy explained in White House documents and a Commerce Department website. While prettied up in trade language, the intent of the SPP is clearly continent-wide political unification and the dissolution of American national sovereignty. Business elites believe that borders and laws are an annoying impediment to commerce. They have decided the nation-state must go.

With that unhappy possible future in mind, perhaps we should consider the intended spouse in Bush's shotgun marriage. You wouldn't marry your next door neighbor just because of that person's convenient location. Why then are Washington elites working to dissolve sovereignty in order to unify with a third-world sewer best known for corruption, violence, poverty, sexism and apathy toward education?

The only answer is Mexico's enormous supply of cheap, exploitable labor, which business wants to fuel the neo-slave economy of its dreams. But the cultures of the peoples of Mexico and the United States are deeply incompatible, and have a history of bad blood going back centuries.

Below, my list of cultural reasons why the United States should avoid further entanglement with Mexico. Please remember that these are societal averages only; there are many admirable Mexican citizens—particularly those living in Mexico. Also, ten should be understood as an arbitrary number. It does not imply that there are only ten reasons to shun a Mexican merger.
The reasons listed by Walker are primarily because of Mexican character defects of a national and personal nature. She doesn't even go into why having 30-50 million illegal aliens is a nightmare for a US already burdened by internal strife and corrupt politicians. But you know about that. I have personally known quite a few Mexicans who would probably (privately) agree with her assessment of the national character, while mildly objecting to her characterization of their personal character. But these Mexicans I have known are the ones with Platinum Credit Cards. I do know that there tend to be two types of Mexicans: the ones who have money and power, and the ones currently teaming over the border at the sound of "AMNESTY".

So why are corrupt politicians getting away with unleashing this nightmare upon us?

They have it and we don't.
The corrupt politicians on our side of the border and the ones on the other side. It's that "Corporate Mentality" thing .


They have it and we don't.

Are there forces in Congress strong enough to put this amnesty issue out of its misery?

Get Serious.