Monday, January 01, 2007

Seven Uncomfortable Truths

1. There is only one political party in the United States of America. It exists only to draw power to itself. Appearances nothwithstanding, it is a behemoth run amok, intent only on feeding itself.

2. We are not in danger of finding ourselves ruled by a totalitarian state. We are already being ruled by one. Our rules of government are going from telling its citizens (us, you and me) what we may not do, to telling us what we may do. Big difference.

3. The power of that totalitarian state grows each time we defer our responsiblities to said state, the US Government. It grows daily in power and insulation from challenge. It is our fault, and we must assume responsiblity for correcting the way we govern ourselves.

4. Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism. It is an elitist ideology which seeks to dominate and control the world. Unlike communism, it was never put down. It took hold in our universities, and continues to flourish, unabated, corrupting our youth and our nation with its platform of multicultural hegemony.

5. Cultural Marxism will kill our great nation, unless we stand up for our classical Judeo-Christian traditions, which stress man's need to understand the moral order and conform himself to it. Allowed to continue to poison men's minds, it will be a slow, painful death.

6. The totalitarian ideological cult, called Islam, is fast encroaching on our western culture; is stepping in to fill the void left by the Cultural Marxists. By our inaction, by our tacit silence, we enabled this to happen. It is up to us to reverse the process. It will be painful.

7. We need to decide what freedoms we are not willing to give up, and fight like hell to defend them. We seldom can fight such ideology alone. We need to come together. This is a re-birth and it will be painful.

I'm sure any one of us could add a dozen more truths to this list, off the top of our heads. I invite anyone who reads this blog to add to the list, challenge the list, or suggest ways to rally and confront the enemies of our civilization. Or spit in my face. Ok, that was figuratively speaking.

Your choice.