Monday, December 11, 2006

Cair is Hamas Shill

In light of the recent incident in Katy, Texas, and the airport incident in Minneapolis, I'm am running this story in full (for pictures of convicted CAIR founder, go to CAIR is nothing but a HAMAS front, whose terrorists are known throughout the world. HAMAS, whose goal is establishing sahri'a law in the US, has organizations in over 40 states. It's time to send them packing.


Founder Of Texas CAIR - Ghassan Elashi's Sentencing Proves Group's Terror Ties

December 5, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - -
Flush with millions of dollars of Saudi funding and emboldened by the election of their candidate, Minneapolis Wahhabist Muslim convert Keith Ellison to Congress, the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR] has been moving ever more aggressively to wage cultural jihad against American society.

CAIR's goal?

Nothing less than the replacement of the U.S. Constitution with sharia - Islamic law.


Manipulation of events [often creating them out of whole cloth, expressly for that purpose] employing a generally accommodative media to establish the impression that Islamophobia is pervasive in America, thus justifying the organization's existence as a group uniquely qualified to deal with such "discrimination."
CAIR then brings to bear its not inconsiderable legal assault team to brow-beat and intimidate private citizens, civic institutions as well as governmental entities into adopting a "speak, see or hear no evil," attitude to the organization's radical Muslim agenda at the risk of being labeled anti-Muslim bigots.
This is a clever and effective policy in present day America [itself a battlefield in its own distinct but related internal culture war pitting progressive secularism against traditional values] where critical thinking skills have been over-run by an intellectually deficient, kumbaya form of multiculturalism, where submission to the supporters of terror [dhimmitude] is deemed preferable to being labeled Muslim haters.
Under this template CAIR has become the defacto spokesman for North American Islam.
This has happened despite the tremendous discontinuity between CAIR's make-nice public pronouncements and the malevolence that lurks at its heart.

While it was almost completely ignored by the media the October 13 sentencing of Ghassan Elashi on 21 charges of terrorism, should represent a huge crack in CAIR's public persona, if only for the simple reason that Elashi was the founder of the Texas Chapter of CAIR, though his ties to terror go far beyond that.

Ghassan Elashi's 6 year sentence is the least of his legal worries right now because he is scheduled to go on trial, along with seven co-defendants again on July 16, 2007 before U.S. Chief District Judge A. Joe Fish [Texas] in a much more serious terror case, that of U.S. v. Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development.

The Holy Land case is of great importance in that Ghassan Elashi is being charged with engaging in a conspiracy in which the now defunct [shut down by the Treasury Department's anti-terror funding investigation, "Operation Greenquest"] faux charity he created, the Holy Land Foundation was allegedly being used to fund Palestinian terrorism.

The Infocom prosecution is instructive as a case-book study in terror incorporated.

Infocom was a Texas based company, established in 1992 which engaged in the selling of computer systems, networking, telecommunications and internet services primarily to customers in the Middle East.

The company specialized in providing web hosting services to Islamist organizations such al-Jazeera but had a very large radical Muslim clientele here in the United States which included the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR], the Islamic Society of North America [ISNA], the Islamic Association for Palestine [IAP] and the American Muslim Society [AMS].

The company was owned and operated by Ghassan Elashi [VP Marketing] and his four brothers - Bayan - CEO, Basman - logistics manager, Hazim - manager of personal computer systems and Ishan [aka "Sammy"] - systems consultant.

The Elashi brothers and many members of their immediate family were named in the indictment that centered on them selling restricted products to federally designated terrorist entities as well as individual terrorists, specifically Mousa Abu Marzook.

Marzook is a high ranking director of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. He currently residing in Syria and his official title is Deputy Chief of Hamas' Political Bureau. Marzook is married to one of the Elashi brother's cousins, Nadia so the relationship between the Elashis and Hamas is far more than commercial, its familial.

Marzook was deported to Jordan from the United States in 1997 because of his terrorist ties. Israel had originally asked to have him deported for purposes of prosecution, but due to a combination of threats, subtle and not so subtle by Hamas it was decided that Jordan would be less problematic for all concerned.

Marzook is the key to understanding Elashi and by extension, CAIR.

In 1981 Marzook founded the Islamic Association for Palestine [IAP] in Texas. The purpose of the organization was to act as a public relations clearinghouse for Hamas. The IAP's corporate officers included Nihad Awad as President and Omar Ahmad as Press Attaché. The IAP also employed Ibrahim Hooper.

When it became obvious that IAP's mission had been compromised because of its close linkage to Hamas, CAIR entered the picture - a more media friendly kinder-gentler IAP, albeit with the same mission - so it is by no means coincidental that all three of IAP kingpins now hold equally important leadership roles in CAIR - actually to be precise, they are CAIR's founders - Nihad Awad is currently the Executive Director of CAIR, Omar Ahmad is Chairman of CAIR's Board of Directors and Ibrahim Hooper is CAIR's spokesman.CAIR was conceived as a shill for Hamas - even before it officially existed as a legal entity.

Noting the sinister ties CAIR has to Hamas, counter-terrorism expert Matthew Epstein testified before the Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism in 2003:

"Future CAIR leadership was present at the infamous "1993 Philadelphia meeting" which FBI documents describe as "a meeting in the United States among senior leaders of HAMAS, HLFRD [Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development] and IAP." According to FBI documents, the meeting was attended by future CAIR board chairman Omar Yahya Ahmed and future founding board member of the Texas CAIR chapter Ghassan Elashi."

Matthew Epstein/Investigative Project, testimony before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology, and Homeland Security, September 16, 2003.

The FBI thought this 1993 meeting was so important in understanding Hamas' ties to potential domestic terror that they wiretapped the event and provided the following analysis:

"The overall goal of the meeting was to develop a strategy to defeat the Israeli/Palestinian peace accord, and to continue and improve their [HAMAS] fund-raising and political activities in the United States...The participants decided that for fund-raising purposes, the United States theater was very valuable to them. They stated they could not afford to lose it. In the United States, they could raise funds, propagate their political goals, affect public opinion and influence decision-making of the U.S. Government.[emphasis added] It was mentioned that the United States provided them with a secure, legal base from which to operate. The democratic environment in the United States allowed them to perform activities that are extremely important to their cause. In discussing financial matters the participants stated a belief that continuation of the Holy War was inevitable.

It was decided that most or almost all of the funds collected in the future should be directed to enhance the Islamic Resistance Movement and to weaken the selfrule government. Holy War efforts should be supported by increasing spending on the injured, the prisoners and their families, and the martyrs and their families."

CAIR was created the following year and organized along the lines discussed during the Philadelphia meeting; establishing the organization as an agent of holy war - jihad - against America.

You have Hamas' Mousa Marzook, Infocom, the Holy Land Foundation and Texas CAIR's Ghassan Elashi and Omar Ahmed, Nihad Awad and Ibrahim Hooper all engaged in furthering the agenda of the Palestinian terror organization Hamas and working in close proximity -ideologically, corporately and physically - to each other.

This establishes a chain of associations that should have proved fatal to CAIR long ago, only the reluctance of the media stands in the way of CAIR crumbling under the weight of its history.

Ghassan Elashi is the fifth, though arguably the most high level CAIR official to run afoul of U.S. terror prosecution, others include:

Bassem Khafagi - former director of Community Relations for CAIR, plead guilty to bank and visa fraud and has been deported to Egypt. According to Fox News, "The FBI said Khafagi is a founding member of the Islamic Assembly of North America, a charity that purports to promote Islam...Federal investigators said the Islamic Assembly has funneled money to activities supporting terrorism and has published material advocating suicide attacks on the United States."

Randall Todd "Ismail" Royer - former communications & "civil rights" specialist for CAIR, according to AP "Royer...admitted helping members of the conspiracy join the militant Pakistani group Lashkar-e-Taiba in the days after the Sept. 11 attacks. He pleaded guilty to the use of a firearm in a crime of violence and aiding and abetting the carrying of an explosive during commission of a felony. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison."

Rabih Haddad - CAIR fundraiser, deported as a terror funder via his work for Global Relief Foundation an organization he helped found.

Siraj Wahhaj - CAIR advisory board member, named as an "unindicted co-conspirator" in the "Blind Sheik" Omar Abdel Rahman 1993 World Trade Center bomb plots by US Prosecutor Mary Jo White. Rahman is serving a life sentence.

CAIR continues to aggressively stoke the holy war/jihadist mentality outlined in the above noted 1993 Philadelphia terrorist strategy meeting. Towards that end they have befriended, campaigned for and raised a considerable war-chest for Congressman Keith Ellison, who is doing CAIR's bidding by insisting on taking the oath of office on the Quran and are pursuing a boycott and other nuissance legal action against McDonalds merely because of the restaurant's Jewish ownership.

CAIR is also party to innumerable "discrimination" lawsuits, the most public of which is the imam controversy with U.S. Air at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport.

Ringleader of the imams, Omar Shahin - who has serious ties to al-Qaeda - as noted in our December 1 piece Imam's Minneapolis Airport Stunt - Cultural Jihad was recently interviewed by Pacifica Radio's ultra-lefty Amy Goodman [this item forwarded to us by Beila Rabinowitz, Director of] during which he admitted that CAIR was covering the imam's hefty legal costs.

IMAM OMAR SHAHIN: "Actually, CAIR is taking care of our case legal-wise. So if they contact us through CAIR, I'm not aware of that. But CAIR, Mr. Nihad Awad, is taking care of this case."Left unchecked, CAIR is positioned to wreak tremendous damage. Given the current drift of legal thought, adoption of hate crime statutes similar to those which are sending alleged "islamophobes" to prison in Europe are not that far off.

Adoption of such and consequent damage to the First Amendment would be only the most visible evidence of the organization's not-so-clandestine holy war.

Countless police departments, governmental agencies, schools, courtrooms, private employers and even military institutions have been dragged into grab-your ankles positions of dhimmitude by CAIR's muliticultural thought police, in training sessions mostly sanctioned by ignorant do-gooders who have an abysmal lack of understanding of the group promoting these tactics or the threat that radical Islam represents.

CAIR has been guileful in adopting the motifs and themes of America's civil rights movement because they afford the organization plausibility in matters that bear no relationship to the indignities that American blacks suffered.

Defeating CAIR is not only desirable it is essential and doing so really comes down to demystifying it.

Until decision makers are made to realize the group's origins, philosophy, terror ties and the unbelievably obvious manipulation of process it employs - using foreign funded legal assault teams to take advantage of constitutionally guaranteed freedoms in an effort to ultimately destroy them - we are essentially defenseless against the group's continuing jihad.

When are we going to get it - these guys are evil. Why do we allow Democrats to pander to these monsters?
One thing I know, though it pains me to say it: On the matter of standing up to the Jihad, there will be no help from the politicians, none at all. They are in fact, the problem. Red or Blue, makes no difference. Jihad is a fact here in America. Folks, it is up to you and me to make a stand. I began when I started this blog. But it is not enough. We have to take the fight to the Islamists.

-No Apology