Saturday, April 07, 2007

Feminist Dupes

Today I was researching the SPP, hoping to get a Canadian's perspective, as they are being just as unwittingly sucked into the black hole of Fascist/Socialist New World Order conspirators, as US citizens are, and I came across this Canadian Blog. I think you will find this interesting and informative...Nancy Levant has also written a book called, The Cultural Devastation of American Women- The Strange and Frightening Decline of The American Female (and Her Dreadful Timing)

Elliot Lake News & Views

April 3, 2007

Feminist Dupes
Fact Vs Fiction

By Nancy Levant

"I received a note from a “feminist” who was quite disturbed with my opinions about “feminism.” Her arguments were dialectically predictable as she simply regurgitated the pat lines of the movement, but for the benefit of young women who grow up amidst the dialectic, I will respond with clarity."

"The one-world government scenario is dialectically based upon economics, environment, and equity – known as the Three E’s. The Three E’s involve global control of the common man’s labor and money, “sustainable” nature, and forcing all commoners into financial sameness. These same intentions are also documented in the U.N. Agenda 21 game plan for our “sustainable” environmental future."

"The feminist movement was crafted by the one-world political initiative and invented to create and sustain global depopulation goals. That is and remains the primary mission of the feminist movement."

"Women’s “rights” are disallowed definition by culture, religion, personal opinion, or any other social definition minus the feminist movement. In today’s world, we have no choices as women, whatsoever, but to agree to the think tank morality written and coded by this global movement. The feminist movement is no different than the global environmental movement, the global healthcare movement, the global education movement, or the global economy movement. All are social re-engineering tactics used to forward the take-over of all world governments, economies, and cultures, and to force all commoners into the custom-made livelihoods and service of corporate-based governors. According to this government, we have no choices but to accept them all."

"The “governors” are the world’s wealthiest industrialists and bankers. Their one-world government hands all power and control of people, land, water, food, human health, children and education, employment, militaries, and economic potential directly to themselves and their personal fortunes. Over and over and over again, when you tie corporate wealth and power to governing agencies, you have Fascism. However, the long-term goal of a one-world government has always been to bring Communism to fruition on a global scale. So, today, we see a hybrid Fascist-Communist system by Three E design, and it is bitterly obvious in every nation on the planet. Almost all global economies are crashing by design, and particularly America’s economy. Note that America’s elite pulled their investments out of the U.S. years ago."

"The feminist piece of the global puzzle deals specifically with depopulation through women’s “healthcare,” big pharma, and the “mental health” industrial complex. Women’s rights are now defined by the right to abort, the right to be drafted, and the right to take drugs that will render women and children incapable of bearing children. And just as many women worldwide earned the right to own property….that right has now fallen to other plans, which state that no “individual” may own private property."

"Also, one must note that the industrial and banking powers that be are mostly men – the men whose dynastic families created their one-world government of choice. And these same men also created the feminist movement in order to curb the tendencies of commoners to breed and out-number them billions to one. The feminist movement is based upon political lies and the control of reproduction. “Sustainable” nature is also based upon enforcing a remarkable decline in birth rates. I assure you this enforcement will not fall upon the world’s elite."

"Equally, and thanks to the help of the feminist movement, “mental health” has taken center stage in the lives of women and children in the United States. It is estimated that 25 million American women are now taking “anti-depressants.” In the 1980’s and 1990’s, it became chic to seek “therapy.” Women ran in droves to see “therapists” and to tell their social circles they were taking anti-depressants. The mental health complex has now arrived in every American school, and they are now arriving in America’s daycare centers. The main impetus for the mental health “advocates” is to screen and profile America’s families to see if they are religious, procreating, and if they are mainstreaming into new government citizens. All children who fall short are then redirected to the mental health industries, which then feed the big pharma complex, which 1) drugs children, and 2) determines who will be “fit” to reproduce in the future. Let us also wonder if the mass drugging of children – and new vaccines specifically targeted to pubescent female children – will not result in future “problems” with reproductive health."

"In today’s new world, women are also “checked” for mental health issues during and following pregnancy. In a nutshell of truth, women are profiled for the number of pregnancies, the health of pregnancies and babies, and genetically data based. This we are to call "liberation."

"Today’s “liberated” women are still raising children - many of which are raising children alone – and they are working one or two jobs to make end’s meet. Today’s “liberated” women are obsessed with weight, beauty, divorce, money, spending money, and careers to make money. They are far less concerned with their children, who are now raised in state-controlled (government) daycare centers, federally controlled (government) public schools, and state controlled (government) universities. In other words, the government is raising our children in ways that the government sees fit – the government of the world’s industrialists and world bankers. Your children are being raised by and into the new world order, while you are working to support the new world order rather than your children. Truth hurts, doesn’t it? Take a pill. You will feel much better – or, perhaps, nothing much at all."

"Let me give the women of the West a clue – “liberation” means that you are free – free to think as you choose and free to create your life according to your efforts and your beliefs. I suggest to you that the “liberation” you have achieved through the misguidance of the feminist movement is false. I suggest that Westernized women are often miserable, overworked, and suffering due to separation from their children. Think of it this way – the feminist movement actually believed they could change the fundamental meaning and purpose of womanhood, biological and instinctual gendering, and that they could culturally remove children from mothers, and call it “liberation.” You are equally liberated to destroy any children that you don’t want. Wow. I guess that means that you have a great deal of power. Congratulations. It is far greater to be a drugged laborer than a mother. Let us thank the feminist movement for making this clear to us dim-witted females."

"If you are a woman in today’s new world, I suggest you read The Cultural Devastation of American Women. None of us have come unscathed through this new world culture, for it has been working on us for many, many decades. Once read, you will begin to decipher the facts from all the dialectic fiction. Read the other side for a change. Find out why you are, in fact, depressed and unhappy as contemporary women. Find out why your children are very much the same."

"And to the world’s feminists – I say this: You are the dumbest women who have ever walked the face of the Earth. Week by week, day by day, you are losing every right you thought you invented. You fell hook, line, and sinker into the dialectic, and you are nothing but dictator pawns to the larger mission of total control over people and freedom. What a shame when arrogance literally beats brains useless. What a crime and a shame when you brutally victimize the very people you claim to represent – much like all other destroyers of human freedom. The day will come when you and your brothers in crime will be fully understood for your true missions. The day will come when YOU finally comprehend what you actually stood for – the total denial of rights and freedom for all."