Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Parental Rights Under the Gun

The post yesterday on homosexuality was a set-up for this post. Parental rights are not, as one might assume, protected under the US Constitution as an "inalienable right". In fact, the rights of parents to raise their children are no more protected than homosexuality or abortion are protected under the constitution. When the constitution was drafted, it would have been unthinkable to question the parent's rights to raise their children, including educating them, and so were not specifically drafted into the statutes. But times have changed. Oh, how they have changed.

Current thinking in the US Supreme Court on individual rights guaranteed by the constitution is very narrow. If a right is spelled out in the language of the constitution, then it is, more or less guaranteed. If the right is not spelled out, then any such right would have to stand on the history of precedence and would be subject to interpretation. Parental rights, as such, are not spelled out in the constitution, hence do not enjoy an inalienable status. Parental rights are afforded no more protection under the constitution than say, private property, or abortion. In the same way as the Wade vs Roe decision is subject to the whims of the sitting judges, so are parental rights subject to interpretation.

I mention this because, as you probably know by now, the Socialistic determination to bring the world under one rule -"the Ring that rules them all", is pitting the right of the parents to decide what is proper and good for your child, against the right of the state to make those determinations. If the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) becomes ratified here in the US, the reprisals will be swift and ruthless. Posing as the defenders of the child's rights, the state can do pretty much anything it wants with your children (and to you, for that matter - should you be found in violation of your child's rights), including enforced schooling mandated by the state (in the larger sense). The treaty will become part of the "highest law of the land", an enforceable and binding law, such is the way treaties are granted force by the constitution here in the USA. It would, believe it or not, trump even the US Constitution.

If that happens, the Globalists will have won: checkmate. Think for a moment, if you will, what that would mean in terms of trying to raise a family. The state can and will, step in at any time to intervene in the child's rights; guaranteed by the convention and the constitution, there will be nothing you can do to stop them, no court to plead your case. The effect would be devastating. If that happens, then America will be no more.

Our children are being prepared right now, today, for such a take-over. Where is the outcry? Nowhere, except a few cries in the wilderness. If Hillary or her ilk come to power, you can rest assured she will make ratification of the UNCRC a priority of her administration. Think about it. For more information, click on any UN image on this page. Or here.

The UN is not our friend.

From the Home School Legal Defense Association:

There is no group in America as well situated, as well trained, or as strongly committed to parental liberty as homeschoolers. And we have allies. We need to raise the banner, create a plan for victory, and secure our place in history as the generation that placed the God-given right of parents into the category of expressly protected rights in the U.S. Constitution.

This may take a number of years. But we cannot wait until it is too late to start. Members of Congress will tell us that they are not ready to respond to protect parental rights until the threat is more advanced. We must not believe them. The issue of homosexual marriage is well advanced and they still do nothing.

Parental rights will be an urgent matter in Washington not when the UN Convention agents are at your door, but when sufficient Americans are at the doors of Congress, demanding protection now.

The time to fight is now. HSLDA is drafting a constitutional amendment and circulating it to friendly lawyers and organizations for review and comment. Once the text is done, we will find sponsors in the House and Senate. Achieving sponsorship, passage, and ratification will take an unbelievable effort from all of us and all of our allies. But we must not rest until the amendment becomes law.

Incidently, the current crisis involving the socialist take-over is why I no longer blog on such subjects as Islamic jihad, red/blue politics, etc. It's not because I have lost interest, but because I feel if we lose this battle over the right to school our children as we see fit, or if parental rights are further undermined, or if we don't defeat the fascist - collectivist oligarchy, then the rest won't matter. Just my opinion.


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