Friday, March 09, 2007

It’s A Battle Of Perceptions

I posted this on The 910 Group Blog, and this message is mainly addressed to those who have a fire in the belly to take on the jihaddis. However, it might interest you to know how the radical wahhabi terrorist message is being propagated. I had been reading that it was the result of radical imams in the mosques, but while it is undoubtedly true that they are on the same page, it is the Internet Jihaddis who are providing the motivation to young Muslims. Muslims who may not even go to the local mosque. You can read more on the Fourth Generation Warfare Doctrine being dissiminated as the "Global Islamic Resistance Call" by Al-Suri here.

I don’t own a television set, so I can’t know how widely this information has been viewed, which was aired (I guess) on CBS . In any case, it seems prudent to post this video:

People on the video of interest to our fight against jihadis are: A. Aaron Weissburd, a programmer who quit his job to take on the “Internet Jihadis”. Rita Katz of SITE Institute , working with US officials, has also joined the fight from some undisclosed location in the US. General Custer is heading up a military effort to intercept sites such as

All this information is on the video. Just giving you a preview. If you would like to contact A. Aaron Weisburd, here’s his homepage at Internet Haganah: “Confronting the Global Jihad Online”. He apparently has been very successful at tripping them up. Anyone with more information on any of the above, please post in a comment.

We need to find a way to cross swords with these jihadis. If the 910 Group is going to become viable, we need to act now. While we are figuring out how to tie our shoes, these guys are winning the race. So far. As General Custer, and many others have said: It’s a battle of perceptions. The internet is where it’s being waged; they put together very convincing sound and video bytes, and quickly disseminate it around the world, instantaneously.

Confronting the Global Jihad Online:

On Weisburd’s page is the “Top ten” list of Salafyist/Jihadist forums.

The Internet Haganah is a project of: SoFIR: an international non-governmental ad hoc intelligence network focused on combating the global jihad.


And just to keep our very own Ammadabajaba of Iran where we can see him in all his Messianic Glory:messianism.jpg

Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at the Israel Intelligence’ Heritage & Commemoration Center (IICC) posted this.

A lot of skill and intuition, perception of their weakness is needed. The first lesson I was given when I learned to type (on an old Underwood manual-weighed a ton), went like this:

“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country”. That was then, now we have, thank God, women to fight along side of us.

Come on, guys. Let’s get these cowboy jihadis.

Woman Honor Thyself