Friday, December 01, 2006

Iowa and the Muslim American Society

What's doin' in Iowa?
Well, this: From the
Militant Muslim Monitor

Iowa becomes Umma: Politicians welcome radical Islamists - as Ibrahim Dremali wages da'wa Jihad from the Islamic Center of Des Moines

November 6, 2006

MIM: Iowa Muslims are waging political, and demographic Jihad aimed at transforming Iowa into the first state in the United States of Allah. Last year Governor Tom Vilsack (a presidential hopeful), was praised for his dhimmitude by radical Islamist Ibrahim Dremali , Imam of the Islamic Center of Des Moines, when he proclaimed 'Muslim Recognition Day' and Des Moines Mayor Cownie followed suit, making Iowa's transformation to the Umma official. For their part Muslims could not contain their glee at the blissful submission displayed by public officials and saw their public acknowledgement of Islam and regarded it as the first step before conversion. Al Qawadawi 's prediction is coming to fruition in Iowa. A case in point is the recent formation of a Ceder Rapids branch of the Muslim American Society, a group whose plans for America are in it's name. The group made their announcement at a library and the Mayor, Kay Halloran, welcomed the Al Qaeda linked group with open arms:

"I want everyone to know how happy I am this organization has chosen Cedar Rapids as its home," she said during the ceremony. "We are honored and delighted to have you with us."

For their part the MAS director made it clear that Iowa was on the fast track to becoming part of the Umma and the first state in their goal of a Muslim American Society:

Reported on the Muslim American Society website:

It's a perfect time to introduce the Muslim American Society to the state of Iowa," said Cedar Rapids resident Mohamad Elmasry, executive director and director of media relations for the new chapter. "We hope that our comprehensive services will be assets to Iowa's Muslim community and the Iowa community at large."

How nice. I know the muslims must be chortling in their beards to see such spontaneous dhimmitude (see:Beginner's Guide To Islam) right in the heartland of America. I've been seeing references to MAS in Iowa, and I expect to see a response to this invasive tumor forth-coming.
If you haven't visited the MAS website lately, it's worth a look.