Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Following the Amnesty Trail


Tucson Weekly
Following the Amnesty Trail

Leo W. Banks follows one of Arizona's most popular illegal alien crossing routes and finds piles of garbage, trampled public lands, angry residents and the suspected presence of a vicious gang.

In the coming weeks, as President Bush and the Democrat controlled Congress take up immigration reform, and the political talk turns to amnesty, everyone living along border smuggling routes will hunker down to wait for the worst. They know their lives will get miserable in a hurry.

The word amnesty possesses remarkable power on the Mexican side of the line. It has the same effect as a starter's pistol.

Bang! Let the land rush begin.

It happened after Jan. 7, 2004, when Bush floated his idea for a temporary worker program. The idea was broadly viewed in Mexico as amnesty, and the Border Patrol's own survey proved it. In the weeks following the proposal, the agency quietly questioned crossers apprehended at the southern border and found the president's plan had caused a big spike in illegal crossings. Forty-five percent said they'd entered our country "to get Bush's amnesty."

Let' s face it. The secretive group of elitist power brokers, among them, the Council on Foreign Relations (.pdf) are calling the shots. I can just imagine them snickering up their sleeves, knowing all this kerfuffle protecting a sieve of a border and the hopeless of it all is a joke; for them it is just so much like watching so many little children playing cops and robbers. Useless, really. YAWN.

But they are merely one arm,
guiding directing our government's every move. The real power brokers, the Federal Reserve, the Rothschilds, the Rockerfellers, JP Morgan, Warburg, George Soros, et al, have a grand scheme for...... errr, the world. It is beyond the scope of today's blog. And I don't consider illegal immigration and control of our borders to be child's play. We must fight these monsters (not the immigrants - the power holders of the world), at every turn. I will have more to say about all this, and no, I'm not a crazy conspiracy advocate. At any rate, I'm not crazy.

I will just report what I've found on the
CFR, and let you be the judge. But I will say this. If all this is true, if scares the crap out of me. Well, it did when I first began reading about this 'New World Order'. As I began to go deeper into the history of how the power hierachy was formed early in the 20th Century, and the conditions which led to a sell-out by our govenment on a colossal scale I began to see that we, the American People have been duped, big time. I feel powerless, but now I'm mad as hell.

I didn't mean to take away from reporting on the great work of the Border Patrol, the Minutemen, and the National Guard. It's not their fault their hands have been tied by George Bush. That leash he put on them is partly because of the Great Plan the power brokers have for the North American Continent. Shameful conduct. Whatever faith I had in our government is gone. I consider our system of government to be an abject failure.

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