Friday, November 10, 2006

Fighting the War

Dymphna, over at The Gates of Vienna just posted this over on the 910 Forum.

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The Nation-State is a product of Westphalia and 19th century nationalism. We are fighting a 4GW conflict, and the capabilities of the state and the requirements of 4GW are not in balance. It will require more than a Nation-State to win this war, just as it will take more than Foggy Bottom or the resources of the Potomac Puzzle Palace.

What is problematic for me is the sense that the jihadists are playing a totalitarian version of "good cop- bad cop" ie, CAIR vs Bin Ladin. While the world is being distracted by terrorist acts, muslims such as Keith Ellison et al, are at the forefront of "lawful jihad", dulling our perception of who our enemies really are. And quietly, the insidious moves are being made in/on our schools, eg Mason, Ohio, in the name of a "moderate Islam", a "peaceful religion". A prayer room here, special diet there, concessions for muslim womens wear, sensitivity indoctrination for our freshmen in the universities; it all adds up, doesn't it? Remember the French Régime de Vichy? At this point in time, the leftists are accommodating the muslim spread. But as Fjordman and in fact the Islamists themselves have pointed out, the multicultural aspirations of the Left will get left in the dust, once the Islamists have control.

Will we allow that to happen? We've had it too easy here in America. We want the easy way out. That won't work anymore. Want to fight a personal revolution? Try this for six months: Mentally disengage from the pap The LA/NY Times, Reuters, BBC is spewing out. Start by putting your TV in the basement. Don't watch anything the MSM has to say. Their only real agenda is their bottom line, and there are plenty of leftist-influenced companies spreading their money around. Stop going to the leftist-dominated movies Hollywood foists on us. Think you will become uninformed about what is happening in the world? You won't. Find a place where you fit, and jump in. Don't think about the consequences of comittment, just jump in. Get mad, get moving.

For too long have we allowed Big Government to do our thinking for us. It educates our children, fights our battles, and promises that when we wake up tomorrow, it will be as free citizens, in a free land. That's what we celebrate the 4th of July for, right? Fireworks! Bigger and better this year. Not if the Islamists have their way. Better remember what those fireworks signify. Because at the rate we're going, we will wake up one day and find it's different. And if we lose the battle here in America, everybody loses, everybody is punishèd. We must not play into the politician's hands. Their only actions will be ones of appeasement from now on, unless we take the battle to them, on a local and state level. If we deal with our own ignorance, we've got a chance. Our own let's-go-to-DisneyLand, couch-potato, cushy lives make it easy to stay mis-informed, and watching the 6:00 news won't cure our ignorance. By ignorance, I mean "to ignore" - that's the meaning of the term.

So when I hear over and over again, that our battle is with Islamic extremism, I want to shout NOOOO. Dammit, our enemies are within ourselves. I don't want to believe at this point that a general lack of vigilence in America is simply a given. But unless we wake up to the real terror (not bombs and chaos-that's just for show) of having our children dhimmified because of our own lack of resolve, the war will be lost.

I like what Smitten Eagle has to say. He is speaking from a military vantage point: small arms, on the ground, face-to-face combat. For us too, but the local school boards, the grinding work of developing proponents for local referendums, initiatives, etc. is where the work needs to be done. Forget the political parties, just use them where expedient. Red, blue - what difference has it made? While our military is off fighting, we can't control our borders, we can't stop the Leftists from controlling the textbooks our children read, we can't stop the leftist professors from using their classrooms as a forum for their own political agendas. America is being taken over by a totalitarian ideology. It has many names: secular progressivism, multicultural reform, cultural Marxism, etc, etc. The Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR find this very encouraging. They are working hard every day, laying the groundwork for muslim dominance. How hard are we working to preserve our freedom?

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