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Seaside principal: no public apology

Seaside principal: no public apology

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A Monterey school principal today cited employee rights as the reason why a public apology would not follow a lunchroom incident Tuesday when a supervisor demanded that a Muslim student remove her Islamic head scarf.

Seaside High School Principal Sydney Renwick agreed to a face-to-face apology for the 13-year-old student who said she was humiliated when a lunchroom supervisor demanded she remove her hijab in front of more than 100 students.

But Renwick said a request by the Bay Area chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations to have the lunchroom supervisor publicly apologize would be a violation of the employee's rights.

He cited the creation of a hostile work environment as one of those violations.

"The school understands that this is an emotional issue and that religious practice is central to this community's beliefs and value system," Renwick said. "But on the same token, we cannot violate this person's rights while we attempt to rectify the situation."

CAIR is requesting a public apology because the student was humiliated in public, according to CAIR spokeswoman Abiya Ahmed.

"A public apology is important not just for this girl, it would offer closure to the family," Ahmed said.

She said her group has offered to provide diversity training at the school to prevent what she called "ignorance" and "misunderstanding" within the community.

But Seaside already has a comprehensive diversity training program set in place, Renwick said. In recognition of the community's diverse population, the training was implemented before the school year, he said.

Renwick called Tuesday's event an isolated incident and said that it was not the intent of the employee to single out one person because of her faith.

The employee was enforcing school rules that prohibit headwear indoors, according to Renwick. The rule exists for student safety and mostly applies to inappropriate clothing such as gang-related attire.

"This was in no way an attempt to harm a student," Renwick said. "This was an extremely isolated incident. There's a zero tolerance policy (against prejudice and discrimination) at this school. Zero tolerance is understood, accepted and reinforced. When incidences do occur, they are investigated thoroughly."

Renwick said the investigation into Tuesday's incident has been completed and that he is in the process of determining disciplinary action.


Comments by: mira Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2007 3:16 pm

puh hu, stop crying. This is the United States of America. American Women don't wear this stuff. You either become an American and live like an American or - GO HOME. That's it. No apology. Get over it. Very Happy

Comments by: kwitchyerbelliakin Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2007 2:35 pm

oops did I say "Shalom" Aleichem? Oh and if you like Salaam Aleichem!
Yeah Baby! Just a thought, are you allowed to sit next to a boy? Why not? Idea

Comments by: kwitchyerbelliakin Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2007 2:32 pm

I think I shall start wearing my Yarmulke, with a nice big Star of David on it. I'll sit next to her and see how "diverse" she really is! Come on fellow Jews or anyone who wants to know about our traditions, lets wear our skullcaps with pride. I have extras for anyone who wants to wear one. And I'll wear a nice shirt with a large BLUE Star of David on it and smile at her and to CAIR! . Any devout Christians want to wear your Crosses/Crucifixes? YES! I support you as well. We need some "diversity" that shows our religious roots. Shalom Aleichem ! Rolling Eyes

Comments by: anhe64 Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2007 1:40 pm

The teacher is doing exactly what he/she should have been doing. Kudos to him/her.

Those jihabs are intimidating and a reminder of dark ages where women where oppressed and dark ages that Muslim fanatics try to impose on us.

That jihab is nothing more than show of force just like the gang type clothing that is banned. Next thing they are going to wear that bedspread Halloween costume with only 2 holes for your eyes that reminds me of scary ghost or grim reaper with the sickle (huh, coincidence with those suicide bombers wearing that garb as well?)

CAIR should be ashamed of them trying to intimidate the population and "re-education" techniques. And are our public schools not supposed to be religion free? May be the girl should live for a while in Iran and ask her fellow school mates there how great life is over there.

And by the way, when are we finally allowed to wear a cross in any of those Islamic countries? Churches are forbidden in Saudi Arabia. May be we should forbid Mosques financed by Saudi Arabia until we are allowed to build something over there...
CAIR, the ACLU, and Friends of the Down-trodden Oppressed Muslims, were seen mounting their white steeds, armed with high colonic preparations for Seaside High School Principal Sydney Renwick.

Advice to Mr. Renwick: Tell CAIR and the ACLU to piss off, if he wants to maintain any dignity at all, 'cause the school lawyers will be seen crawfishin' all over the conference room, where they will undoubtedly offer up their own bums for a good reaming as well.

When are our schools ever going to learn you must stand up to these bullies?

h/t Michael Savage

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