Saturday, March 29, 2008

Geert Wilders Waves Red Flag at Islamists

Geert wilders's film, Fitna was up and down in less than 24 hours at YouTube; same at LiveLeak. The film was pulled because of PC censorship. I don't think anyone believed it would stay up at those sites.

It was courageous of Mr. Wilders to produce and post the film, thereby painting a huge "assassinate me!" sign on his back. However, the film falls way short of delivering a rally cry against Islam. We are innurred to the graphic images portrayed in the film, and we already know what the Koran says about the Jews and Christians. To borrow a phrase from Bob Dylan:

"Say okay, I have had enough
What else can you show me?".

Here is Mr. Wilders being interviewed on Fox News, in which he explains his views in the religion of Islam, and his reasons for making the movie, in spite of the antagonistic interviewer. For me it does put the movie into perspective. I suppose I was hoping for an inflammatory movie, one which would incite people to rise up against the Islamists. Ah, well...

In any case, FYI, The Jawa Report pulled Fitna off LiveLeak, and has it posted today on their site.

h/t to Michael Savage

March 28, 2008
Liveleak Caves to Threats of Violence Over "Fitna"

Never fear, we have our very own copy of Fitna for your viewing pleasure below. The genie is out of the bottle and can never be put back in. Spread the word!

Video follows this message of explanation just posted at Liveleak:

"Following threats to our staff of a very serious nature, and some ill informed reports from certain corners of the British media that could directly lead to the harm of some of our staff, has been left with no other choice but to remove Fitna from our servers.

This is a sad day for freedom of speech on the net but we have to place the safety and well being of our staff above all else. We would like to thank the thousands of people, from all backgrounds and religions, who gave us their support. They realised is a vehicle for many opinions and not just for the support of one. Perhaps there is still hope that this situation may produce a discussion that could benefit and educate all of us as to how we can accept one anothers culture.

We stood for what we believe in, the ability to be heard, but in the end the price was too high."

Thanks to BP Monaco.

Here's the vid.

**The film, Fitna, can also be viewed at the United American Committee (UAC).**

Meanwhile, back in Kosovo...

We must begin to understand, and understand it well, that the Leftist Ideologists will do anything, even pull our Western Culture and values down around their own heads, to destroy us. The rise of Islam has been fostered by the Leftist factions in our political structure and our media, simply because it furthers their own agenda of global dominance of the human race. To understand why we are entering a new dark age, just follow the money.