Sunday, May 20, 2007

Betrayal of Our Children

The world is a dangerous and treacherous place for children. Assuming you are one of the"lucky ones", and not among the millions of babies who don't get a pass through the birth canal, but are instead, poisoned or yanked half-way out of the womb, only to have their brains sucked out by a vacuum cleaner, and discarded, perhaps saving the good bits to sell at fair market price - but assuming you are one of the lucky ones who have a chance, slim though it may be, to get to use the body God has given you, things can still go horribly wrong.

Children die in the millions every year from disease and poverty - indifference and neglect. Others never get the nurturing necessary to survive in an unforgiving world. And if you're born female, the odds go down even further. Untold thousands of little girls are often forced into slavery, or prostitution, often even before menarche. Boys are sometimes forced to go to war which they in no way understand - still they are forced to carry an AK-47, and are expected to use it. And they come away bearing the scars of battle. The Islamists teach their children to hate, which leaves another kind of scar.

But don't blame God for this injustice. God suffers in agony at each blow, each hurtful word, each indignity and pain these little ones are forced to endure. It is Man who has chosen to turn his back on the helpless. It is Man who has lost his compassion, and it is Man who will be called into full account for his shameful treatment of God's children.

Not all wars show the scars of battles. Some wars are fought using children as pawns of expediency, such as the current war by the Hegelian/Gramscian/Leftist political ideologues, who are putting John Dewey's ideas of relative moral-ism into the classroom and curricula of our children's schools. Dewey's ideas on Pragmatism have evolved over the past 50 years into a new religion, called the Church of Secular Humanism. This war is now being waged in the classrooms all across America. It is a war in which the children are the ultimate losers, because the goal is to render them incapable of rational, reasoned thought.

Why do this? The reason is simple. The Leftists are replacing "old" patriotic ideas with "new" ideas receptive to a world government. And they are doing it in the classroom. They have come to believe that this will bring about world peace. I'm not making this up. This war is being waged with the full participation of our government, through the administrative agencies and in cooperation with the National Education Association. The Bilderbergers are chortling with glee at the way Americans are simply lying down and taking this. It has been a carefully orchestrated betrayal of America.

I believe if more American parents understood the ramifications and travesty of post-modern "progressivism" in education, there would be blood flowing in the streets. For those of us who haven't been brainwashed by the Hegelian/Gramscian/NEA Leftists (a redundancy I can live with), we had better take this matter to heart. It is, the old cliché goes, serious as cancer. Your children's future and America's future as well, hangs in the balance.

It is no longer sufficient to just home school your own children. If you can home school, that's wonderful. But for the majority of parents, that's not feasible or even advisable. It is the majority of parents and children who are prey to the secular humanists goal: to render the young incapable of reasoned thought. And they have no idea of the stakes of this war.

It is right and the duty of the ones who do know, to tell the others.

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