Thursday, December 20, 2007

World History Revisited

A vastness of conspiracy confronts mankind. When it dawned on me, I thought, "No way, this can't be right". I was unable to penetrate the cloud of deception, so I decided to follow the money. I discovered the bread-crumb trail always led back to the philanthropic organizations, and though I was unprepared for the shock of what I was seeing, I was able to search out thinkers who have already absorbed the magnitude of evil deception on the world's stage. Nancy Levant is one of those thinkers, as she ably demonstrates here, and elsewhere.

I admire the way Nancy Levant's mind works. Her power lies in her ability to reduce matters to their simplest elements, and for that I owe her a debt of gratitude. She looks like a good-natured schoolteacher, and she could be, for all I know. But beneath that sweet exterior lies a mind like a steel trap.


Nancy Levant
October 9, 2007

History can be summed up in one sentence: Deception, treachery, and bloodshed used to steal; new and enforced powers take command; new fortunes and powers are created; several generations of acceptance called false peace; new missions are set into play to rejuvenate and grow greater wealth, and plans are instigated to re-take/re-steal the accumulated wealth of the masses, which is history in a nutshell.

Sadly, we have never learned, never comprehended, the symbiotic relationship between war and political greed-based theft. Mankind just doesn’t fathom this kind of deception after several generations of relative peace. And mankind always forgets that wars, bloodshed, viciousness, and theft are always planned, funded, and carried out by the world’s aristocracies. In another nutshell, they kill commoners, over and over again, and throughout all written history, to ensure their leadership and constant wealth. It is extraordinary how simple and constant the pattern remains, and that mankind has allowed the so very few to bring this nightmarish pattern to fruition and repeatedly throughout human history. What a bizarrely unending tragedy.

And the sorriest aspects of these thieving traditions lie in the fact that the entire system is based upon mutual loathing between the common man and his historical masters. They despise us as lesser beings, and we despise them for the murderous thieves that they are, BUT we forget, generation to generation, the atrocities of the wealthy few. We forget the arrogance, the deceptive lies of their politics and greed, which trumps all aspects of any possible sense of humanity or compassion toward others. Surely we can agree that the love of money is, in fact, the root of evil.

I spent the past few days exploring federal grants. I suggest to all researchers that you do the same to see where research dollars are being funneled. Look, for instance, for healthcare grants and foundations. Man, oh man – talk about terrifying projects in the works. People experimentation – plain and simple – and intentions of which mankind is totally unaware - the one’s who have absconded with our wealth, once again, are in total financial mission to experiment upon and alter the cerebral abilities of mankind. Their new “sciences” are beyond belief, and I strongly suggest that you spend a day looking at grant and foundation monies currently available for the asking. If you still believe that all is well in the political world, you need to explore today’s grant opportunities, and particularly under the heading of “health.”

It is now beyond the intellectual capacity of mankind to read and comprehend history because history has been re-written, altered, and skewed by the owner/handlers of media and publishing industries. This we know. But what we can comprehend is that deception-based theft, war, and constant bloodshed breeds historical hatreds that do not, can not, and will not end. And as such, the perpetuation of hatreds and wars “scientifically” exists to propagate on-going wealth and power sustaining structures that have always rendered the common man as victim, poverty stricken, vulnerable, and enslaved by the whims of political warmongers. And the very, very few throughout all written human history have used war, terror, and theft to sustain powers and wealth. It’s a theft scheme, people – nothing more – nothing less – and it continues to rob all people of their futures. When has there ever been peace? Never, for war produces too much wealth for the few for peace to exist. It is not economically feasible for great wealth to sustain itself without on-going bloodshed.

Today, the entire world is operating on the global economy of warfare. This is why a new world military order is being erected in every nation of the world. This is why new paramilitary systems are being erected in every nation in the world. And this is why “crisis and civilian management” has become the new mantra of the world’s aristocrats, politicians, think tanks, sciences, and philanthropic and foundation organizations. Global wars, like WWI and WWII are but pale comparisons to what new world wars will cause and create for the masses AND for the very, very few.

Mankind is being psychologically re-wired and trained into servitude, all encompassing rules and regulation, to work for low or no pay (mandatory “volunteerism”), and we are being desensitized to living in a panoptical reality, where privacy, including private thoughts, private distain, or even disagreement are criminal acts. The world’s people are becoming group labor clones, while the political elite stand before humanity, day in and day out, and lie about the finality of their legislating, their treaties, and the restructuring of their power. And why would they do this to mankind? For the money and power that it has historically guaranteed, but still, there is more to fear.

Trouble on Earth is mandated – as we well know. Good and evil is universal. And it is our destiny to never fully understand its consequences. We can only imagine the fallout of ultimate and global endgames. And trust me - a 72-hour kit won’t cut it. However, intelligent indivisibility on the side of Good will bring forth promised hope and, pray, protection. And at this stage in history, I surely would not count on your churches for protection. They are, after all, corporations. And as we know, globalism is based upon corporations and war profits. Why don’t you mull that one over...

And evil – coupled with biotechnologies of many makes and measures – is enhanced. Evil – coupled with global armies – is enhanced. Evil – coupled with unrealized superpowers – is enhanced into something with no experience by which mankind can prepare. When the elites have told us for decades that their missions cannot be stopped, I suggest you believe them in earnest. Though they lie for their extraordinary livings, their powers, I suggest to you, are literally unimaginable, and we, the people, are, in fact, fragile creatures. Therefore, don’t get too cocky. If you believe in God, now’s the time to demonstrate it.

“The Plan” to subjugate humanity is an old plan, but one that the new age world does not understand in full. It is a plan for control over the whole of Earth. It does not include “conservation,” or love of nature, equity, equality, or ecology. These are the cover stories for the real Plan, and this is what mankind needs to know.

American history, much less the history of the world, is all but gone to most living human beings. It only takes a few generations to recreate reality when you have all the money in the world to buy reality into existence and worse yet, when you have all the money in the world to buy science-based human alteration into existence. And this is the reality we face, remembering that is OUR money - illegally absconded - that paid for the human altering sciences that we now face.

The war game is the same old historical game, but the sciences, technologies, and drugs that are being developed to change commoners into automatons, and equally strangled by new world rules and extraordinary superpowers, will surely change all courses of human events. It’s too easy to say that evil is afoot, but it’s just so bewildering when so very few can continue, century after century, to devastate and brutalize peaceful people, cultures, and existences for power, money, and the ultimate control of Earth. It makes one wonder if there is something wrong with the brains and souls of the masses – knowing that this time they really are after the souls of mankind. You’d think that mankind would get mad enough to stop them – once and for all – before suppression becomes the global condition. However, universal law says otherwise.

Yes, it’s too easy to say that evil is afoot. However, what more is there to say?

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