Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mexican Smugglers Rule In Southwest Arizona

I began this blog
in 2006 mainly because of the situation at the Arizona/Mexico border. Four years later the situation has drastically worsened. In the county of Pinal, the federal government has virtually turned over to the drug smuggling thugs, a major strip of land in the Southwest. A strip of land in the Buenas Aires National Wildlife Refuge has been deemed "off limits" to Americans. This is so shameful. Instead of defending our sovereign border with Mexico, the past and current Administrations have simply ceded it to the smugglers, putting lives of all Americans at great risk. Disgusting.

How long will this continue? Ans: It will continue until we throw out the Democratic thugs in Congress. May it be soon. Once that's done, then we can begin to throw out the Republican thugs in Wash.

My first political act, four years ago, was to write a letter to the Pope, demanding that he issue no apology to the Muslims for telling the truth about Islam. The name, No Apology, became the name (and direction) for a blog I never intended to write. Nowadays, I see the theme, No Apology, appearing everywhere, and I take that as a good sign that Americans like myself are fed up with the leftist PC baloney, and are beginning to stand up to the PC Police in politics, simply by telling the truth.

Viz, "There Will Be No Apology" - period.