Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama Not Ready For The Presidency - Says Joe Biden

Let's listen to Joe Biden's recent opinion about Barack Obama's qualifications to lead our country, and watch Obama's reaction...

h/t Hot Air's Ed Morrissey

Let's face it: John McCain will not make a great president. But he's just an ornery enough bastard to maybe salvage some degree of integrity, some vestige of American sovereignty.

Barack Obama will create devastating loss of liberty, freedom and sovereignty - not to mention appointing another generation of Leftist federal judges.

More and more, Obama talks like a man with a paper asshole. Flip-flopping at every stage of the game, even he knows this is true. In true Marxist fashion, his misguided attempts to further tear down and re-make America along socialist lines will wreak havoc upon all Americans. He, and his "university socialist wife", will unleash the forces of darkness upon America.

I will vote for McCain, not because he is the best of men, but because he is at least a man.