Monday, April 16, 2007

Hoisting the Black Flag

This is a rant. You've been warned. Lol.

I'm getting old in body, but not in mind, in spirit.

The system being laid out by our government and the corporate elites will without doubt strip us Americans of our liberties and rights guaranteed by the US Constitution. Without a doubt. How long before criticism of that system will be considered "unpatriotic", and voices begin to get shut down? People imprisoned. The "anti"-laws are being passed right now.

The forces of darkness are slowly enfolding us, as our voices cry out, trying desperately to salvage some semblance of sanity in the education of our young, the protection of our borders against illegal immigrants, and the preservation of free speech. I fear it will not be long before we are silenced altogether. When I look around America, I see the seeds of apathy and Balkanization taking root, and I fear for our young ones. I see change coming, and it spells loss of liberty for "security".The "Night of The Long Knives" was the culmination of Hitler's grip on power, and it happened because the German people could not see through Hitler's manipulations. But Hitler didn't act alone. He had plenty of help: Krupp, JP Morgan, Rothschild, The Bank of England. The whole thing was a set-up, even from WW l on until the present time. But wasn't that Nationalism? Yes, but the global elites wanted the world to see, to believe that there is no hope in nationalism. So they financed Hitler, just so they could bring him down. And thus was born the League of Nations. How's that for Monopoly, kids? That is what the global elites are in the process of eliminating: getting rid of national borders, here in North America, and in Europe. It's being achieved through economic reforms and trade agreements.

Yeah, it's a freight train, alright.

The New World Order is a work in progress. First we'll have global entities, four or five. North America, Eurabia, Far East, Africa, and whatever else is laying around will get drawn, like a magnet into the global economies. South America will eventually fall into line - hell, they all like Socialism, anyway. Then they will gradually fold into one another, like a big, melted Socialist marshmallow.

This is happening because they control the money. It could yet be stopped, by dissolving the Federal Reserve Bank, and printing US money, backed by silver or gold. Now there's a "big idea".

Carroll Quigley was probably right - this insanity will continue until it simply blows up, or falls apart. On our side of the Atlantic, allegiance will simply be to a greater entity, called the NAU. New flags, money, new government., new ID chips (implanted). A government which will control our lives like never before. Hey - let's call it, "Brave New World".

Now I am of a mind like HL Menken: I am tempted to spit on my hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.

Bush, like Clinton before him, has sold us out. Impeachment is too good for President George W. Bush - he should be tarred and feathered, and run out of the country. I say this only because we could get our hands on him. It's do-able, as they say. But it won't stop with Bush, who is after all, a mental lightweight. But we are to blame as well. His father told us what they had in mind, but we were a little slow to realize just what he meant, when he said:

"It's a big idea: a new world order, where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind - peace and security, freedom, and the rule of law."

[ a brief aside...George Herbert Bush practiced that speech. If you go back and listen to it, you will hear that on the word 'cause', his voice dropped a fifth of an octave, 'in common cause'. Why is that significant? It's an old preacher's trick. See, the preacher will holler and shout for a while, then drone along for long while, but when you hear that fifth of an octave drop in his voice, you have hope again, hope that you'll ever get away from the sound of his voice. He knows this, and uses it to release himself from the burden of the sermon. He knows he's got his audience, and he can afford to let them go. Until next Sunday. Of course, the kids listen intently for this drop in his voice, because they know sweet freedom is close, so close...]

But this "new world order" won't have boundaries, per se. Nor will it have allegiances to anything but the power of money, and ultimately, power itself. So think about it when you put your little ones to bed tonight, send them off to government subsidized public schools, let the American Psychiatric Association dose your child with amphetamines, and Ritalin, or perhaps Prozac. So go ahead, vote "Republican" or "Democrat" in the next election.

It's a giant fraud, friends, the hoax of the Millenia.

The sad part of it is: my freedom has already been stolen. I don't want to be researching, writing about this American Tragedy. I want to retire to the Arizona desert. I wish someone would knock on my door, and say: "Look, it's ok. We got this. It's gonna be alright now - we understand, and we are going to rise up as free people and throw off the mantle being placed around our necks." But I just don't see that happening. Not in my time.

I recently wrote a comment to Jennifer on my own blog, so I'll just quote myself. It kind of sums up why I do what I do.

"As a small child, I grew up in New Orleans. My memories of that time were completely free of fear of any kind. Time did not exist. I could, and did, go anywhere my legs could carry me. It was during WW ll, American planes passing overhead in formation were a constant sight. Times were lean, but children could go out into the world without fear, and discover the beauty of the earth. Memories free of fear should be the birthright of every child born. Those memories have become my reason for taking on the forces of darkness. I want a world in which all children are free, nurtured and protected. "

What I do have are memories of living in America as a small boy in the 40's and 50's. Memories that are rich in the sights and smells of freedom in America.

One memory is of an old man going from house-to-house, selling ice from the local ice house - a memory of him letting me ride in the back of the wagon, eating sweet ice chips, and smelling the huge dappled Clydesdale horse, as he walked with dignity along the road. I have a ton of those memories, and they are a source of strength for me, as well as my faith in God. And faith in God's goodness. I think a lot of folks in America share these memories.

I hope our children and grand-children will be able to say the same.

End of rant...