Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Enemy Within

This is a somewhat long blog for me, and I apologize, but when I sit down to write, it comes out in one piece, and I can't stop it. If you go back and read my original 2 or 3 blogs, you will see that on the face of things, I am not a great tool for enlisting in a cultural revolution. I was set to retire in Arizona, buy me a donkey, and explore the desert. I made the mistake of looking too closely at America, and everything changed for me. Because the closer I looked, the angrier I got at what has been happening under my nose. Oh, I knew the educational system was basically disfunctional, but never looked at the causes. I could see that activist judges were trying to legislate from the bench. I'm not blind. But to understand how something works, or has become unworkable, one must look deeper. And I didn't want to do that, because I'm lazy. One thing I could see is that the MSM is not giving its readers the truth.

When my TV fell off the table, and the lines went ever whichaway, I took it as a sign, threw out the TV and began to look online, where I discovered bloggers like Baron Bodissey at the Gates of Vienna, and Sissy Willis><, and Fjordman, and David Horowitz, Nedd Kareiva at Stop the ACLUand Michelle Malkin, and the Freedom Folks...well the list goes on. Freedom fighters. That is what they are, and it's that energy that I've tapped into. By myself, I could do nothing. But if we all pitch in - America is in trouble, you know. Our educational systems, our colleges, primary, secondary and high schools are corrupt from within. The ideological hegemony of the multiculturalists is already deep-rooted in our universities. Look at what happened to Summers at Harvard. He backed down to Jesse Jackson, and he continued to back down to the PC police, until he was utterly defenseless, reduced to offering to appease the outraged Feminists, and was shown the door for his crime of expressing an opinion in a closed meeting. If we don't stand up for our democratic principles, our freedom will be taken from us.

If you don't believe me, take a look in the schools for yourself. And ask yourself the question: Is what I'm seeing what I really want for our children? As a nation, we can't read, do simple math, or write a sentence. But that's not he worst of it. We are setting ourselves up to be toppled by a totalitarian force so extreme, so hate-filled, that Nazi Germany will seem like a school play [I went back and re- read this, and didn't intend to downplay the horrors of that war -got carried away - sorry] And the bad part is - the Muslim jihadists are having the doors opened from within. Multiculturalists, Gramscians, cultural Marxists, secular progressives - by any name - all leftist parasites who left their host and set up shop here, a capitalist nation. They sit on the board of directors of our major universities, our charity foundations, and yes, certainly on the bench. The ACLU, CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Feminist Majority Foundation, to name just a few, are just symptoms. They are leeches, corrupting our youth, draining our resolve, plotting America's downfall. Sounds alarmist? Well, as I said, you have a look, then tell me I'm an alarmist.

But they are not the enemy. The enemy lies within us. Complacency, ignorance, sloth, selfishness. We are all so isolated within our little shells of existence, and we don't even realize it. The battle, as I see it is two-fold: resist the forces of evil, and support those who need our support. Simple. Join me, if you will. I hope to hear from you. To fight my own selfishness, I have to help another. To dissolve my own slothiness, I have to want to help. To combat my own ignorance, I just have to stop ignoring, and see what is in my sight. And then act on what I see. To sweep away complacency in myself, I have to see that our children need our support. What are they heirs to, if we give up? Hopelessness. Despair. A planet gone mad. If you want to see madness, take a look at Europe Eurabia. But it's never too late. As long as we are willing to fight.

So, now I have joined the ranks of citizens who will not allow America to be sacked and pillaged.

When I began my quest by looking into the strategies and goals (intent is the word that comes to mind) of the various philanthropic organizations a few weeks ago, what I found is both alarming and enlightening. Going back 100 years, all the way back to 1905, the Rockerfeller Foundation has had a goal of advancing the Marxist's covert vision of socialist revolution. In fact, the Rockerfellers themselves were a hard-core bunch of elitist, subversive anarchists, intent (there's that word again) on implementing the Gramscian methodologies in our institutions, social and educational.

The Ford Foundation I mentioned already is a perverse cancer, metastasizing in all directions, and needs to be stopped. So far as I can see, there has been no successful challenge to the Ford Foundation's dominance in the field of educational reform. They are marching (goose-stepping?) right across America, spreading their so-called secular progressive mandates, and destroying our educational institutions in the process. And it's an ideology of empty promises. There is no substance to the leftists, just destroy and keep on destroying. They just want to feel powerful.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with the addition of Warren Buffet's billions, will have an unprecedented global impact. Gates and Buffet have already indicated that in addition to the estimated 30 billion curently in the Foundation, they will be donating huge amounts of their personal fortunes in the foreseeable future. A lot of money. Having had a look at goals of the Ford Foundation, the notion that a board of trustees of this magnitude could follow the same path and unleash virtually limitless funding for the advancement of leftist political and educational policies gives one pause. So I was relieved when I read in the 2005 Annual Report of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation a statement by Patty Stonesifer, CEO. She said: "I'm often asked: Why doesn't the Gates Foundation have a board of trustees? The answer boils down to the fact that Bill and Melinda—our two trustees—are deeply involved in the foundation's work. They want to keep learning as much as they can and shaping our strategies so their wealth can do the most good for the most people. They want this foundation to be able to act quickly, responding to the problems that we've identified and to new ones as we learn about them. And they feel that they're best able to do that by maintaining control themselves."

According to FORTUNE Magazine, June 26, 2006, It is by far the largest foundation in the world - even now, before Warren Buffett's historic gifts. And its creed is appropriately broad: 'Guided by the belief that every life has equal value, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation works to reduce inequities and improve lives around the world'." So. No board of trustees. Other than Bill and Melinda. Whew! I hope that Mr. Gates and Mr. Buffet share some conservative values, aside from making more money than (I want to say God, but it's all His, anyway) anyone else. I know I'm going to write to Bill and Melinda Gates, and Patty Stonesifer, personally - and let them know my concerns. Can't hurt, right?

I'm an admitted light-weight when it comes to researching these kinds of foundations, but from what I can find, their goals would indicate that the Gateses are aiming at global problems, health, malaria,innoculations, aids, TB etc. Aside from a 1 billion one-time donation to the United Negro College Fund, and trying to fix the high schools - better technology, better trained teachers, etc, - I don't see any particular bent on changing the world to a multicultured fruit basket. But with the kind of money they have to throw around, a very close scrutiny would seem in order. Because you know the secular progressives are gonna come hat in hand. And the Gates are still finding their way, when it comes to educational reforms. To be continued...

-No Apology

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