Saturday, December 08, 2007

NBC Refuses to Run "Thank You, Troops" Ad

Normally, I couldn't care less what the TV media is doing. All they seem to care about is tearing down America, so I ignore them. But when I popped over to Stuck On Stupid, they are running a FoxNews clip explaining how NBC (owned by Gen. Elec), declined to run a paid spot by Freedom's Watch, a "Thank-You to our Troops Tribute", short and inoffensive. If I wasn't already not watching NBC programs, I certainly would stop watching them now. That they won't run a thank-you tribute to our troops is inexcusable.

They won't run the spot, because they don't want Freedom's Watch political stance to be recognized. It's "too political". Oh, the irony. Michael Savage is right: liberalism is truly a mental disorder. Check it out.

What Freedom's Watch is about: Conservative media movement to

On another battle-front, you might also want to check out Michael Savage interviewing David Yerushalmi from Sane on the Savage Nation, in which Yerushalmi explains in detail the Islamic tactic of setting up Jihadist sleeper cells here on American soil, and the purpose of Shari'a law as it relates to the call for violent destruction of the West. (go to the “Available files” at the top of the posting and click on the attached mp3 file).