Wednesday, October 31, 2007

High Noon in Texas

Alex Jones gives me the creeps. And yet, I spent the night watching a number of his "End Game" segments of about 10 minutes each. I have dismissed him, scoffed at his extremism - but something keeps pulling me back to listen to him. I started tonight watching Part 8, on the history of the eugenics movement, and cannot find fault with his presentation, in light of what I had already learned of the elitist's fascination and obsession with population control. More on that this week.

But when I watched Part 6, I decided to post it or not - It stacks up with what I've learned. That's enough for me. I have other posts on the Trans-Texas Corridor here, here, and here. No one will be spared the onslaught of this beast engulfing us.

I wonder how many people here in the United States even give a damn anymore?