Sunday, January 07, 2007

Clash of Cultures

America standing firm

It would appear that the Somali cab drivers in Minnesota won't get their way after all... Personally, I don't believe that Islam prohibits carrying passengers who have alcohol or passengers who are blind and have a dog.
Last year, the airports commission received a fatwa, or religious edict, from the Minnesota chapter of the Muslim American Society. The fatwa said Islam prohibits taxi drivers from carrying passengers with alcohol, "because it involves cooperating in sin."

Moot point anyway...if you want to operate a cab in Minnesota, better just serve the public, who pays your rent. Keep your little prejudice to yourselves.

I will be looking into the MAS just to see what's going on with them. Are they a help to American Muslims, or are they just a front for Islamists whose goal is Dhimmification of America? As a damn good introduction to the Muslim American Society's Freedom Foundation, go check out the Weekly Standard. Also, check out Daniel Pipes.

On the Texas front...

Mr. Baker has kept his word, and Pig Races started in Katy, Texas - right on schedule. Morale of this story: Don't mess with Texas.

Can Muslims integrate into American society? Are they even willing to integrate, accepting the laws of our Constitution? One certainly hopes so, but obvious clashes are becoming common.