Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hollywood Slumber Parties Are A Drag Now...Here's Why


Is Hollywood’s Hard Left Lost in Victory?

by John Scott Lewinski

Politically speaking, it’s quiet in Hollywood. Too quiet.

It’s not a foreboding kind of stillness like the sunrise on a battlefield before the ranks are formed. It’s not an anticipatory breed of shush as “jocund day stands tiptoe” before a big game or the opening of Christmas gifts.

It’s a boring silence — a befuddled, anti-climactic, sighing void that took hold of this town not long after Barack Obama stormed into the White House. With George W. Bush retired to Texas and the most enlightened leader in the history of bipedal evolution taking his place, all problems are fixed, all debates are over, and the supremacy of everything hippie is assured forever. What fun is that?

With Obama as supreme leader, there’s just nothing remaining for Hollywood’s hard left to complain about now. And, you get the feeling they miss the old days.

For a short while after Obama’s win, the self-righteous activist types had gay marriage to keep them occupied. They possessed a cause to keep them chanting and picketing. But, as such causes go, the Prop 8 hooting and hollering lacked a certain clarity.

First, libertarian-leaning types like this commentator also opposed Prop 8 — hoping to keep the government and courts out of marriage issues. And nothing makes a cause less satisfying for progressives than sharing the position with non-liberals.

Then, the Prop 8 protestors started clashing with minority groups — presenting a brand of crippling irony certain to drain all of the tingly, pretentious thrill out of stomping around with a sign and a chant. Just imagine it: You’re on the hard left and you reside in the international multimedia capital of everything warm, fuzzy and superior. Then you realize the minority groups you’re sworn to protect — but don’t want living anywhere near you (Right, Santa Monica and West Hollywood?) — oppose your cause of the month.

The coalition that keeps California in the hands of Democrats broke down as those two-timing minority groups voted against gay marriage in keeping with their cultural and religious views. Hollywood’s enlightened types must’ve been disgusted: You give those folks jobs as your pool cleaners and groundskeepers, and they don’t have the courtesy to obey and follow the progressive agenda.

So, Prop 8 goes off the boil, and Bush is still gone. All Hollywood’s most dedicated complainers have to show for it is some faded “I Voted!” stickers and a squadron of Prius(es) covered in “Endless This War!” bumper stickers. Perhaps you would argue that they have their savior in the command chair, but that same silence spoke of whispers of a little buyer’s remorse.

Taking the oldest trick out of the tyrant’s manual, Obama ran on “Hope” to seize power. Then once he had it, he changed the message to “Fear” to keep expectations low and the masses in line. Maybe that strategy was necessary, since between the unpaid taxes, failed cabinet appointments, the Blago scandal, raging debate over the “spend-u-lous” package and the continued decline of the markets, World War I had a more inspiring first 100 days.

Obama will decisively close Guantanamo (maybe — in a year or so). He’ll promptly get the troops out of Iraq (right around the time they were scheduled to leave anyway — except for the 50,000 he’ll keep there to train combat units). And, he’ll up the ante with more boots on the ground in Afghanistan. It’s enough to transform the Obama-forged screams of adulation to a collective sense of “hm.”

In the end, it’s becoming clear that Hollywood’s progressive crowd had more fun criticizing authority figures than owning authority. Maybe it just felt sexier to attack the old administration free of responsibility than to lead and face the consequences of failure. After all, what’s the point of being smarter, more sensitive and more sophisticated than those crude Republicans if you actually have to submit to performance standards?

And, just so we remember who's actually in charge, there's this:

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