Monday, June 18, 2007

Education's Dirty Little Secret

We live in a seemingly rudder-less world today in which it is hard to come to grips with the realities facing us. For many, it is just such a world which needs dismantling, the old power structures brought down in order for a new beginning, a new set of players to come to power. Disillusioned by their own lives, and having no core within on which they can rely, the call for a new world order seems likely to fill the void. Such a change holds an empty promise of a better life.

But such ideas did not come out of thin air. They didn't just suddenly happen. The idea of failure itself has been carefully crafted, nourished and given life by a segment of society which is indifferent to human suffering or happiness - at least others' happiness - in order to promulgate disorder. It is just such people who work to their own ends in the midst of chaos who are working to bring America to her knees. Why do they do this? Greed for money and power. These people recognize no national sovereignties, no borders, who are wealthy beyond our dreams. It's a bit like Cortez explaining to Montezuma when he said: "We suffer a disease in the heart only gold can cure ." It was ever thus. Only the players change.

Finding out how they do their mischief is like unraveling a skein of yarn. It's a long story, going back in time, which has been playing out throughout the world. And it is perhaps better to ask how, rather than why. The journey of No Apology's blog has been my way of discovering the methods in which we are being led to confusion; it has been a discovery, too, of men and women who are not fooled by political maneuvering and power grabs of the elite. As individuals, we can do little to check the rich and powerful in their quest for world dominance. But what we can do, we should do because we share a common humanity, and we are responsible for one another. I am not suggesting that we band together and ride into battle. On a small scale we can look out for each other. If we see something amiss in our schools, our towns and neighborhoods, don't look away, don't ignore the problem. Look into it, speak about it, listen to what others have to say. Get involved.

I began these few paragraphs as a lead-in to something which I find disturbing, having to do with the notion of dominance of one sex over another. I understand it is difficult to distinguish reality from imaginings, but when it comes to the education of our children, we have to really look and see what effect the educational policies are having on our young. The ones behind the scene will use anything and anyone to achieve their ends. Tearing down individuality and replacing it with a fearful need to be the same as everybody else is one of their goals. Making our children afraid of being wrong, afraid of being criticized will further their ends. So they start with the boys, using the girls as an excuse to tear them down.

Lest we lose sight of the war on men being waged by feminist judges, educators, authors of books, administrators - and their accompanying coterie of male sycophants, read these:

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h/t to Dumb Ox Daily News for the reminder to be vigilant...