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From Schoolhouse to Courthouse: Exposing America's New Terror From Within

First, the Good News:

Colleges Seeking Homeschoolers

By staff reports -Citizen Link
from the Illinois Family Institute

Academic excellence is opening doors.

With an estimated 2 million homeschoolers in the U.S., news reports say some colleges are seeking them out because of their academic excellence.

Barmak Nassirian, deputy director with the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, said it has taken about a decade for home-schoolers and colleges to get to know each other better.

"I think admissions folks have gained a new respect for home-schooling," he said. "On the other side I think the home-schooling community has grasped the process a lot better."

Chris Klicka, senior counsel and director of state and international relations for the Home School Legal Defense Association, said homeschoolers have proven themselves and that's what's leading schools to look for them.

"Several of the universities over the last few years have done surveys of their student body," he said, "and have found that the home-school graduates in their student body have a higher grade-point average."

In years past, many homeschoolers had a bumpy time getting through the admissions process because, among other things, they didn't have state-accredited diplomas or a class ranking. But Klicka said the colleges that opened their doors have been pleasantly surprised.

"Homeschoolers are very self-disciplined and they have mastered the tools of learning - reading, writing and arithmetic," he said, "so they can apply themselves virtually in any subject."

But the WAR AIN'T OVER - yeah, I know it's a drag to read all this...but if you don't, who will? Forewarned is Forearmed! What a demonic mess...

From Schoolhouse to Courthouse: Exposing America's New Terror From Within

Chapter 3: The National Education Association

by Carl Sterling Parnell, Ed.D.
Posted: 07/28/2006

The National Education Association is an extremely powerful political union established in 1857. It has become more involved with monetary and political issues than with the theory and practice of education. The NEA is considered by many to be the dreaded enemy of education and traditional family values. In 1918, it adopted its Seven Cardinal Principles. These principles are the foundation of the humanist curriculum stressed in their agenda advocating humanist ethical values to replace those of traditional religion. This new Progressive, social revolution supported by the NEA would have to be achieved through the indoctrination of the younger generation. Of course, this is evident in our public school systems today. In fact, many people see the NEA as an out of control, secretive body. To them, the NEA conspires "to keep our children uneducated and subject to an evermore centralized, socialistic national government which will eventually be absorbed by a global, one-world system." However, many educators see the National Education Association as the only source to rid America of all its educational woes. To them, it is the epitome of excellence in transforming our schools into educational marvels. But, each person will have to be his/her own judge and make his/her own decision about the legitimacy of the NEA.

The formulation of NEA ideology and goals began around 1890. It was during this pre-Progressive Era that Communists from Western Europe began their attack on the American education system. Camouflaged as Progressives, these Marxist/Communist followers attempted to convince Judeo-Christian believers that they were on their side. Their main objective was to encourage our Federal Government to take over the administration of education in America. The underlying motive for controlling the educational systems in America was to ultimately destroy capitalism, religion, the American culture, and create a world dominated by socialism. Our nation has been indoctrinated for several generations with leftist, liberal philosophies and the ideologies of the NEA. Our public schools have graduated many students that do not meet minimum academic goals. As a result, the literacy rate of our nation has decreased drastically. Also, atheistic humanism has replaced Christianity as the guiding force in our schools and our nation. Therefore, the agenda of the National Education Association apparently has been successful.

In the NEA's formulation process, it developed a very close relationship with many other Marxist groups. Their radical agenda evolved from the tenets of the Humanist Manifesto, the Bible of atheistic Humanism. Also, many well-known humanists have supported and promoted the ideals of the National Education Association. They have made many disturbing comments about America's education systems. In 1929, John Dewey, the Father of modern American Education, was made a lifetime member of the NEA. However, since he was a known humanist, this was extremely depressing to many Christians in our nation. Then, to make it worst, Mr. Dewey was given the title of honorary president in 1949. Why would Americans accept the glorification of an ungodly, humanistic educator? But, they did! He has been recognized in many textbooks used in most high schools and colleges. His educational tenets are viewed as the basis for America's public schools. Some of his main beliefs are:

1. "Man evolved by chance-evolution.

2. Man created god-there's no supreme being.

3. Man is his own authority.

4. There are no absolutes.

5. All men should be exposed to diverse 'realistic viewpoints-including profanity, immorality and perversion.

6. Any form of sexual expression is acceptable.

7. Government ownership or control of the entire country.

8. Global Citizenship replaces self-determination and nationalism.

9. No existence beyond the grave."

Thus, John Dewey's educational goals did play a role in the evolution of America's educational system. According to William Kilpatrick, a disciple of John Dewey, the new education ideology that Dewey proposed would involve "the newer psychology which starts with life as the pursuit of ends or purpose." Mr. Kilpatrick also summed up the progressive philosophy of education. He said, "Let us not think…in terms of specific facts and skills, but rather in terms of growing, that present activities shall lead on fruitfully to further, finer, and better activities." Hence, America's educational dominance that existed before 1929 has dwindled to a drop in the bucket compared to many other nations. Therefore, it is obvious why America's public schools are in an educational, moral, and spiritual mess. We have failed to see the tell, tale signs that our nation and public schools are being infiltrated with socialistic and humanistic tenets of so-called great educators. God, please open our eyes!

It is amazing how bold humanist and other NEA supporters have been concerning their beliefs about education in America. Benjamin Bloom, the Father of utcome-based Education, stated, "A large part of what we call 'good teaching' is the teacher'sability to attain affective objectives through challenging the students' fixed beliefs…A child is not truly using his higher order thinking skills until he no longer believes in absolutes of right and wrong." Dr. Paul Brandwin, a psychologist, said, "Any child who believes in God is mentally ill." Dr. Chester Pierce, a Professor of Education at Harvard University, stated in 1972, "Every child in America entering school at the age of five is insane because he comes to school with certain allegiances toward our founding fathers, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity…It's up to you teachers to make all of these sick children well by creating the international children of the future." John Dunphy wrote, "The battle for humankinds future must be waged and won in the public school classroom…between the rotting corpse of Christianity…and the new faith of humanism. Humanism will emerge triumphant." Paul Blanshard stated, "I think the most important factor moving us toward a secular society has been the educational factor. Our schools may not teach Johnny to read properly, but the fact that Johnny is in school until he is sixteen tends to lead toward the elimination of religious superstition." G. Richard Bozarth said, "We must ask how we can kill the God of Christianity. We need only insure that our schools teach only secular knowledge. If we could achieve this, God would indeed be shortly due for a funeral service." Dr. Sidney Simon wrote, "We do not need any more preaching about right or wrong. The old 'thou shall nots' simply are not relevant. Values clarification is a method for teachers to change the values of children without getting caught." Ultimately, William Z. Foster stressed the true goal of the NEA and the American Soviet government. He stated, "Among the elementary measures the American Soviet government will adopt to further the cultural revolution are…a National Department of Education…the studies will be revolutionized, being cleansed of religious, patriotic, and other features of the bourgeois (capitalist) ideology. The students will be taught the basis of Marxian dialectical materialism, internationalism and the general ethics of the new Socialist society." Therefore, based on these cited references, the National Education Association and its operatives, local educators, state departments of education and the Federal Government, are apparently teaching dialectical materialism (no right, no wrong, no God) to our students. Watch out, America! Concerned citizens must begin a united effort to fight back against the NEA and its diabolical plot to spread socialism throughout our great democratic nation through the impressionable minds of our children.

If concerned citizens are to fight against the tyranny of the National Education Association, they must gain more insight into what the goals of the NEA are. Their documented goals are:

1. "Destroy capitalism (freedom).

2. Promote dialectical materialism.

3. Eliminate God from all thinking and loyalty.

4. Eliminate loyalty to family.

5. Create social chaos to destroy traditional American society.

6. Indoctrinate children with humanist agenda for world socialist government.

7. Assure children cannot read reason or learn history.

8. Change society in preparation for a socialist world government-global governance.

9. Increase union membership and political power.

10. Increase political Democratic Party dependence on NEA.

11. Stop school vouchers.

12. Regulate private, home schooling, and charter schools.

13. Destroy the political right."

As is evident, the "E" in the National Education Association's abbreviation does not truly mean "education." Instead, it should actually represent the word "extreme." The NEA should be considered to be a leftist, extremist organization. Each year at their summer convention the NEA proposes many resolutions that demand unbelievable requests for Americans to accept. The National Education Association is very hostile toward parents who choose to play their children in private schools or home schools. It is very vehement toward "deleterious programs," such as privatization of schools, tax credits, and vouchers. The NEA is very intolerant toward groups and people who are against one of its main objectives-the promotion of a gay-lesbian sexual orientation. This is the reason it wants diversity-based curricula to be used in many classes, such as sex education, Family-life education, and AIDS education. However, the NEA supports another new program that is even scarier than the diversity issue. Now it wants to include programs in public schools for children from birth to age eight. Basically, the NEA wants our children in public schools in order to instill the gay-lesbian tendencies into our children's minds. Also, it would give the NEA longer to brainwash our children. What a horrendous disaster this would be. Imagine having your new-born child in public schools being watched and taught by socialists, communists, humanists, New Agers and/or teachers with deviate sexual behavior. What would your child be leaning in his/her formative years? How would you react to government-mandated directives to bring your new-born child to an ungodly learning environment? God forbid that this new program gets approved!

Also, the National Education Association stresses another issue that would be detrimental to our children. It believes that "every child should have direct and confidential access to comprehensive health, social, and psychological programs, services, and care." However, the meanings of the words in this resolution are used differently than what most parents would assume. "Every" refers to the pre-kindergarten level. "Direct" refers to the classroom setting. "Confidential" refers to the relationship between the school and the student. Of course, the parents are left out again. "Comprehensive" refers to non-judgmental teaching and strict training in alternate lifestyles. Finally, "psychological" refers to the counseling that students get at school by unlicensed psychologists without their parents consent. In relation to parents' rights, the NEA has established a resolution on "privileged communications." It reads, "Communications between certificated personnel and students must be legally privileged. It urges its affiliates to aid in seeking legislation that provides that provides this privilege and protects both educators and students." Obviously, the NEA is totally wrong in its effort to prevent parental intervention in the affairs of their children in the public schools. It has many of the tendencies of Nazism in Germany during World War II or communism in the former Soviet Union. A parent, along with any group that supports capitalism, fundamental Christianity, and conservatism, is considered an enemy to the NEA. Basically, these are the groups that constantly fight against the psychological warfare that is occurring in our public schools. However, fortunately many schools have not bowed down to the atheistic idols of the NEA.

Parents should also become familiar with the affiliations and other associations that the NEA belongs to each year. Most of the money used to support these other organizations comes from members who know nothing about the NEA's clandestine activities. Some of these organizations are: Planned Parenthood, American Humanist Association, and the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Caucus. Needless to say, these organizations are not conservative. In fact, they are extremely liberal, anti-Christian, and anti-God. It is very disheartening to many teachers who are forced to become a member of the NEA. Their dues are being used contrary to their beliefs. But, they have absolutely no control over how their money is spent. Therefore, parents should not consider all teachers to be enemies of their children just because they are members of the NEA.

The NEA is noted for its use of spin manipulation tactics and the concealment of its true agenda. One of the more important social issues that created an out roar from parents was the promotion of diversity in public schools. According to Phyllis Schlafly, the NEA's definition of "diversity" includes "sexual orientation" along with the recognition of many other diverse groups. Of course, the main diverse groups that it recognizes are gays, lesbians, bisexual, and transgender people. The NEA encourages the acceptance and respect for these deviate groups. It demands an end to the stereotyping based on sexual orientation. It wants textbooks to positively reflect the role of these diverse groups in our society. The NEA wants members of these groups to be represented on the faculty of all schools. Picture this scenario! Every school in America has at least one homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender teacher on its faculty. How well would you sleep each night? How would you feel about the safety of your children?

Would diversity teaching actually have a negative affect on your children? A good example of teaching diversity occurred in Santa Rosa (CA) High School in April 2001. It involved 82 speakers from different diverse groups. Most of the speakers were from leftist, radical, Marxist groups. Fourteen of the speakers spoke in favor of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender lifestyle. They claimed that these lifestyles were genetic and were healthy and normal. Eleven speakers promoted leftist, radical ideology. They supported Communist Cuba and suggested that America become like Cuba whose government controls all aspects of society. Five classes dealt with police bashing. They wanted the ACLU to monitor all police activities. Also, students were given handouts that warned, "Never trust the police." One extremely disgusting class promoted the idea of a "hate-free" America. "One presenter portrayed a person who expresses hatred as a believer in a 'book' which she reads every morning, especially on Sunday, and which supposedly gives her the right to hate and to put down others." Of course, it was reasonable to assume that everyone knew which "book" he was describing. The Christians that were in attendance believed they were being discriminated against and being accused of prejudice. Why wasn't the ACLU there to protect their rights? Probably, it is because the ACLU is a one-sided, anti-Christian, liberal organization.

What kind of issues does the National Education Association actually oppose? Some of the more prominent ones are: home schooling, school choice, and parental supervision of sex education. The NEA does not believe that home schooling can provide a comprehensive education for the students. It also believes that home schooling should be a family affair only. Of course, the parents should cover all the costs incurred. The NEA wants all instructors to be state certified and use state-approved curriculum. Basically, these requirements would maintain NEA control over education since all parents would not be state certified nor would they want to use state-approved curriculum. School choice is opposed by the NEA, too. It does not want public money used to support private schools. The NEA believes that school choice would take needed monies from the public school systems. Also, it believes that school choice would segregate students by racially, economically, and socially. In reality, school choice would take power and money away from the NEA's coffer. Finally, the National Education Association does not want parents involved with the teaching of sex education in public schools. It would prevent the NEA from promoting its immoral agenda to its fullest. Most parents would accept the teaching of abstinence, family planning, and parenting skills. However, these same parents might not accept the teaching of birth control, diversity of culture, diversity of sexual orientation, and homophobia to their children. Therefore, parents should verify the components of their local sex education curriculum. Do not permit outsiders to teach your children about sexual matters unless you know what is being taught.

As our nation's largest labor union with approximately 3 million members, the NEA has evolved into an extremely powerful, political force. This is the reason why the NEA has promoted outrageous programs. It has gained the political clout and money needed to presuppose the wishes of the parents. In fact, our own Federal Government has given the NEA much financial support. As cited earlier, the National Education Association has been a prominent backer of the Democratic Party. The major members of the hierarchy have been Marxist professors and members of the Communist Party of the United States. Yes, Marxism and Communism have been key elements in the evolution of the organization. But, seemingly the leaders of our government and educational establishments have not been bothered by their agenda. If they did, the National Education Association would not have been given all the political clout that it has. As stated by Terry Herndon, the NEA Executive Director in 1973, "The NEA's ultimate goal is to tap the legal, political and economic powers of the U.S. Congress. We want leaders and staff with sufficient clout that they may roam the halls of Congress and collect votes to re-order the priorities of the United States of America." Also, another important reason for getting much political power was to gain the collaboration of our court systems. The NEA's purpose was to gain complete control of our children. Of course, many of the proactive courts of our land have united with them. According to Federal District Judge Melinda Harmon in 1996, "Parents give up their rights when they drop their kids off at public school." As columnist Paul Harvey said many times in his career, "Now you know the rest of the story!" The NEA and its allies have targeted our children. This "New Terror" has far surpassed the physical terror that our nation faces at home and abroad. In 2004, Rod Paige, U.S. Secretary of Education, called the NEA a terrorist organization. Since the U.S. Secretary of Education recognizes the political and social upheaval that is being caused by the National Education Association, then it is past time for the rest of America to come to the defense of our public schools.

What should parents do to combat the gigantic efforts of the NEA to control public education and their children's minds? Parents must get involved in local school district decision-making. Despite the power and money of the NEA, it cannot match the grass roots effort of local conservative leaders. The educators themselves realize that they cannot succeed in the implementation of school reforms without parent involvement, too. Parents must come to grips with the fact that local schools may not have their children's best interest at heart. On the other hand, parents must realize that all teachers are not the supporters of the NEA. Basically, it is mandatory that teachers become a member of the National Education Association union. But, many members do not agree with the NEA's ideology and political agenda. According to Hans Zeiger, the NEA gives teachers a bad name. The one billion dollars that teachers pay in dues is used to support the activities of an organization that endorses resolutions and recognizes programs that most teachers detest. In 2004, the NEA bestowed its prestigious Creative Leadership in Human Rights Award to the co-founder of the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network. Mr. Zeiger also states that the NEA is doing everything within its power to remove professionalism from those that teach our children. Ultimately, parents must become knowledgeable about the national political trends that affect their children and the schools they attend. All parents who home school their children must become aware of the efforts to eliminate home schooling and private schools in our nation. Naturally, home schooling and private schools would usurp much of the NEA's power, influence, and money. Therefore, parents must remember that they hold the keys to their children's educational success. They must do whatever is necessary to insure that their children receive the best possible, godly education.

Despite the many objections of parents, the National Education Association continues to purport their Marxist and Communist ideology. The Federal Government and many state departments of education continue to support the NEA, also. But, parents and religious institutions still have great influence in our nation, too. If we all band together and focus on the agenda of the true enemy of America and its educational systems, the NEA and other humanistic organizations, then we can be victorious in our efforts to provide a safe, academically sound educational program for our children. But, if we do not defend our land and our children now, our way of life in America will be much different in the future. Who will control our government? How will our educational institutions be operated? What role will the National Education Association play in the total picture? [all emphasis added]

Dr. Carl Sterling Parnell retired from public school teaching in 1999 from Lamar County School System in Barnesville, Georgia. He has taught history and other social science courses for over thirty years at the middle school, high school, and college level. He also was lead teacher and Principal of the On-Campus School at Georgia Baptist Children’s Home in Meansville, Georgia. Presently, he is teaching at Griffin Christian High School in Griffin, Georgia.

Dr. Parnell served in the United States Army from 1968–1971 and served in the United States Air Force Reserves from 1983–1986. He was chosen Lamar County Middle School Teacher of the Year in l991 and was included in the 1993 and 1994 edition of Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers.

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