Friday, September 05, 2008

The Federal Reserve Will Destroy America

The 2008 soap opera extravaganza, called the presidential primaries, once again has America under it's spell, as it does every four years. The flim-flam men are perpetuating the myth of American Sovereignty. But lest we all get carried away by the showmanship of the elite, disguised as both Democrats and Republicans, it is paramount that we not lose sight of what is really undermining our ability to remain sovereign citizens: money, debt, a claim on wealth - it goes by many names, but at the heart of the matter is this: who gets to keep what the American citizen produces by means of his own labor? And the sad fact is, what we get to keep at the end of the day - to support our families, run small businesses, educate our children, live a decent life - is being inexorably whittled away. There are a scant handful of men and women who have anything like a platform to expose and create an alternative to the Federal Reserve, by going back to a gold - or silver - standard. They are like a voice in the wilderness.

Unless the "politics as usual"
is rejected by the American people, our bondage to the fiat money system is assured. The central banking system, known as the Federal Reserve, and the Internal Revenue System, will continue to hold us in thrall to the elites who manage this corrupt scheme. The politicians aren't going to go there, because it's their bread-and butter. Outlaw the ability of the government to make claims on the wealth produced by our labor, and almost overnight, the government shrinks back to a manageable size. But wouldn't this create problems? Yes, but without the federal government on our back, we can solve the problems. I have utmost faith and confidence in the American people's ability and ingenuity to once again prove we are a great nation, and a compassionate nation. I'm not talking protectionism here - Americans are a generous, compassionate people. But we must throw off the yoke of big government in order for our true nature to once again shine. Why kid ourselves? It ain't working.

We don't need a Federal Reserve
central banking system, or the IRS either, which only saps our will and resolve to carry on. There is no US law that allows the IRS to tax our labor. By accepting this scam, we have become a nation of sheep. Isn't it time we woke up?

As a start, the following short video lays the incontestable facts on the table. What we make of it is up to us.