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The Children Have Spoken

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Oct 2007

By Janalee Tobias

On Monday, June 30, 2003, 1 p.m., the 5th grade class of Miss Erickson, at So. Jordan Elementary, So. Jordan, UT, held a mock trial. The issue at trial: Should guns be allowed in school? So. Jordan Elementary school is in Jordan School District where policy is currently being drafted regarding CCW permit holders taking guns to school.

Each legal team consisted of five brilliant 5th graders. Each side presented charts and facts to the jury which consisted of twelve 5th graders, half boys, half girls. An "expert witness" on each side testified: "me" for the "guns in school" side, and a women from the University of Utah represented "no guns in school." The principal was subpoenaed for the "no guns in school" side, but he didn't show up for trial. Rumor has it that he was afraid to go against me :), and there may be a warrant out for his arrest. :)

After about 45 minutes of intense debate, the jury left the classroom and deliberated behind closed doors for five minutes.

The verdict: 12-0 in FAVOR of guns in schools.

The comments of the jurors reflected their fear of a crazed criminal coming in and shooting up the school. They want teachers to be able to carry a gun for their protection as long as they know how to use it, know the safety rules, and keep it out of the reach of students. They also want the "bad guys" to think that if they come into their school to shoot it up, that a "good guy" is going to shoot them back and protect the children.

The verdict is in: Children think that the best way to "save the children" is to let honest, law-abiding citizens carry guns for protection.

Janalee Tobias is the Founder and President of Women Against Gun Control.


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