Saturday, July 21, 2007

Freedom in America


If I had to
characterize the one thing we, here in America, cherish the most in our own lives, it would be freedom. Now freedom means different things to different people. Economic freedom. Freedom of speech. Religious freedom. But those are just terms which further define the concept of personal freedom, which everyone seems to want. It draws people from other shores like a magnet, immigrants and terrorists alike.

But in our own lives, whatever our political views, we expect to live our lives free, without interference from outside forces, providing we have not broken any laws of the land. What does it mean to "break the law"? Generally taken, it means to act outside the law, or not in accordance with the law. But we know many people and groups who act outside the law, or not in accord with the law, and nothing happens to them. Why is that? Aren't we all supposed to be equal under the law, nobody exempt, nobody above the law? But we don't look too closely, as long as we can carry out our own lives. Maybe we should look closer.

When government itself allows the laws of the land to be disregarded, they have reneged on the social contract between the US Constitution and the first ten amendments, called the Bill of Rights, and the sovereign citizens of America. The reason enforcement of the laws of the land is being loosened, by a thorough dilution of the laws, is because the leaders, having opted for a socialistic government, actually encourage the flaunting of laws, so that we come to have contempt for the framers of the US Constitution. The federal judicial system has been actively diluting the concept of private ownership for decades. The term "In God we trust" is constantly attacked, both as a concept and as the foundation upon which our laws were derived.

In fact our whole concept of law enforcement is changing, is greatly influenced by special interest groups. Even in cases in which the law is clear, enforcement is another matter, not so clear. As our society becomes more complex, so does our concept of acceptable behavior, and what it means to act in accordance within the context of a social contract. Americans expect a lot from their country - some would say too much, because the more we demand of our government (and less of ourselves), the more money is needed to provide the benefits to an increasingly weaker citizenry by an increasingly stronger, more powerful federal government.

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."
- Ronald Reagan

There is a point at which the trade-off becomes dangerous to our freedom, and I believe, as do many, that we have crossed that line. Men in government, and the elite advisors to government, want us to feel we still have choices, while slowly tightening the noose around the concept of independence. To do this, they have loosened the concept of religion, family, gender, national borders, sovereignty, while tightening the concept of independence and education. They are loosening the identification with these core concepts, so that we begin to look outside these constructs for safety, to government for meaning. For example "family" is thoroughly attacked by so-called gender equality. The stench of mendacity is palpable.

A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor and bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government. - Thomas Jefferson

They understand that in order to accomplish their goals of a socialistic, one world government, the populace must not be able to use the critical skills of a well-rounded education. Education >L. educare which means "to nourish", also "to lead out". The concept of a sovereign nation is slowly being eroded in favor of a world government. The educational method they are using is called outcome-based education, or OBE in which student performance is objectively measured by a stringent testing process. The same process is continued on into university-certified teachers. It's no longer education, but narrow-scoped training in values and social concepts favorable to a world government.

The Nanny State is positioning itself to hand off like a football our sovereign freedom to the New World Order government. And they are patient, these socialists. The elite already live better than you or I ever will.They also understand it will take time, but this ruling elite is very, very patient because they have learned to clone themselves, and will pass on this goal, not through their genes, but rather through their ideology. It's lunacy at its best. And it will fail. But in the interim, it will make a lot of people poor, a few people rich, and everybody miserable.

They think they have understood Madam Blavatsky, but they are wrong. They think they understand universal mind, but they are wrong. And they believe they have secured for themselves a place of stature in the spiritual hierarchy, and they are wrong about that, too. Man, feed these guys a little theosophical treatise by Annie Besant, and suddenly they're all mavens. Mavens with a lot of everyone else's money. They will be quite surprised when they finally realize their error. It won't be the inner circle in which they find themselves, but outer darkness. But, hey we all make mistakes, right?

I first noticed this outcome-based methodology in the early sixties in behavioral psychology, peer-reviewed research. My take on it at the time was that it was a behaviorist reaction to previous attempts to explain mental/behavioral processes by vague terms such as "instinct", or "desire" - a reaction which led to attempts to cast out of the language, explanations which could not be in some way, quantified. It began the quest for predictive, correlational-based research designs, and BF Skinner provided the term "operant conditioning" as a platform to begin to build a base of psychological thinking which led away from subjective interpretation of human behavior. I will do a separate post on this later on. It explains a lot of the rationale to quantify, quantify, quantify measureable human performance, in order to be able to predict behavior. It is ultimately why I chose to walk away from psychological research. It was awfully boring, frankly, and if you wanted grant money, you had to play ball with academia. Your faculty advisor made sure you didn't stray outside the acceptable parameters. Ho hum.

And nearly fifty years later this outcome-based education is being foisted on our children, because it provided a way to narrow the scope of "education", to conform with the socialistic concept of freedom. The result? Academic freedom is squashed like a bug. History is what they say it is; social justice is what they say it is; the marshalling of our resources is what they say it should be. And because of the PC Police, self-censorship is endemic within the walls of academia. And the resulting "celebration of diversity" is one thing which is killing our nation.

Seeing the way
that education has become a training ground for relative humanist dogma is also why I have taken my eye off the Islamists for a moment. I wanted to be able to devote some time in looking into today's educational system, which has become a bastion for radical "progressive" ideology, and then spend some time writing about why is is a bad idea to hand over your children to a system designed to stunt your child's mind. Looking around at alternatives, homeschooling now seems to be one of the saner solutions. If you are a parent who cares about your child's education, then look for another solution. State-sponsored schools are very dangerous to your child's mental health. If we don't stop this destruction of proper formation of their little minds now, we are gonna be in a world of hurt.

From a report by warrior Phyllis Schlafly :

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the famous Russian author and former political prisoner in Soviet Gulags, said in a speech in the mid-1970s:

"Coexistence on this tightly knit earth should be viewed as an existence not only without wars . . . but also without [government] telling us how to live, what to say, what to think, what to know, and what not to know."

Unfortunately, that's what Outcome-Based Education is — a process for government telling our children how to live, what to say, what to think, what to know, and what not to know. What the children say, think and know must conform to the liberal Politically Correct ideology, attitudes and behaviour. What they do not know will be everything else. And because they won't know the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic, they won't be able to find out. OBE is converting the three R's to the three D's: Deliberately Dumbed Down.

Hillary Clinton is probably the best and, not necessarily the brightest, but the best trained in the ways to achieve socialized government. Can you say, "socialized medicine", or "socialized education"? She is a Bilderberger, and they have carefully positioned her to take the reins of government. Better watch out, she's meaner'n a cotton-mouth, and trickier than a rubber crutch.

And yet, we still take freedom for granted. We expect to wake up each morning and feel safe in our own home. We expect our families, our children to safely wake, refreshed, and as we go off to work, to school, to do whatever we choose to do - that we will not have to explain to anyone why we are going about our business. Even illegal aliens expect it, notwithstanding the fact that they have broken several laws of the land (America) in their quest for freedom. Many people in America, from politicians, business owners, and in a misguided show of compassion, a lot of other Americans are paving the way for their defiance. It fits in nicely with the abolishment of our borders, erasing our respect for the law. There's no short supply of 'useful idiots'. Well, what can we expect? These people went through the State-sponsored OBE system.

When I learned the new Pledge of Allegiance, we were very pointedly instructed that the phrase was to be said this way: "One nation under God", with no pause between 'One nation' and 'under God'. They made us practice it that way, until we could say it as one phrase, unbroken by any pause. Now, the recitation is almost always broken by a pause, and it does make a difference. Try saying it both ways. Go ahead, try it.

Now look at this picture of Michael Chertoff and say it... just kidding. But this is the man in charge of protecting us when we sleep at night? If I thought this owl man was ever near my neighborhood, I would have nightmares. I may anyway - I've already looked at it too long. Damn.

"Mr. Chertoff warned, 'you will continue to see heart-wrenching examples of families being pulled apart', as he enforces existing laws." Washington Times

As far as I'm concerned, these families which are being pulled apart, can join their deported parents back in Old Mexico (I kinda like that old dated term - it reminds me of when the Mexicans were in Mexico, and Texans were in Texas). Then they won't be apart anymore. See? That wasn't so hard, was it? So save your tear-jerkers Chertoff. Just do your job. What's that? You are doing your job? Dude, the Boy Scouts could do a better job securing our borders. Shut up.

These administration men and women are all hand-picked minions to advance the agenda of government by deceit, by multifarious ways of undermining the concept of sovereignty. Chertoff, Margaret Spelling in the Dept. of Education, Elaine Chao in the Dept of Labor, Sec of State, 'Condi' will work tirelessly to garner more power for the State, and they are just the tip of the iceberg. Administrations change, but nothing changes. That should tell us something about the way our government functions. Allegiance is no longer to America, but rather to one little self-interest group or other, a politician, or just to the dollar. Pork rules.

One thing is for sure: they are not listening to us, the American people.

Now, I could have done two things today. I could have listened to the ballgame, or I could write this rambling post in which I attempt to clarify my thoughts on freedom. I tried to listen to the game and write, but I can't. So it's this blog thing. Does it even matter? Yeah, I think it does. Even if one day I awaken to the sound of hob-nailed boots pounding on my porch, and I am forced to defend myself in other ways, I will not have lived in vain.

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