Friday, April 20, 2007

Farewell to America As We Know It

The United States Government is an out of control, run amock, behemoth. Fact is, we have no "US Government" any more. It has died a death of 1000 cuts.

Our present government is not salvageable. It has gotten too powerful, too independent of voter oversight, and in the end, will only offer itself up to the chopping block of World Government. There is simply no way to reign it in by a process of representative government. Republican, Democrat - makes no difference. None whatever. And I suspect if a man of strong independent political fiber were to somehow were to get into the presidency, he would be eliminated. Paranoia? Maybe, but they took out John F. Kennedy, when it became obvious that he did not support the "shadow government"

The position of the Presidency is too powerful to allow a man of moral fiber to prevail. Chances are, though, in 2008 they will get someone elected they can dominate, like the Bushites, or Clintonites.

Meanwhile, The American public sits around in a daze, while the power brokers have their way with us. President Bush is a straw man, a puppet, under the sway of the globalists. Bush is currently depleting our public treasury. Ask youself why? Why, instead of helping his own people with the billions and billions of dollars, he is pissing it away in Iraq, softening the region (he hopes) in order for American Imperialism to become the dominant force in the Middle East, under the pretext of establishing democracy in Iraq. You gotta be kidding me. These people are crazy. They love killing each other. Democracy? Un uh. I don't know what's going to happen in Iraq, probably no one does. But I do know he's got us looking one way, while he slips the SPP, then the NAU under the radar.

He pounds the Media with his constant harping on the theme of "protecting America from Terrorists". That is utter bullshit. He's working us into a corner, so that he can hand over the reins to the global tyrants, currently embodied in the United Nations. But the handover of power won't stop there. The UN is also currently an out of control collection of crooks, degenerates, and tyrants in their own right. So the globalists will also have to destroy the power structure within the UN, emerging as a tighter, more efficient oligarchy.
This is a process to be carried out by a new paradigm of Public Private Partnerships,or PPP's, under the meme of "sustainable development". The SPP is one example of this process, carried out without the knowledge or will of "the governed" - you and me.

What they are selling is the idea that we need a stronger international governmental partnership to survive in a dangerous world. Hell, we're the country who poses the most danger to the world.

I'm not buying. How about you? I may be off here and there, but I trust my gut instincts, and they tell me we're being taken for a ride. All they need from us is our bodies. Bleep that.

So, what can we do? Fight. It's all we can do. But the rules of engagement must change, and radically. We must take the concept of Civil Disobedience to a new level. Folks, hang onto your guns. We may need them. I don't have a lot of time left in this world, and I will not pussy-foot around the elephant in the room any longer. In order to preserve the concepts embodied in the US Constitution, we need to see what they said when our government no longer works for us, the sovereigns of the land.

I wish I could be in Washingtion, DC this week. There will be civil disobedience by the truckers, who also see which way the wind is blowing, and they intend to do something about it.

According to the Save America Fund Website Fed-up American trucker's will hold a truckers "Truck Out" blockade rally on April 23rd, 24th, and 25th to protest President Bush signing a bill that will allow Mexican truckers to enter the country. They are angry because these foreign workers won't be subject to the same laws and regulations as American truckers. It should be quite a sight to see a parade of trucks slowly rolling around the Capital.

At the same time there will be a protest by FAIR, Federation For Immigration Reform:
Here's what they say on their website:

There’s an old expression that if you want to get politicians to see the light, make them feel the heat. That’s just what FAIR and dozens of radio talk show hosts from around the country are planning in April.

FAIR’s annual Hold Their Feet to the Fire rally in Washington DC will be held April 22nd to the 25th.

Teaming up once again with popular San Diego talk show host Roger Hedgecock, FAIR and other advocates of true comprehensive immigration reform are gearing up for this year’s events where the stakes are even higher

FAIR is urging all its members, and any others interested in True Comprehensive Immigration Reform to join this national grassroots effort in Washington and counter the expected push for amnesty from groups supporting open borders and illegal alien special interests.

What the truckers are planning, is to drive real slow all around the Capitol, but also around other cities as well, to force the media to pay attention. I love it.