Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Bertha Lewis, Acorn's Chief Executive Shrugs It Off. "Catch us if you can..."

Nation-wide fraud

More Voter Registration Doubts Plague Democrats

This presidential election is less and less about the candidates themselves, and more about the registration/election process itself. And that spells trouble. Should John McCain/Sarah Palin win the election, the democrats are not going to accept that their candidate lost. And Should Barack Obama win, given the accusations of nation-wide voter registration fraud, the courts will likely decide the outcome. Either way, it's going to be nasty.

Obama does not have it within himself to bring together a divided nation. But creating further racial divide, not bringing together a nation, has been his goal all along. All those years of sitting at Rev Wright's feet has forever scarred his psyche. Obama is a man who knows in his heart he is not up to the job of "leader of the free world". He is a man who was "selected" by the radical Left to be a convenient wedge in their drive to divide our nation in order to create a socialist state. But legitimacy has never been a goal of the Left. So the question becomes, not whether we can pull together as a nation, but whether we can survive as a nation.

If the power-mad who represent us in government no longer hold true to the concept of a constitutional republic, then we are a constitutional republic in name only - and the federal government becomes a sham which violates the social contract of all sovereign citizens. If a democractic majority gets to decide the fate of a nation, and they want a totalitarian system of government, then the tyrants win.