Monday, June 11, 2007

Homosexuals Brainwashing Our Children In Elementary Schools

Are you curious how the "gay rights" movement has become so pervasive in recent years? Here's two short videos which show how they've done it. It was a policy decision made at the very top of the food chain in public education, and it is an agenda systematically carried out in schools right across America.

I came across this site called Mass Resistance a couple of months ago. On the site are two videos (part 1 and part 2) which involve young school children being "taught" by indoctrination, not only that gayness is ok, but that they should feel sorry that gays might be mistreated. I think they are sequential - not sure. When I watched the videos, one 9-minutes and the other just short of 7-minutes, I had such a knot in my stomach, watching these young - second and third graders- children being led by their teachers into deceitful scenarios involving the supposed injustice being perpetrated on gays. The views and situations are presented in such a way as to elicit compassion and a sense of empathy with gays. It's an old brain-washing technique.

I can tell you one thing: it got my blood boiling to watch children being subjected to such blatant emotional manipulation. It is all part of the goal of destroying any vestige of family values, and they are doing it openly now so that Americans will not even question it, when they are led to the slaughterhouse of global village. If you think Marx's Socialism is dead, think again.

These videos were done ten years ago, but have been used over and over by the brain-washers. The actual video is called "it's Elementary", a disgusting double entendre. I can take almost anything, except when evil plays with children's minds in such a cold, calculating fashion. It makes me want to hurt someone. So I have to step back, and take in the fact that - this is the way it is. This is the situation, as they say.

The schools are hopeless, sucking at the teat of federal and state funds, and don't want change, are not interested in what you or I have to say. The minds of the administrators are trapped within the ideology of cultural humanism, and only a cataclysmic shock from outside the system will effect a change. This kind of indoctrination is endemic throughout the public school systems right across America, and it is being stepped-up, as the human behavior programmers hone their skills. The intent is to produce a collectivism attitude, in which students will not even think of protesting, or standing out from the "herd".

It's funny, in a way, but I was trained in learning theory and behavior modification techniques, and involving children, as well as animals. At the time (late 60's) it was not apparent where these behavior modification programs were headed. I just happened to be good at it, and ran several graduate studies, even as an undergraduate. I was considered a "savant" in the psych department at the time. I wasn't a savant- I was just more driven to succeed than anyone else. I cut my teeth on Pavlov, Skinner, Watson, Thorndyke, and Piaget, among others.

Then one day I said: this isn't fun anymore, and I walked away from it all - moved to NYC, began driving a cab and never looked back. It was a good move. I don't normally like to talk about myself like this, but these videos have me unnerved. I knew if I couldn't watch them again, I would never be able to put them up on No Apology's blog. But it gets me riled-up, realizing I could have become a part of this evil. So close. Getting angry was the only way I could offer them to you. The videos provide information about the enemy's goals and techniques, something about which I have specific knowledge.

I tried to find a way to embed them in the blog, but all trace of the script has been scrubbed from the internet. They were available for a time on YouTube, but it's been taken down by the Women's Educational Media. The entire video is about one hour, and is available for $45 on their site.

But the two-part shortened version is available on the site:

Watch it for for the information it contains. We need to be informed about the direction our country has taken. I have to warn you though, you cannot watch these two videos and be unaffected.