Monday, July 16, 2007

Illegal Immigrant Criminals in America

Now that the shamnesty bill is buried for good, I want to look at the problem of having allowed millions of illegal immigrants into America. I want the facts to speak for themselves. When I Googled illegal immigrant crime statistics, naturally VDARE popped-up first. VDARE has been at the forefront of reporting and analyzing what the impact of illegal immigration has had on America, and on the rule of law; and to the shame of our government, the consequences of ignoring the reality of how it is tearing our nation apart.

It is high time we exposed the tragedy of misplaced compassion.

Heather Mac Donald , who writes frequently on this political policy failure and social disaster, is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, a think tank in New York City. Mac Donald is an investigative reporter, and has been a contributor to City Journal since 1992. She is the co-author, with Victor Davis Hanson, and Steven Malanga, of the book, THE IMMIGRATION SOLUTION: A Better Plan Than Today's.

City Journal is one of my major resources.

Next I visited News With Views, where I found an article by Jim Kouri, entitled, ILLEGAL ALIENS LINKED TO RISE IN CRIME STATISTICS. Kouri comes with his own specialized background in law enforcement.

Moving along, I found this archived article by Donald Sensing at Winds of Change, Illegal Immigration and crime.

At the website Immigration's Human Cost, there are a number of stories about the victims of murderers, child-molesters, rapists, gang-related criminals, whom you might otherwise never hear about. This website is the only one I am not familiar with, but I include it because it does add a human element. These crimes happened to real people who were victimized by a mentality both brutal and sociopathic. All 100% preventable, as The Bald Chick at Freedom Folks would say.

It is too early to predict how Americans will ultimately deal with this issue. But early indications are that local law enforcement, supported by city councils and ordnances, are going to take the bull by the horns, and working with ICE, begin to send the message to illegals here in America: GO HOME! Law enforcement has always had their wings clipped by teary-eyed bureaucrats, who are afraid of LAWSUITS, and have generally prevented law enforcement from asking the resident status of criminals. Cities and towns have also protected and shielded illegals with so-called "sanctuary laws". We're still waiting for the judge in the Hazelton, Pa. case to get off his butt and make a ruling on the case brought against his little town by... the ACLU. Who else?

Now perhaps deportation can proceed across America. We did not ask for this travesty. We must find a way to beat the lawyers and politicians at their own game. It's always been about the numbers. The past and current catch-and-release policy of illegal immigrant criminals must stop. Incidentally, Juan Mann, a tireless advocate of sane immigrant policy, was one of the first to expose this insane practice at EOIR, the Executive Office of Immigration Review.

We are still a sovereign nation grounded in a legal framework, and in the end I believe Americans will demand that the laws be enforced. Only when this madness of allowing illegal immigrants unfettered access to America's bounty stops, will we be able to build upon rational immigrant solutions.

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