Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Canadians On Top of the SPP

It seems that our Canadian neighbors have a leg up on us regarding news reports of the SPP/ NAU.

There are organizations in the US, such as Judicial Watch, and the Environmental Conservation Organization, the Stop the SPP Organization, and the John Birch Society who are bringing it to the public's attention. Individuals such as Jerome Corsi, Lou Dobbs, and Ron Paul of Texas, are watching, recording and reporting on the progress of the SPP and the NAU as it insinuates itself into the fabric of our government and business agreements. And certainly, there are bloggers who are on top of the doings of the SPP. But where is the outrage the American Press is so good at mustering when it wants to. Where are our Congressmen's call for oversight?

No outrage. Instead, there is a "deafening silence"
when it comes to our main-stream media, a silence so total that one can only conclude that they are either completely in the pockets of the radical leftists, such as George Sorros (very likely), or they have reason to fear if they turn their investigative reporters loose on this conspiracy. Perhaps a combination of both. Whatever the case, the NYT, the Washington Post, the LA Times are sitting with their thumbs up their proverbial arses, silently allowing the American public be bamboozled. MSNBC is running a story on Goldman, Sachs & Co today, who is buying up America's infrastructure and roads, faster that you can say, "Pay the Toll, A-hole". See, they know all about monopoly money, do the folks at Goldman, Sachs. Even when some aspect of the Public/Private Partnerships are reported, there is a conspicuous lack of attempt to tie the story in to the wholesale auction of America. Even the World Net Daily and the Washington Times are unusually mum on this topic. WTF?

Nor do I see signs of a thaw in the networks. Maybe someone other than CNN's Lou Dobbs is howling about this. Not having access to a TV, I don't know, maybe there is this really great exposé taking place on one of the TV networks. But if there is, I haven't gotten wind of it yet.

Levels of Outrage in the US Congress are usually reserved for important things though, like Clinton getting a blow job in the Oval Office, or a gay man hitting on pages, or whatever they're called. Or Pelosi's super-sized airplane, things like that. Well yeah, there is the 'get out of Bagdad' musical staged for our benefit. I guess the Democrats forget they backed President Bush 100% on the 'Sturm Und Drang" Bagdad thing. Whatever.

I kept hearing for a long while,"even Congressmen have never heard of the SPP". Well, they know about it now. Where's the outrage? Why aren't they hauling these guys up before Congressional investigative review? Not happening. Why not?
Many questions tonight, few answers.

Which brings me back to the Canadians. They are outraged over the SPP
at the governmental level in Canada though, and it is being reported by the Canadian Press. Perhaps it is because they are quicker to realize that their precious resources can be signed away at the stroke of a pen, and they ain't happy about it. But they at least are going after disclosure on this travesty.

This is one of the more recent examples of Canadian Press reporting on their government's response to being sucked into Washington's maw

h/t Immigration Watchdog

Committee of MPs to study secret 'Three Amigos' scheme

Chris Cobb, The Ottawa Citizen
Published: Thursday, April 26, 2007

An all-party House of Commons committee will give the secretive North American Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) its first public airing beginning today. Then-prime minister Paul Martin, U.S. President George W. Bush and former Mexican president Vicente Fox launched the SPP, known as the Three Amigos agreement, two years ago in Waco, Texas.

Since then, critics say the agreement has been hijacked by big corporations meeting in secret with government officials with the joint intent of fast-tracking the deeper integration of the Canadian, U.S. and Mexican economies.

NDP international trade critic Peter Julian, who has been pushing for the public hearings, wants them to lead to a debate in the House of Commons.

"We must have a full and accountable public debate and expose the entire agenda around the SPP," Mr. Julian said. "What is being discussed is nothing less than the future of this country."

The secret tripartite meetings held among government officials and big business representatives are already having an impact on Canadian public policy, added Mr. Julian.

"There is a drive to bring forward legislation that essentially puts us at the same level as U.S. regulation," he said. "And generally that's much lower. One example is the changing of flight attendant ratios on Canadian flights, which leaves fewer flight attendants to evacuate passengers in the event of an accident or a fire."

Other potential changes involve regulations on food safety, bulk water exports and a continental energy pact, which, Mr. Julian said, would all negatively affect Canadians.

"These issues all have a tremendous impact on Canadians," he said, "and once it becomes a public debate, Canadians will be deeply concerned. That's why a lot of this has been taking place behind closed doors. It shows a basic mistrust of democracy and democratic debate."

The televised hearings will be held today, May 1 and 3.

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