Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Third Jihad: The Movie

"The Third Jihad" is a movie about the on-going cultural Islamic jihad in America. Narrated by Dr. Zudhi Jasser, it is a chilling account of radical Islamic activity, on campuses, in mosques, and prisons here in the United States.

Dr Jasser is a devout, American-born Muslim medical doctor, based in Phoenix Arizona. Jasser founded the AIFD, the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, and has been out-spoken in his fight against the insideous Islamic organization known as CAIR, The Council on American-Islamic Relations. Liars, all.

If anyone would qualify as a "moderate Muslim", it would be Zudhi Jasser. But I do not believe there is even such a thing as "moderate Muslims". For speaking out against the radicalization of Islam, the Muslim community has shunned him, marginalized him. While he is on our side, being an American and sharing Western Values, his own Muslim community, if there is such a thing, is unlikely to listen to him.

We cannot afford to ignore his message.

Radical Islam will rule the day for Muslims. Western Values are antithetical to radical Islam. Saudi Arabia supplies all the financial support needed. Youthful guile in the Islamic world provides the fodder.

The question is: will it rule the day for us Americans as well? In Western Europe, aided by the Multicultural ideology of cultural relativism, a whole bloc of countries are poised to fall to the Islamists.

In spotlighting the problems and causes of radical Islam, Jasser has involved himself in a most needed wake-up call to Americans, who have no idea of the coming onslaught. This is one video everyone needs to watch, and take to heart.

"We all know about terrorism. This is the war you don't know about."

I would like to embed the video, but Blogger can't/won't do it. This is a 30-minute free version of the film. Go here to view the video.

Obama is said to be a Muslim, even though he denies it. That has to be troubling to a lot of of people. Even if he weren't a Muslim, his executive policies would be disastrous in our cultural war with Islam.