Saturday, July 14, 2007

American Workers Defrauded by H-1B Scheme

In this 5-min video Immigration attorneys from Cohen & Grigsby explain how they assist employers in running classified ads with the goal of NOT finding any qualified American workers. These slime-ball attorneys are using the H-1B non-immigrant technical visa program to defraud American workers, using several techniques designed to "prove" there are no available Americans for these technical positions. The video is a short compilation of the seminar actually published online by Cohen & Grigsby. They are quite specific in how they accomplish this fraudulent scheme.

Oh, those clever lawyers. It's so easy to get around the laws which state that an employer must show that there are no qualified Americans for positions they want to fill (with underpaid imports). The goal of the recruitment process is, "not to find any qualified American workers". The attorney on the video, Lawrence M. Lebowitz, explains, "It kinda sounds funny, but it's what we're trying to do here." Yep, it does sound kinda funny sneaky.

Thank The Programmer's Guild for the heads-up on this one. The intent to defraud could not be clearer. They think that they have cleverly side-stepped the law. We'll see about that.

UPDATE: I think the wheels maybe are about to come off Cohen & Grigsby's little scheme. The DOJ is obviously playing ball with them, as well. And Senator Chuck Grassley and Congressman Lamar Smith have written and demanded an explanation.

OK, that's as serious as I can get this weekend. I think. Anyway h/t to the Happy Carpenter Blog for this photo, entitled:


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