Wednesday, July 16, 2008

America’s Socialist Oriented Bureaucrats

America’s Socialist Oriented Bureaucrats

by John Ross (7/12/08)

Using the same template European Union (EU) and the former Soviet Union counterparts follow, or followed, America’s socialist oriented bureaucrats (SOBs) gravitate to positions of policy influence. Recognizing that a well-placed like-minded socialist confidant, as with activist judicial appointments, can impose or quietly override the will of the electorate majority, America’s SOBs are very devious. Following the lead staked out by the mainstream media, press, many in Hollywood, too many educators and most public bureaucrats, America’s SOBs have acquired undue influence over our lives.

Today’s socialism is an artificial, or contrived human exploitive device intended solely to acquire control of personal and corporate assets, or resources of others. The term gravitate was used earlier, in lieu of ascend, as gravity pulls everything to earth Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Hugo Chavez, Putin and all the other socialist ideologues and their minions lined their pockets and were the only winners when handed power, or it was seized. As imperfect as it may be, reasonable democratic capitalism has and will advance the lives of more people with less associated violence and social dislocation than the contrivances and propensity for brutalism socialism ultimately gravitates to.

Succumbing to the patently false ‘qualitative’ lure espoused by SOBs and their minions, socialism imposes a restrictive self-serving insatiable veneer that devours individualism and all other economic resources. When presented with a level playing field free of most political, religious and organized corruption and crime, democracy based politically moderate capitalism will always out perform the subjective vagaries of socialism and communism. Relying on old fashion emotion based pandering, lying and brute force, socialists and their typically brutal communist brethren will seize power only to abdicate after they have destroyed its’ economic and social fabric.

Placing B. Hussein Obama, a professed Democrat that has voted for most all socialist (98%) programs into the role of literally leading the world as President of The United States is akin to giving the job to Madonna, another so-called rock-star. Other than gender, the only difference between the two is Madonna has strong convictions, albeit that many of them are socially reprehensible, and does not appear to waffle like B. Hussein Obama on national issues. Trotting B. Hussein Obama, or for that matter Gary Coleman in front of mainstream media cameras or “groomed” liberal audiences generates entertaining hype. Critical analysis of the B. Hussein Obama “rock-star” hype suggests that he is pandering to fuzzy emotions that is a further reflection of the shallowness the candidate offers.

The American people and the world cannot for financial, political and security reasons afford to have another “mystic” like Jimmy Carter in The White House that will say and do anything to acquire the power of The Presidency. Honestly earning the title of being the most liberal, socialist, senator in the U.S. Senate, B. Hussein Obama can also point to a firm foundation in communist anti-Americanism. Answers about his, Obama’s, and his “handlers” position on terrorism, expanded entitlement programs, national defense, George Soros and Saddam Hussein’s Nadhmi Auchi need to be answered, to ascertain his allegiances and core values.

As it stands today, B. Hussein Obama, who are you and can you intelligently talk to the American people without a teleprompter?

John Ross