Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sustainable Development Goals - The Three E's

I've presented information in the past about the "sustainable memes" being the harbinger of loss of freedom, private property, and family values in America. But until tonight, I had not seen Michael Shaw's latest contribution. His analysis is cogent and spot on.

Transforming America: Understanding the Trans-Texas Corridor in the Context of Sustainable Development

by Michael Shaw August 3, 2007

"Michael Shaw, President of Freedom Advocates made localized editions of the following presentation to audiences in central Wisconsin, Austin Texas, and at the Freedom 21 Conference in Dallas Texas during July 2007. Shaw’s presentation provides a focused assessment of globalist Sustainable policy and strategy that the author asserts are designed to destroy American values and lifestyle."

Go to: Freedom Advocates and read his analysis of what we, as Americans, are going to have to deal with, whether we like it or not.

He also offers his optimism about what we, as American citizens can, and must do to counter the global elite's goals.

Please go to his site and read what he has to say. It is very important that we develop a broad base of understanding of the nature of the beast which threatens to engulf us all.