Sunday, December 10, 2006

Because They Hate

Brigitte Gabriel is a couragous woman. This video was
taken at a speech at If you've not seen it, perhaps you should forego one TV re-run, and watch this. I just watched it, and though there was nothing on the video that I didn't already know, it has its own power, which comes through her.

Born in Lebanon of Christian parents, she witnessed the relentless onslaught into Lebanon by the Islamists of Syria, the PLO, Iran, and Saudi petro-dollars. By Hamas, by Hezbollah. And she is an American now, speaking out, telling us in America, "You better wake up". And she's right. Another thing she said was... The "moderate muslims" have claimed that the extremists have hijacked their peaceful religion of Islam. She asks: "Well, where are they and why aren't they speaking out?"

Have YOU seen any peaceful, moderate muslims out protesting that the rabid wahhabi imams have come in and taken over their mosques? Have you seen any moderate muslims out protesting the rioting and killing of a nun in Somalia over the Pope's almost casual reference to the violence of Islam. Have you seen any concerted effort on the part of moderate muslims to confront the violent extremists? Because all over America, the wahhabi extremists are taking over the mosques, right in the heartland of the good, old USA. And they are preaching to the muslim youth of these so-called moderate muslims, death to America, death to America. CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, puts on its concerned, patient face and is suing anybody who looks at a muslim the wrong way.

The ACLU, as usual, has their back. CAIR, with the blessing of Democrat (naturally) Keith Ellison, wants to make it a hate crime to even speak out against Islam. If you say you are a moderate Muslim who believes that the extremists have hijacked your peaceful religion of Islam, PROVE IT. Otherwise, shut up, and let us deal with the problem. Germany was full of good citizens who didn't necessarily believe Jews should be treated so shabbily, and you know, exterminated en masse. Lot of good it did the Jews. We are at war.

Brigitte Gabriel also founded the American Congress for Truth website . And she recently wrote a book, Because They Hate, (A survivor of Islamic Hate Warns America). (see picture)

I spend much of my days working for the 910 Group Forum. If you have an interest in joining the fight against a muslim take-over of our schools, our government, our country - this would be be a good time to get involved. We need all kinds of people, with a whole range of skills needed. Also check out our new blog, The 910 Group Blog.

The staff is swamped with people wanting to get in (really), so be patient - they will get to you, but security - yours and ours - is tight. No strip-searches, but they will vet you. The wait is worth it, because we have a very dedicated staff, some professionals, some like myself not professional, but nevertheless have a fire in the belly. I look forward to seeing you on the forum. My forum name is: no.apology.