Saturday, January 06, 2007

Why Are Our Troops NOT ARMED?

Armed group forces Guard to flee post near Sasabe

By Brady McCombs
Arizona Daily Star
Tucson, Arizona

National Guard troops working at an observatory post near Sasabe were approached by a group of armed individuals late Wednesday night and forced to flee, said Border Patrol and National Guard officials Thursday. The event occurred about 11 p.m. Wednesday at one of the National Guard entrance identification team posts near Sasabe, said National Guard Sgt. Edward Balaban. The troops withdrew safely. No shots were fired and no one suffered injuries, he said.

But conflicting stories are coming out. Sounds to me like cover-your-ass politician's pap. They ran, because they are neither trained nor armed to fight automatic rifle-wielding drug thugs.

Matthew Benson
The Arizona Republic
Jan 5, 2007
"What are we paying our National Guard to do (along the border)? That is the question," said Don Goldwater , who led a failed campaign for governor last year on his promise to crack down on illegal immigration. "We're putting the National Guard down in harm's way along the border with no intention to allow them to protect themselves."

Goldwater is the nephew of former Arizona Senator and presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.
This is getting ridiculous...