Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Straight Eye for the Queer Guy


Gay Marriage By Any Means, Except Democracy

by John Romano

It was clear everyone at the Oscars got the memo: “No Obama, no Iraq, but gay, gay, gay, all day.” It’s depressing the Oscars must always have an agenda. What will it be next year?

The people of California exercised democracy twice over the gay marriage issue. Whether you agree or not, at this time, Californians do not want gay marriage, period. As for Proposition 8, I abstained, yet I deplore the tactics Leftists have used since the election. I put forth that gays should be allowed to marry, but it must be accomplished by democratic means.

Legalizing gay marriage will not turn a string of people gay. You either is or you isn’t. Why shouldn’t two committed people have the right to join up fully in the eyes of the state? I get all that. In addition, I’m pretty much for anything that fundamentalist Islam is against. And most of Islam hates gays, so let the cave dwellers add gay marriage to their list of reasons to hate us.

The gay lobby must come to realize that changing hearts is the only true path to equality, not employing fascist tactics and judge shopping. The left have overturned democracy in California before and are quite skilled at it. Another win might embolden them to a point where they no longer fight initiatives until after voted on. Why bother? It’s much easier to get a leftist judge to overturn democracy than it is to win in the marketplace of ideas.

Many think the fight over gay marriage is an attack on the church, and I tend to agree. In California, gay couples already have the same rights as married couples, but if gay marriage becomes legal a church’s tax exempt status could be threatened were they to refuse to marry a same-sex couple. If that comes to pass, I dare same-sex couples to insist on marriage in a mosque. Now that would take courage.

Is equality or “special status” the goal? For instance, if a gay man physically attacks me and calls me a “straight white douche bag,” he’s charged with assault. If I do the reverse, I’m charged with assault and a hate crime. Is that equality?

To channel a little Gary Cole as Mike Brady: ”Sometimes when you win you lose and that makes everyone a loser including you. So Jan, in order to win you must occasionally lose, this way everyone wins. And by losing you become a winner’s winner.”

Where is the gay Gandhi or Dr. King - someone to chill the gay lobby out and inspire the democratic process? 50% + 1 is all you need.