Wednesday, December 13, 2006

America Not Going Down The Toilet

Why does it seem like the X Gens just want to drag us down into the pit with them?
Someone recently said the Leftists have but one goal, and that is to not be envied. So they defer or deny their own values - a sacrifice or offering to the multicultural ghost who haunts us all: the so-called victims - and anyone bold enough to stand on high moral ground and point to the fact that there is moral degeneration dragging America down are laughed at, marginalized.

The so-called down-trodden minorities have bought this notion of victimhood, and have embraced the Racial Inequality Syndrome. Its roots are in the Civil Rights movement and now it's called Social Promotion, under various guises, from children being passed up through the school systems, without the burden of having to acquire skills to deal with the world; they were offered racial, quota-based hiring and college admissions guidelines, and they said "YES". Same thing in Housing, student loans, college financing. They are pretty much sold on the idea that it is the white man, descendents of slave owners (notwithstanding the fact that most of them have that same slave owners blood running in their veins) - who are responsible for their predicament, and thus owe reparations to them. Now, I'm not here to rag on blacks. The Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of America keep fanning that fire, under the banner of racial profiling. There are reasons enough for their predicament. I'm not one of them.

I was born and raised in the South, and if there were any plantation-owning despots where I came from (the Mississippi Delta) they lived in England, or someplace else. We were working people; my parents survived the Great Depression like everyone else of their time helping each other out, my Dad working when he could find work. My Mother always had her garden, and as kids, we helped her. It was fun. After serving in the US Army, I went to college (Ole Miss) on the Montgomery G.I. Bill, and by working in the work-study program. And my mother and sister helped me out when they could. I earned my degree. I sold my car in order to be able to pay the tuition my last semester. Didn't think twice about it. Was glad I had the old VW Bug to sell. I learned from my parents that if you want something, you must save for it, plan for it, work for it, sacrifice for it. These values were simply a part of the community where I grew up. You suit up, show up. We were a fairly typical family; some had more, some less. There was no welfare. Charity, yes. Welfare, no.

But meanwhile, the leftists- under Antonio Gramsci's fond gaze- have added to their list of aggrieved: feminists, gays, etc, and are now in the process of adding the latest victim to their rolls: the poor, religious Muslim. Remember, the Leftists are avoiding the position of being envied. They point the finger and shout: "Racist"- "Bigot"- "Muzzlers of the Muslims" - "homophobe". Puts the white guys on the defensive. The conservatives, who do want everyone to come up to a level of responsibility which ensures a peaceful, lawful community are painted as "elitists" - when it's actually the other way around: it's the elitists like George Soros who are trying to bring America down.

But the biggest difference in this latest victim is: they want to kill us, dominate us, take away our way of life. And the Leftist, Democrats can't wait to give away the store. Moderate, schmoderate, I don't want to hear how moderate you are, unless you are willing to stand on the line, and fight the wahhabi Islamists. The Islamists are liars, cheats, who have a world-vision in which there is no room for anyone else. To me, that sets them apart. I've studied, and continue to study CAIR's tactics. I also know that they are related to various terrorist organizations, like Hamas, and have been tried and convicted here in the US for those same ties to terrorist activities. And I've also got my eye on the ACLU, a communist-inspired organization of degenerate lawyers, who work ceaselessly to bring our nation to its knees.

I have blogged on this subject, emailed my friends on this very topic, and puzzled long over it. So, when I read this piece of information by Jack Wheeler, I was frankly relieved to hear what he has to say.

This is what Jack Wheeler at To The Point said recently. I will point you to the site, but unfortunately for me, it is a paid subscription site, so I glean what I can from the non-subscription part of his outstanding site.

Want to know why America's culture is not -- not -- going down the drain, why our cultural values are going to start getting BETTER and not WORSE? You must read this excerpt from "The Curse of the Xers" ... "Over the coming years, young Millennials (or Generation Y as some insist on calling them) will be pouring out of their teens and into their twenties to seize control of popular culture away from Xers. Say goodbye and good riddance to crotch-grabbing it's-cool-to-be-a-smartass sleaze. Say hello to music you can actually listen to (i.e., that's actually music), TV shows you can let your kids watch, and baseball caps worn normally. Trust me on this. American culture has not disintegrated, we're not going to keep heading down into a bottomless cultural barrel. We're in the bottom of a generational cycle that our country has gone through before and will again. Our nightmare of degeneracy will soon be coming to an end. Just remind yourself, though, before the next spectacle of Xer cynical ridicule drives you apoplectic, of all the Xers risking their lives right now in Iraq and Afghanistan so that we have the luxury and freedom to get mad at what's wrong with our culture. Some day years from now, one of them may need to become another Patton or Eisenhower, and we'll be quite thankful Xers are who they are."

So there you are. A man who believes this is just a generational thing, just as we saw generational differences when we took over from our parent's generation. Is he on to something? Or is it just too simplistic a notion? One wonders just what the "gen Y" will do. Too bad I won't be around to see it. But that's not for me to know.

In Washington DC it's just politics as usual. If this is just a Leftist thing, why did the Republic-ans stand by and let it happen?

The name of the game today is Western Values.
I just have to suit up, and show up.

-No Apology