Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nope, Nothing Racial Goin' On Here

This is hilarious. Howard Stern reports on interviews with Obama's Harlem (NYC) supporters - and proves, once and for all, that Obama's followers really are issue oriented, and back him even in his excellent choice for Vice-President, er, one Sarah Palin.

Nothin' racial about these choices - strictly a matter of examining, and supporting the man's policies regarding stem-cell research, abortion, and staying the course in Iraq.

Yup, we are truly a nation of idiots.

It would have been even more interesting, had the interviewer tried to see just how far Obama's supporters could have been led down the yellow brick road of absurdity- say, by attributing (less government is the answer) libertarian views of Bob Barr to Obama...

Power to the people!

John McCain should be proud. Ah, If only he were dark-skinned. And young. And a pin-headed socialist. And
Muslim. Maybe he would have a chance with Obama supporters. Hell, they already agree with his policies. Sort of.