Monday, October 06, 2008

A De-Evolution of Leadership - The Quiet Takeover of America

America needs to wake up.

Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victim may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated, but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. - CS Lewis
With Obama at the helm, the likelihood of this scenario grows exponentially. With McCain leading, we will have at least a temporary buffer between the sovereign citizens of America and those who would torture us FOR OUR OWN GOOD.

The social progressives will literally take everything, unless we fight for our rights. Unless we are willing to fight for our first and second amendments, we had best prepare ourselves for a mind-set which includes being thankful for being allowed to exist in a political reality where the individual is always sacrificed for "the greater good". That rubs against the grain for me.

The silencing of our voices masquerades as "hate speech", hate crimes" - as "multicultural" dogma. The goal is to induce self-censorship, and if that doesn't work, the madmen will impose penalties for our transgressions. What do they want? POWER. Nor do they give a fig if you and I are destroyed in the process.

History provides us with numerous examples of such unbridled tyranny: Stalin's USSR, Communist China under Mao, Hitler's Nazi Germany, Pol Pot's Cambodia - and the list grows now to include countries where the Islamists have gained control of the government. Darfur and Somalia come to mind. The list grows to include many African and Indonesian countries, and unless checked, you can add the most East and West European countries as well. Gun control and confiscation were among the very first policies carried out by the Islamic governments.

Indeed, that has always been the case.

(Previously posted in March) From the Eggman...

(Emphasis added)

Leaders lead, tyrants rule and servants serve. When did we lose sight of the distinction?

Place yourself in this hypothetical situation.

You are very successful and your time is in constant demand. It is no longer cost effective (or very much fun,) to shop, cook, register the car, pick up the cleaning, pay the bills and hunt for parking spaces.

Your situation DEMANDS you hire or contract the following:

* Personal Assistant
* Accountant/Business Manager
* Lawyer
* Housekeeper/Home Manager
* Family Nutritionist/Cook
* Tutor/Home School Teacher
* Driver/Cheauffer

All is well in your life. Your children are happy and well adjusted. Jimmy is very bright, eager to learn and enthusiastic about every new experience. His rampant curiosity is occasionally annoying, but you recognize it as an indication of genius. Your spouse and children often accompany you on your trips. There is always time for sightseeing and camping, which the family enjoys. Life is certainly good.

One day your doctor looks at your genetic profile and decides you have a marginally higher risk for high blood pressure than average. He orders you onto a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet. When you fail to follow his orders he instructs your housekeeper to stop allowing you certain foods. It is, after all, for your own good.

The housekeeper forbids the cook to prepare any food with more than 1% fat. Therefore, no more bacon and eggs for you, even in your own home. When you try to bring some home and cook them for yourself, the housekeeper confiscates them and makes you go to your room. It is, after all, for your own good.

Your accountant informs you that you can't afford to take a trip to Bali next year because he has given himself a raise. Your lawyer says you can't afford to take a trip to France next month because she has given herself a raise.

They need the additional money so that they can hire more staff and build bigger offices to better take care of you.

You are either too busy or too preoccupied with your perfect life to pay much attention. Besides, you hired them to look after things so you could have a life in the first place. They are trusted professionals and know what is in your best interest.

Jimmy's tutor loses patience because Jimmy won't sit still and be quiet. The tutor calls the doctor and they medicate Jimmy to calm him down. When you attempt to intervene they threaten to take away all of your children. It is, after all, for the good of the children.

Your doctor decides that your afternoon cigar is not good for you, and tells you to quit. The next week smoke detectors are installed throughout your house. It is, after all, for your own good.

All agree that your ownership of guns is far too dangerous. What if Jimmy should find one? Jimmy, however loved to shoot at cans on the family camping trips. He's a crack shot and has serious Olympic ambitions. When your personal assistant learned of this, however, she decided you must be an unfit parent. Jimmy was drugged even more deeply into submission because of his 'special needs' and placed in foster care. It is after all, in his best interest.

They hired a security guard, one deputy Barney Fife, Jr., to restore your feeling of security since they took away your firearms. Of course Barney soon made it clear that he really wasn't under any obligation to protect you. He also worked for a few thousand other people so he couldn't even promise to come if you did call.

Last week the spy software they installed on your computer alerted them that you had been visiting dangerous and subversive Websites. Today, you find your access to the NRA, ACLU, The Washington Times, National Review, and many of your favorite sites blocked, for your own good.

Your doctor, lawyer, accountant and tutor have a secret meeting and make a few more decisions. They don't like your driver. He has been your best and most trusted friend for 30 years. He has 1 Medal of Honor, two phD's, a wife and three kids and works cheap. He is loyal to you, however, and not to them. They decide it would be in the best interests of all if they fired him and replaced him with one of their 'professionals.' Your new driver will have strict orders about where you may and may not travel.

You finally reach your breaking point. You don't know how you let it get this bad, but enough is enough. How did these one-time servants become your so-called leaders? Your lawyers, accountants and doctors were once bound by a strict contract. Now, however, they are acting outside that contract and you are supposed to accept it because it is for your own good.

You tell them, you, "aren't going to take it any more," and, "they are all fired!"

They then inform you that they control all of your assets, and most every other aspect of your life.

Thanks to them your once prosperous accounts are deeply in debt.

If you don't like it, too bad, they won't give you any more of your money. They might even lock you in your room for a long time. They do, after all, know what's in your best interest. Isn't that why you hired them in the first place?

It's your own fault for letting them get this deeply entangled in your daily affairs.

Now please sit down, shut up and act like the mindless lemming they want you to be.

Besides, they have guns and you don't!

If this sounds like nightmare fiction or extremism talking, wake up and taste the tyranny.

The 'you' in the story is you, me, and every other law-abiding citizen, tired of watching our natural and Constitutional rights erode one paragraph at a time. 'Them' in the story, are what our so-called 'servants in government' have become.

We were once a noble example of the future that the founders envisioned in their Great American Dream.

Today, however, we huddle defenseless in glass boxes. We have to ask permission to spend what little allowance they give us from our own earnings.

We have never committed a crime, lied to them or given them any reason to mistrust us, yet they question our every action. We are searched when we travel, they read our e-mails, tap our phones, confiscate our nail clippers invade our private lives from bedroom to nursery, and generally treat us like the criminals they swore to protect us from.

Once great masters of our own domain, we have become mere pawns on someone else's political chessboard. And they are doing it all for our own good.

Is America still the greatest country in the world? You bet your Stars and Stripes she is!

We fought and will continue to fight to defend her.

It's unfortunate that many of our once loyal and trusted servants did not evolve into leaders. Instead they 'devolved' into slaves to their own lust for power and control. It's more unfortunate, however, that we allowed it to happen.

Take back your country by getting involved. Run for office, help someone you support get elected, vote, drive people to the polls, join a grassroots movement, volunteer, write a post-card a week, send an e-mail a day. Do whatever it takes to be heard over the din of political spin and media misinformation. Let's put some common sense back into government, put the servants back into office and expose the tyrants for the impotent cowards they are.

It all starts at the local level. Get involved in your town, city or county government today!

The noisy minority would drown in a sea of their own insignificance if only 50% of the elegible voters would merely exercise their right to vote! (While they still have it)

"If Thomas Jefferson were alive today he'd be spinning in his grave."


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