Monday, April 02, 2007

Did You Ever Wonder?

Today I am posting an article by a homeschooler Mom named Jennifer from McBenning School Blog. In fact, I will be posting her articles from time to time. If you read yesterday's comments on the German girl's plight you will understand why. Those who read my website know I am passionate on a number of subjects. Education of the young (from L. educere, to lead forth) is one subject we must all get involved in.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Did You Ever Wonder?

Did you ever wonder how hard it would be to untrain a person in something that they were taught since they were 5? Think about it, if you taught that blue is yellow, it would be extremely difficult to convince you later on the correction. You would always think yellow for the sky. Then you would correct yourself.

Suppose you taught children that Jews are pigs. Not in name calling but in actual reasoning. Then what? How does the world treat pigs? (think Islam) Results are exactly what you would expect.

Suppose we taught that a theory was a fact. For example, suppose we taught that the earth was flat. Totally a theory, yet as a controlling person teaching the children, I was able to teach this. What would the children believe? Of course, that it was flat. Now I know that this example can be disproved through many means. But several hundred years ago the earth was flat as far as the world was concerned.

Suppose you taught children that they evolved from apes. Suppose you taught them that you have to trust the teacher on evolution because we have no proof. It requires millions of years for evolution. Suppose you not only taught a theory as fact, but you would not teach any other theories. What would your results be? Check out kids today, swearing, brutalizing others, killing bums for fun, teenage sex, preteen sex, sex with teachers, cheating on everything, total lack of respect for adults...and I could go one disagrees with these observations because we all have seen it.

When my children were small, I would buy the candy bag with the mini-candy bars of all types. Now I have never liked dark chocolate so I gave the kids the dark chocolate. Do you know what is amazing? They actually prefer the dark over the light. I almost feel guilty for manipulating them into eating something I do not like. But this taught me how very easy it is to manipulate anyone.

Now suppose you live in a culture that is completely dominated by the media. Suppose that for nearly 60 years the media has been treated with such reverence that it has become a self inflated god. Now you understand our country. The left has controlled the media so much that even lying has not been beneath them. Rathergate ring a bell? Reporting failures in Vietnam when we were actually doing well. The Fauxtography scandal (actually winning prizes for fake photos). What else has the media distorted? Probably much more than we wish to find out. Thankfully now we have the Internet, which permits us to go directly to the source to find the truth, no matter what.

But what do we do to remove the undo reverence towards the media? Educate our children. In the public schools our children are indoctrinated. Just look at how many schools are teaching/embracing Islam studies and will not permit anything Christian. So homeschooling now comes into play. The way to teach your children how to ascertain the truth is by teaching them how to look.

The left controls the media and sets the tone for the public schools. To manipulate someone you need absolute control, in curriculum, in political thought, and in the media. Now if you want to fix this situation you need to remove your children. Schools are unfixable and a new system must be created.

For those who think that their influence can undo the negative, good luck. The school has your children for 6 hours a day plus transporting them. Then the kids are in bed 7-10 hours per day. They watch TV/play game systems/ play computers for an additional 4 hours, and then they participate in after school activities for an additional 2 hours,so good luck with your 2-5 hours that you have with your child. I certainly hope you don't work so at least you can interact with the kids.

Remember if we allow someone else to educate our children we better be absolutely sure of what is being taught.