Friday, October 20, 2006

Wonderful World of Islam - Women in Thrall

I used to believe that if the Muslim women would ever decide to take a stand against the insanity of Islam, the men would have to begin acting human again. No, not something on the order of Lysistrata, ie no more nookie 'til you stop this madness of war. That was a comedy, and besides, that notion pre-supposes that women are basically shallow anti-war types. I don't believe that for a minute. But of course, the Gramscians would cast her as a peaceful soul, eschewing any type of violence (war is bad, bad), would romanticise women's contribution on the stage of human history.

Meanwhile, in North Africa the Arabs are still scraping off their clitorises & labia, and in all of muslimland, where Sharia has come to rule they are humiliating, enslaving, abusing, torturing, & stoning to death their women for the shame of being so, so... disgustingly female. And what the Islamists absolutely hate us for is that Westernization is empowering their women to hold views independent of their men. But an ideology such as Islam Imperialism has the power to hold in thrall all who subscribe to its tenents. Even the women.

So what we have in the Arab world is madness, and they would like to share their madness with the rest of the world. Maybe women do hold the key to dissolving the Islam threat, but it will be up to the men of the world to create the opportunities for their wisdom to flourish. I can feel the feminists's hackles rising as I say this, but the fact is: women need permission to act. It is up to the men to give it. So what are we waiting for? Oh, right - it is the women who empower the men. Western women already have permission, because it's built into the culture. Not so in the Arab world.

It's like this: According to Panini, the great Sanskrit grammarian, the word in Sanskrit for masculine is punlinga, which means: the forceful. For feminine the word is strilinga: the force of the forceful. God, that being which fully and completely encompases both punlinga and strilinga, the word: napunsakalinga applies, for which, unfortunately, no good English word exists, so the word "neuter" gender is used. God, of course is anything but "neuter".

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