Saturday, October 21, 2006

Khruschev's Shoe

I guess we owe a debt of gratitude to ol' Khruschev - this image has drawn the line in the sand for so many. His boorish behavior at the UN shocked a lot of people at the time, and of course that was his intent.

During the cold-war, there used to be a saying about the Russian's negotiating position that went like this: "What's mine is mine, and what's yours, we'll negotiate." Dialogue won't work with idealogues, and the longer we deceive ourselves that compromise is possible, the worse it will get. With Islamists and the leftist, so-called secular progressives we have an even worse position at the dialogue table: We are dealing not with people, but rather with an ideology, inflexible and absolute. It can be infuriating to try to talk to someone who is behind that wall of fundamentalism. My own mother used to get me crazy with her own brand of Baptist fundamentalism. Even at a young age, I knew I was dealing with a sick person, who did not see me as a person, who therefore had no real compassion for anyone, because if the other person would not be persuaded to see the world through her eyes, then well...the deficiency lay with the other. No possibility of real dialogue or exchange of ideas. Another thing I learned back them was that idealogues hate, or worse deny all facts that run counter to their beliefs. Period. At the age of thirteen, I retreated behind a wall of Agnosticism, and only discovered in the late 60's that there is a spiritual world.

And today I'm writing at seemingly cross-purposes, because on one hand, I must always remember that when dealing with ideologues, they always have but one purpose: to slay their opponents. Or to push their adversaries aside, as irrelevent. And on the other hand, there is that spiritual world I discovered, which for a time seemed to be the answer to the world's strife. My mistake was thinking that there needed to be a "spiritual solution" to the world's problems. I now believe that the world is perfect as it is, and is under the umbrella of grace, whether my imperfect eyes see it or not. And in this perfect world, there is a war raging at the moment, in which the multi-cultural Marxists would bring everyone down to their level (stuck on stupid). The Islamists practice of al-Taqiyya segues rather handily into this leftist, multicultural crap, giving rise to CAIR, which is poisoning our campuses throughout America. Oh, yeah, it is war. I have to give homage to Fjordman and Baron Bodissey for opening my eyes. Thank you for sharing your insights and observations, and also for showing how to engage the enemy.

No Apology